Quarterly Inspection - Mobile Fuelers

By Marcus Simmons,2014-07-01 11:50
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Quarterly Inspection - Mobile Fuelers

    U.S. Department of Transportation

    Federal Aviation Administration


    Inspector: Fueling Agent: Date:

     S Satisfactory Jet A Fuelers 100LL Fuelers Other Fueler

    U Unsatisfactory

    S U R S U R S U R R Remark Below

    No Smoking sign in cab Flammability Signs/Haz. Mat. Placards all sides Bonding Cables and Clips functional Deadman Control for all nozzles 2 Fire Extinguishers Proper type/Inspected Emergency Shutoffs operable and marked No Fuel Leaks Hoses/Gaskets/Valves Vehicle Exhaust System Shielded/Leak free No evidence of Smoking No ashtray in cab Vehicle Parking 10’ apart/50’ from buildings Explosion proof electrical/Light lens intact Ignition sources (Clothing, Shoes, Matches)

    No of Mobile Fuelers

    Proper Fueling Procedures Observed Jet A

    Fueling Personnel Meet Training Requirements 100 LL

    Fueling Personnel Training Records Maintained Other


Certified current 5/15/2007

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