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MINUTES OF MEETING HELD on Monday 27th July 2009, at 2.00 p.m.

    Room NH208.

    1. SEDERUNT: (Chair) S Pitticas, SP; S. Milne, VPSD; Jas Sangha, VPSA; Beth Montgomery, VPSS; E. McLean, Comms. Officer; G. McMullen,

    Campaigns Officer; D. Stewart, LGBT Officer J. McCabe, WO; Vasilieous

    Vaszos, ISO.

IN ATTENDANCE: D. Carse, GM; M. Wilkinson, Clerk.


The SP welcomed the Executive Committee to the meeting.

     3 MINUTES

09/384 Considered: The unconfirmed draft minutes of the meeting held on 23


    June 2009. The SP called a vote:

     For : 8

     Against : 0

     Abstention : 1

    09/385 Resolved: Therefore minutes accepted as an accurate record.


    a) Caley Hoodies

    09/386 Discussion: The VPSS explained the situation to date re: that

    Canterbury Sportswear has gone into administration, advising that a meeting

    with the supplier had been arranged to resolve the matter. It was advised that the

    University had shown an interest in selling general GCU hoodies.

    09/387 Action: It was felt a meeting should be arranged with Sonya Campbell

    to discuss the options of sales and the best way forward. ACTION VPSS/GM

    The VPSS would give an update on developments of both matters at the next

    Executive meeting. ACTION: VPSS


b) Freshers’ Activities

09/388 Discussion: The VPSD advised that plans were progressing, that

    many of the night clubs had put forward their proposals to host the evening

    events through Freshers’ week. The Executive discussed opportunities to

    promote the S.A. at Freshers’ through advertising, campaigns, volunteering,

    together with club, societies, and other University involvement plus the issues of

    student safety at the venues.

09/389 Action: The VPSD would provide a detailed copy of the Freshers’

    Programme to the next Executive meeting. ACTION VPSD The VPSS was asked to contact the clubs and societies to impress on them the

    deadline date for articles/adverts in the Freshers magazine. ACTION: VPSS

c) Semester Restructure Group

09/390 Resolved: The SP advised that the University would progress this

    matter throughout the summer and an update on developments would be

    included in the SP report to the Executive meeting in September.

d) Smoke Free Campus

    09/391 Resolved: The VPSA advised no details had been provided in the handover pack to take this matter forward and this item was to be removed from

    the Agenda.

e) Association - building alterations

09/392 Noted: The GM gave an update on the building works currently

    being carried out for the Association. Advised that the Plasma screens set up

    was working and he would now ask for the cable link fitment. The GM also

    advised that funds had been set aside for the Signage and was just waiting for

    costing from facilities before instructing the go ahead. The GM would give an

    update on progress at the next Executive meeting. ACTION: GM

f) Key Association Dates

09/393 Noted: The dates provided as follows:


Sports Ball - to be advised

    Caley Conference - to be advised

    thStudent Leaders - 12 March 2010 Executive Elections - to be advised

    stWellbeing Fayre - 21 April 2010 ndFreebie Fayre - 22 September 2009 thStar Awards - 29 April 2010 Student Summit - to be advised

    thCity of Glasgow Cup - 17 March 2010 Welfare Campaign - dates set through Oct 09 April 10

09/394 Action: That dates be set and confirmed by the next Executive

    meeting. ACTION: COMMITTEE

g) SUEI funding

09/395 Resolved: The SP advised that funding has been provided and

    participation in the Student Union Evaluation Initiative. The SP and VPSD

    would be project champions, the GM project sponsor and the SRC the project

    manager. An updates would be given at the next Executive meeting.


    h) School Rep Structure - funding

09/396 Resolved: The VPSD advised that funding had been agreed for school

    officers. The VPSD would oversee the training needs for the school officers and

    review the situation at the end of semester A.

i) School Board - Executive members assigned.

    09/397 Resolved: It was advised that Executive Officers would buddy the school officer to the 1

    st school board meeting but not sit on school boards


    j) Equality & Diversity Policy

09/398 Action: The GM stated that in line with Executive / CSP approval the

    policy was being amended and the GM would give an update on progress at the

    next Executive meeting. ACTION: GM

k) NHS building usage


09/399 Discussion: The SP presented the University’s proposed plans for the

    usage of the ground floor and a lengthy discussion took place. The SP advised

    that she would take forward the ideas presented to future meetings with the


09/400 Action: The SP would give an update on developments at the next

    Executive meeting. ACTION: SP

l) HWL Assessment

    09/401 Resolved: The GM stated that the Students’ Association had achieved status and had been presented with a Bronze Award. The GM wished to thank

    the Welfare Advisor, Caroline Miller, for all her hard work.

m) Disclosure checks Sabbatical

09/402 Action: One Sabbatical Officer advised that she had completed and

    submitted the form. The GM urged the others to progress their application.


n) Association Signage

09/403 Resolved: The GM advised that signage had been approved by the

    previous Executive and he would progress the installation.

o) Blackberry

09/404 Action: The GM advised that the purchase of mobile phones for the

    Sabbaticals was ongoing and would give an update on progress at the next Executive meeting. ACTION: GM


    STUDENT PRESIDENT Report (paper)

09/405 Noted: The SP gave a summary of the report highlighting the process

    to secure Wednesday afternoons off to the benefit of all students and asked the

    Executive to email their thoughts on a name that would encapsulate this. The SP

    would update progress of this point and others matters, in her report to the next

    Executive meeting. ACTION: SP

     No additional points noted or questions raised.



09/406 Noted: The VPSD gave a brief summary of the report, wishing to

    highlight Freshers’ week and asking that each dept. get in touch and advise her

    of their plans. The VPSD would include this in the Freshers’ programme to the

    next Executive meeting. ACTION: VPSD

     No additional points noted or questions raised.

    VP SUPPORT & ADVICE Report (paper)

09/407 Noted: The VPSA gave a summary of the report, advising that she

    would give an update of development/progress of the points raised in her next

    report to the Executive Committee.

     No additional points noted or questions raised.

    VP SPORTS & SOCIETIES Report (paper)

09/408 Noted: The VPSS gave a summary of the report advising that she

    would keep everyone appraised of the situation with the sport kit supplier and

    give an update in her report to the next Executive meeting.

     No additional points noted or questions raised.


09/409 Noted: The CO gave a summary of the report and advised that

    progress / development of the points raised would be noted in the next report to

    the Executive Committee. The Campaigns Officer would submit campaign dates


     No additional points noted or questions raised.


09/410 Noted: The CO gave a summary of the report, requesting that a minor

    change be made to the email policy, advising that this would be brought before

    the Executive for approval and presented to CSP for ratification.


     No additional points noted or questions raised.



09/411 Noted: The ISO gave a summary of the report, it was suggested that

    the ISO team up with the VPSA in taking forward the ‘buddy system’ and would

    give an update on developments to the next Executive meeting.


     No additional points noted or questions raised

LGBT Officer Report (verbal)

09/412 Noted: The LGBT gave a brief summary of the report and would give

    details of campaigns dates in the report to the next Executive meeting.

     No additional points noted or questions raised


09/413 Noted: The WO gave a brief summary of the report. INTO students

    would be informed of the dates of the Women’s Self Defence classes.

At this time 3.55 p.m. the SP called a 5 minute break, this was duly agreed

    by the Committee members


09/414 Discussion: The GM gave a detailed account of the expenditure to the

    end of June 2009 and the SP called a vote on acceptance of the accounts.

09/415 Resolved: The Executive vote was unanimous, therefore these

    accounts duly approved.


09/416 Resolved: After some discussion it was agreed that this matter would

    be taken forward by the VPSA who would discuss development with the other

    Executive officers. ACTION: VPSA



    09/417 Resolved: The SP explained the situation and after a lengthy discussion the Committee agreed they would promote this campaign via the all


9. LAY EXECUTIVE - email address

09/418 Discussion: After a lengthy discussion and no solution found the SP

    called a vote to bring this matter forward to the next Executive meeting.

     For : 7

     Against : 2

     Abstention : 0

09/419 Action: The vote was in favour and this matter would be raised at the

    next Executive meeting. The CO was asked to investigate how other

    Universities set up email address for their Executive Officers. ACTION: CO


09/420 Discussion: The CO presented the motion passed by CSP. The GM

    advised that information was readily available on the NUS website and after

    some discussion the SP called a vote on this matter being investigated by the

    Communications Officer.

09/421 Action: The Committee vote was unanimous in favour and the CO

    would present his findings at the next Executive meeting. ACTION: CO

    11. ANIMAL ACTION GROUP - Freshers’ stall request.

09/422 Action: After some discussion and a vote, it was unanimously agreed

    that the VPSD was to take the lead in this matter and respond to the request as

    she saw fit once she had spoken to the group spokeswoman. The VPSD would

    give an update on this matter to the Executive Committee. ACTION: VPSD


09/423 Resolved: After some discussion and a vote, the Committee

    unanimously agreed to support the buddy system in principal. Guidance on this

    matter would be laid out in the students’ website and all student emails. ACTION: VPSA/COMMS OFFICER

    13. A.O.C.B.


a) FHM & More magazines

09/424 Resolved: After some discussion a vote was called and the Executive

    Committee was unanimously in favour of light distribution of the magazines to

    the students.

b) Generic S.A. Flyers

09/425 Resolved: It was agreed that the open day flyers would be of a

    generic design promoting the Students’ Association.

c) Carbon Control

09/426 Discussion: The VPSA explained that the Funding Council was

    looking to engage student volunteers to be involved in a pilot scheme. The

    Executive Committee was asked to give this some thought and reply to the

    VPSA for Wednesday 29

    th July. The SP called a vote in that the VPSA would take the lead in this matter.

09/427 Resolved: The Committee was unanimous in favour of the VPSA

    having authority to make the decision on this matter. ACTION: VPSA

    Meeting Closed at 17.10 p.m.

    Date of next meeting



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