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    Some literature has outlined that in todays society more and more people think

    gay and lesbian should be allow getting married.

    As homosexuality has been considered a kind of "abnormal sexual behavior" for a long time (Asadi, 1992 & Robinson, 2010). This kind of accusation is not reasonable; these people should read history books and biological research. Past literatures have shown, in ancient Greece, homosexual relationships have already existed. There is an island in Greece called "Lesbos", it has many lesbian and gay couples lived on it (Choe, 2007). Many researches have done shown that homosexuality is a biological behavior..

    Literature has mentioned that marriage has greater value between two people who are fall in love. It is also a system that much of our culture running around it (Kendall, 2007). If two people love each other, they should have same rights and responsibilities with others, whatever whats gender they are (Moats, 2004).

    Literature also claimed that if we can accept each other, the world will be much better. We should try to adopt everyone who has different opinion and psychology from us (Gillespie, 1999, P24). You may not realize what they are think about, why they doing things in those ways. It is just need to understand that everyone is unique in their own world and who they love is none of anyone elses business. (Klein &

Schwartz, 2001).

    As Jenkins (2009) claimed that, gay and lesbian are also human beings and they should have the same human rights with the rest of us. It is a kind of respective to them if gay and lesbian marriage is legally. And in Taylors (1970) opinion, all they

    want is to be treated as a normal person; fall in love with same-sex people is not their fault. Other people should show their respective on those who are gay or lesbian. From these results of research, it is not hard to see that homosexuality have the right to be treated equally.

    But in some other literature, it has different opinion about gay and lesbian marriage. It is discrepant the traditional culture and against to the social mainstream values (Rind, 2002). It may impact childrens values and the vision of love. (Rosenwald,

    2006) Many people cannot accept gay and lesbian because of these reasons.

    From all the factors mentioned, it may not identify the main reason affect people whether they could adopt gay and lesbian marriage. It is caused by lack of research. Therefore, the purpose of this report is try to find out cultural background is the main reason that effect people about how to treat homosexuality.

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