my college and my dream

By Cindy Rose,2014-05-28 15:22
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my college and my dream

My College And My Dream

    Good moring,ladies and gentlemen. Im glad to be here to give

    you a speech.

    Dreams are the wind for our sails on the ocean. Dreams kindle a flame to illuminate our dark roads. Dreams are the armor for our fragile hearts. Martin Luther King had a dream-it was to have justice for all people. Lincoln had a dream it was to set the

    slaves free. They sought their dreams and ultimately made them come true. When Iwas young, I saw a cat one day. I threw a stone at just for fun. Then it fell down and looked very weak. At that moment ,I was surprised to notice it was pregnant. I cant

    remember what happened next, but theres one thing I know:

    that I felt guilty. It was the first time that I found life could so easily pass away. At that time, I had a dream, which was to help those people who needed help. There are too many wars and disasters. About 16,000 people have died in the Iraq War and one child dies every eight seconds in Africa because of starvation. I have dreams, you have dreams and they have dreams too. We should help them. We should save their lives so that they can pursue their own dreams. Just like Micheal

    We are the ones who make a brighter day so lets Jackson sings,

    start giving.Well, thats my dream, a simple but meaningful


    But I know that realizing my dream is not easy. I must be armed with knowledge and ability. College is a place we aquire knowledge. College is a place where we can make a lot of friends. College is a place where we can improve ourselves. And most importantly, college is a place where we can experience a kind of social life. Only in college can we have opportunities to anneal ourselves. And only in college can we set foot on the bridge of our dreams.

    Lets have a good wish for our new college life and cherish our college life.

    Thank you.

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