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This agreement is prepared for MODEL EDGE INTERNATIONAL of Level 1 Kew Junction Tower,

    89 High Street, Kew Vic 3101 Australia (hereinafter stated “Party A”) for the purpose of

    cooperating with overseas model agencies.

    Details of overseas model agency who is obtaining business cooperation rights from Party A by signing this agreement are as follows:

Company Name: _____________________________________________

     (Please attach a copy of company certificate)

    Company Registration Number: _____________________________________________ Company Bank Account Details: _____________________________________________ Company Address: _____________________________________________

    (No postal address) _____________________________________________

    Telephone/Facsimile/Email: _____________________________________________ Name of Managing Director: _____________________________________________ Contact Person: _____________________________________________

Hereinafter stated as: Party B

Cooperation Rules and Conditions

    Below listed are Party A's overseas business cooperation rules and conditions that (Party B) must follow.

    1. This agreement is effective immediately after both parties have signed and is valid for six

    months. Party A will determine whether to review, renew or terminate the agreement

    after the expiry date. Party A will issue an authorization letter and submit to Party B with

    this Agreement. Both parties will keep one copy of this Agreement.

    2. As one of Party A's overseas business cooperation partners, Party B is authorized and

    responsible to promote model(s) provided by Party A and Party A’s related business in

    ___________ area(s) for any model related business within the validity of this agreement.

    3. Party B should always use updated information and price list provided by Party A to

    discuss with any of its local business contacts on behalf of Party A.

    4. Party B must complete, sign and stamp a job order form provided by Party A and submit

    to Party A by post or facsimile. Please allow Party A four weeks to arrangement for

    requested job after receipt of job order form. If less than four weeks, details including

    prices need to be discussed. Party B’s quotation should exclude Party B’s profit.

    5. Party A will confirm (and negotiate if necessary) by signing on job order, post or fax to

    Party B along with an invoice within five working days.

    6. Party B must pay Party A 50% deposit upon receipt of confirmed job order and invoice.

    Payment method and currency will be discussed by both parties and indicated on job

    order. If Party B fails to pay deposit to Party A within the required period, job order will

    become invalid automatically, or by negotiation.

    7. Party B is to provide return international airfare, travel insurance, land transport,

    accommodation (3-star-or-above hotel), standard meals, allowance, interpreter for job

    and to Party A's model(s) throughout the contracted time frame shown on individual job


    8. Except for visa rejection, deposit unpaid or job order received less than four weeks for

    preparation, Party A should ensure the assigned model(s) to fit in the job time frame as

    per job order. In case of model(s) no-show or delay under circumstances other than the

    above, which unables the completion of job, then Party A will return any amount paid in


    9. After Party A's model(s) completes the required job, Party B and Party A’s model(s) must

    fill in relevant time sheet, sign and submit to Party A. Party B must pay the balance of

    total job order amount to Party A within five working days after completion of job.

    10. Any extra job and/or stay or extension of job time frame for the model(s) other than the

    job order, a new job order must be signed by both Party B and Party A. New job order

    must be received by Party A for discussion and signature within five working days after

    the original completion date of existing order. Otherwise, Party A and its model(s)

    reserve the right to reject any other jobs or activities other than the existing job order.

    11. During the waiting period of signing new job order, Party B should provide Party A's

    model(s) with the same living conditions listed above, until new job order is confirmed

    and signed. Party B is responsible for the expenses and arrangement for extending flight

    and visa.

    12. Party A’s model(s) are responsible for their personal expenses such as telephone calls,

    email, personal entertainment and travelling for personal purpose, etc.

13. Party A’s model(s) are responsible for their personal belongings including passport, air-

    tickets and money, etc.

    14. Should a cancellation rise, Party B must inform Party A immediately. Party A reserves

    the right to decide whether to return the 50% deposit or not, depending on agreed



    I make this solemn declaration consciously that I, as a legally authorized person, on behalf of Party B, agree all the above items in this Agreement.

NAME: ___________________________________________________

     On behalf of Party B (Print Name in Full)

    POSITION: ___________________________________________________

SIGNED: ___________________________________________________

DATED: ___________________________________________________

NAME: ___________________________________________________

     On behalf of Party A (Print Name in Full)

POSITION: Managing Director

SIGNED: ___________________________________________________

DATED: ___________________________________________________

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