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By Ernest Gardner,2014-05-20 20:57
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Ennis Community College

    Ennis Community


    Uniform Policy

    The Board has determined that the School Uniform is a fundamental part of the school

    identity and underscores all areas of school life.

    Rationale for School Uniform

1. Makes all pupils equal, creates a clear school identity.

    2. Reduces expense to parents of regularly having to purchase clothes for

    their children often at the dictate of fashion. 3. Pupils can clearly be distinguished from intruders and makes the

    school a safer environment for all.

    4. Represents a visible commitment to the rules and policies of Ennis

    Community College.

    5. Establishes a code of dress appropriate to the image the school wishes

    to present.

    6. Reinforces a pride among the pupils in their school, particularly when

    representing the school on sporting or extra-curricular activities

    Uniform Policy

1) Students are expected to be neat and tidy in dress and appearance and to wear

    full school uniform.

    2) School uniform must be purchased from authorised supplier Pynes, Abbey

    Street, Ennis.

    3) Girls uniform: Dark grey skirt or black pants. Uniform skirt, when worn,

    must be knee length. Trouser leg rips not permitted. White stiff collared blouse.

    Wine jumper with school crest. Black shoes or completely black runners.

    4) Boys uniform: Grey pants. Trouser leg rips not permitted. Grey shirt. Wine

    round-neck jumper with school crest. Black Shoes or completely black runners.

    5) Due to discipline and security issues the wearing of ‘ Hoodies’ is banned for

    all pupils from September 2006.

    6) Pierced ears. One stud per ear. No other body piercing allowed.

    7) Natural hair colourings only. Blade 1 haircuts are not permitted.

    8) Discreet use of makeup.

    9) Scarves, hats, gloves, jackets and anoraks may not be worn in class. Coats,

    caps, jackets or tops which contain inappropriate insignia are not permitted to

    be worn.

    10) Students require a special uniform for P.E. class. Shorts or tracksuits must be

    worn. College T-Shirt be worn by First, Second and Third year students.

    Runners must also be worn.

    Enforcement Policy

    If student attends out of uniform he/she shall be required to rectify the situation before being admitted to class.

    To properly enforce the Uniform Policy, Ennis Community College is again dependent on the support of the parents / guardians. It is neither possible nor practical for the school to operate exceptions to this policy. The college will offer replacement school trousers and jumpers and shoes to pupils presenting out of uniform. The Principal / Deputy Principal will deal with all uniform matters at 9.00 a.m.

Approved by Board of Management


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