Eltham Green Sports College

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Eltham Green Sports College

    Eltham Green Sports College

     Parents’ Bulletin

    thNo. 26 Monday 27 April 2009

Dear Parent / Carer

     thSchool Calendar: week beginning 27 April 2009

    thMonday 27 April ? Year 11 assembly ? Work Experience week

    ? Imperial War Museum trip

    ? Year 11 football v Deptford Green in Blackheath Cup semi-final 4pm (H)

    ? Year 7/8 Rugby v Woolwich Poly

    ? Year 9 football v Kidbrooke (A) 4 pm KO

    Tuesday 28th April ? Year 10 Assembly ? Headteacher’s Surgery 3.00 6.00 pm (parents/carers may visit without

    an appointment)

     thWednesday 29 April ? Year 8 Assembly thThursday 30 April ? Year 9 Assembly ? Year 7/8 football v St Thomas More (H) 3.45 pm

     stFriday 1 ? Year 7 Assembly ? Punctuality and Attendance reward trips

    ? Salsa 3.30 4.30 pm in the dance studio

Messages from Head teacher

    Punctuality and Uniform

I am very concerned that too many of our students are coming to school late and too many are out of uniform. In order

    to reverse this trend we will be introducing some new routines:

? “Late through the Gate” will commence on Tuesday 5th May. Students will enter the site through the main gate

    on Middle Park Avenue. Gates will be locked at 8.40 am. Anyone arriving after this time will have their name

    recorded and will be in a break time detention. Failure to attend will lead to a lunchtime detention and unfortunately

    an after school detention.

    ? Uniform checks will take place at the main gate on Middle Park Avenue. Students who are not in dressed in their

    full uniform and do not have a note from parents/carers to explain why, will need to go home to dress properly.

    School Dress Code

     School Uniform Clothes for games

     You must be in full uniform during the The following kit for physical education

    school day. is compulsory.

    The uniform consists of: The PE Kit consists of: ? Green school sweatshirt or fleece * ? Green school polo shirt with school badge ? White polo shirt with school badge * ? Black trousers with school sports college badge * ? Black trousers or skirt ? Trainers ? Black shoes ? White or black school socks

     ? Black socks or black / natural coloured ? Optional: School tracksuit for cold weather *


    ? Plain dark coloured top coat

    *These items can be purchased from the school shop on Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:00 pm. If you come to school without the correct uniform and no note of explanation from your parents, you will be sent home to change or your parents may be asked to come to school with your uniform. We do not allow: ? The wearing of boots of any description /The wearing of casual jumpers ? The wearing of trainers other than for PE/The wearing of hoodies ? The wearing of baseball caps/The wearing of trousers that is: combat style, jeans, denim

     ? The wearing of skirts that is: styled, too short, jean/denim material

     ? The wearing of footless tights/leggings/The wearing of coloured T Shirts on school uniform that

    is visible

    ? Extreme hair styles and unnatural hair colourings/ Body piercing other than the wearing of

    single ear studs ? Jewellery for health and safety reasons, other than one small stud per ear ? MPS Players and Electronic Games should not be brought into school ? Mobile phones are not to be seen / used between 8.40am and the end of the school day ? With the exception of the summer term students are expected to arrive at school each day wearing their white polo shirt and green sweatshirt.

     All uniform issues should be brought to the attention of Student Services.

    The school reserves the right to respond to future fashion trends as and when they arise.

Please encourage your son/daughter to arrive to school arrive to school before 8.40 and be dressed

    in full school uniform. A copy of the school dress code from the school planner is attached below.

Dear Parents

When I started work at Eltham Green in January ‘09 I became responsible for ensuring that

    all students in school are included as successfully as possible and that the school community

    does not discriminate against any student and/or parent/carer.

     Since September 2002 it has been unlawful for schools to discriminate against disabled

    students (current or prospective).This act sits alongside the Special Educational Needs

    legislation and planning duties which requires local authorities to develop strategies and for

    schools to develop plans to improve accessibility for disabled people over time.

    A school discriminates if:

    ? It treats a disabled student or prospective student less favourably than another for

    a reason related to their disability and without justification

    ? It fails, without justification, to take reasonable steps to avoid placing disabled

    students at a substantial disadvantage. This duty is often known as the 'reasonable

    adjustments' duty

    As part of this duty all schools must write an ACCESSIBILTY PLAN and I am in the process of

    updating the plan for Eltham Green.

    I would very much like to work with some parent volunteers who could assist me with the

    research I need to complete the plan and understand some of the shortcomings that need to be

    addressed and modified.

    I will be asking parents questions such as:

    o Are you able to access the rooms where the Parent’s evenings are held?

    o Do you have examples of times when a student has been treated less favourably than

    other students in Eltham Green for a reason related to their disability?

    o Are you able to arrange appointments at school at times that are accessible for you?

    Are there any parents who could help me with this plan by answering a few questions?

    Please ring me on 0208 859 0133 x 339

    Many thanks

    Sarah Veitch

    Director of Inclusion

Ballroom High is to be Broadcast during May as set out below.

Tuesday 12th May - Sky One 9pm

    Tuesday 19th May - Sky One - 9pm

It will also be repeated at the following times:

Episode 1

    Wednesday 13th May - Sky Two - 8pm

    Saturday 16th May - Sky Two - 10.30am

    Sunday 17th May - Sky One - 10am

Episode 2

    Wednesday 20th May - Sky Two - 8pm

    Saturday 23rd May - Sky Two - 10.30am Sunday 24th May - Sky One - 10am

See our fantastic twelve dancers going through their routines with Anton and Erin from Strictly

    Come Dancing. Wonderful!!

     Salsa starts again

    this Friday.

     3.30-4.30 in the

    dance studio

     Hope to see you



     Good Luck to all those who

     are running the London

    Marathon on Sunday.

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