BRM Ch06 Research Design and Planning

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BRM Ch06 Research Design and Planning



     Chapter 5

     Research Design

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU


     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU


     Chapter Objectives

     1. What is Research Design 2. Purpose and Research Methods 3. Type of Investigation 4. Researcher Interference 5. Studying Setting 6. Units of Analysis 7. Time Horizon 8. Main Components of a Research Proposal

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU 3

     1.What is the Research Design

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU

     Please look at Page 84


     2. Purpose and the Research Method

     ? ? ? Exploratory Study Descriptive Study Hypothesis and Testing Case Study

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU


     2. Purpose and the Research Method(cont'd)

     Exploratory Study

     What is exploratory study

     Research into an area that has not been studied and in which a researcher want to develop initial ideas and a more focused research question

     When to use

     Little is known about the situation at hand ? No information is available on how similar problems


     Observation, interview, focus groups ? Qualitative and quantitative research

     The Goal

     Develop conceptual and theoretical frameworks Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU ? Research objectives for subsequent investigation


     2. Purpose and the Research Method(cont'd)

     What is Descriptive Study

     Research in which one paints a picture with words or number, presents a

    profile,outlines stages or classifies type.

     The goal

     Offer a profile or to describe relevant aspects of the phenomenon of interest to the research from an individual , organizational , industry or person

    Understand the characteristics of a group in given study Think systematically

    about aspects in a given situation Offer ideas for further research Make

certain simple decisions


     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU 7 Structure Interview, Structure focus Group,Questionnaire

     2. Purpose and the Research Method(cont'd)

     Hypothesis Testing (explanation research ) why


     Explain the nature of certain relationships, or establish the differences among

    groups or the independence of two or more factors in a situation. ? Focus on why events

    occur or tires to test and build social theory(Neuman, 2005)


     通常是为了说明某些关系的本质 ? 确定不同群体间的差异 ? 证实两个或更多个因素在


     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU 8

     2. Purpose and the Research Method(cont'd)

     Case Studies

     The researcher systematically gathers in-depth information on a single entity,

    an individual , a group , an organization . Case study generally qualitative in nature and are sometimes used as a tool in managerial decision making.

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU


     2. Purpose and the Research Method(cont'd)

     Pilot study Context


     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU qualitative and Quantitative?

     Relationship between variables 10

     3. Type of Investigation

     Three approaches


     To gain a clearer understanding of the concepts involved into the research



     To make sure about relationship between concepts


     To get causal and result based on theory

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU 11

     4. Researcher Interference

     1. Minimal低度介入


     2. Moderate中度介入


     3. Excessive过度介入

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU


     5. Study Setting

     1. Field studies

     Exploratory, descriptive and some correlation studies undertaken in organisations Page 93 Field experiments Establish correlation or causes and effect relationships using the same natural environment in which employees normal function



     3. Lab Experiments

     Establish cause and effect relationship in which all the extraneous factors are strictly controlled. 13 Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU

     6. Units of Analysis

     1. Individuals 2. Dyads

     Two person interactions, such as wife-husband interaction,

    supervisor-subordinate relationship

     3. Groups:group decision making 4. Organisations: 5. Cultures: nation

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU 14

     7. Time Horizon

     1. Cross-Sectional

     At the same time

     2. Longitudinal time

     At the different time, according the time

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU


     8. The Research Proposal

     A plan for conducting the research Purpose ? Document the logic of decisions ? Justify the investment in the research ? Persuade others to support the project ? Provides a budget and time-frame

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU 16

     8.The Research Proposal (cont.)

     Components 1. Title 2. Introduction 3. Research objective 4. Justification 5. Research design

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU 17

     8.The Research Proposal (cont.)

     ? ? ? ? Research schedule Approvals Resources Budget Report preparation and distribution

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU



     ? ? ? ? ? ? Purpose and Research Methods Type of Investigation Researcher Interference Studying Setting Units of Analysis Time Horizon Main Components of a Research Proposal

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU 19

     Prof.Yu Hongyan JLU



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