charity bazaar introduction

By Brian Campbell,2014-01-11 19:35
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charity bazaar introduction

    A brief introduction to

    a T-shirt charity bazaar for Da Tou

    Dear friends

    A T-shirt charity bazaar will be held for a friend of mine named Jianhang HU. We like to call him his nick name Da Tou, meaning big head in Chinese. He is an excellent man of 25, who used

    to work in the Siemens Shanghai company. However, having been diagnosed with leukemia in the September of this year, he is now receiving treatment in hospital of Shanghai north railway station, waiting for bone marrow transplantation. Thanks to the early detection, there is a very high probability of a complete cure for his leukemia.

    Da Tou is good at learning and painting, point of purchase designing and activity organizing. He is regarded as an elder brother with brilliant talents by lower-grade students, a good example of both civil and military by his classmates, a royal brother by his friends, and a hard-working and promising young man by his colleagues.

    How could we give up any possible opportunity to save such a vigorous youth, who has just set his first foot in society? So we hold this charity bazaar. We gather here, try our best and hope for miracles, which we believe is sure to happen with the great effort of both you and me. Da Tous design Elements will be printed on the T-shirts sold in the charity bazaar, representing his tough character and strong courage. We have received utmost support from Fuzhou xxx company.

    Finally, we will greatly appreciate your participation to our T-shirt charity bazaar, every effort you make to strive for his life, and all the truthful love you give to him.

    Da Tou-supporting Global union


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