Education industry

By Shane Hill,2014-12-17 18:27
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Education industry

Good morning, everyone, it’s my great honor to be here.


    Now I will give my presentation. My topic isWhy is education

    becoming such a hot industry?”


    Here is my outline, Background, reasons and conclusion. 第三-六页;

    First I will show you the education backgroud in China. As the graphs show that the scale of education in China has expanded notably. The students enrolment of varies types of education levels has grown steadily.

     With the education reform and development , the number of Private Schools and Institutions are mushrooming day in and day out. In addition,Chinese government raises educational expenditure and encourages enterprise-investing schools these years.As a result, the education industry is very hot.

    Why is it so hot?As for the reasons,I will illustrate three ,but there are mang more.


    Firstly, education is playing a key role for countries development.With

    the arrival of knowledge economy era in the 21st century, national competition is a fight of human resource.

    Recently, Chinese President Hu Jintao delivers a speech during the work conference on national education held in Beijing. He said: Education is

    the cornerstone of national prosperity and social progress, and the basic means to improve all-round development of individuals”.


    Secondly, the development of education theory and technology have promoted the boom of the education industry.To illustrate,lifelong education,a new concept of quality,had changed peoples learning


    Today,people believe that what they learn will be up to date and will give them abilities. Then,they make a good living.

    It is sensible for us to recharge our battery even when we start work

    after graduating from university.Also, the development of educational technology provides us with many ways to learn.


    ;Thirdlyeducation industry is an emerging market. There is a huge demand-supply gap in education space.In recent years,this has attracted many players to invest in education and training institutions.The large educational training enterprises,such as New Oriental Education &

Technology Group,were set up and booming in these years.


    Conclusion,based on the current and future manpower requirments of the various sectors,I firmly believe that education industry will be much hotter in the future.

    第十四页Thats all. Thank you very much!

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