DUCC Minutes

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DUCC Minutes

    Durham University Canoe Club

     thExec Meeting Minutes 17 October 2007

    Present all

Minutes of last meeting approved

    Tyne Tour

     ndthThe club will be attending Tyne Tour from 2 4 November but the deadline for ththpayment is 24 October. Any members wanting to go must have paid by 20

    October otherwise will not be included. The Friends Group is organising the meal for the Saturday night which all current members will be encouraged to attend. Though it is hoped water levels will provide good paddling for both days a

    contingency plan for the Sunday was discussed e.g. cinema, bowling.

    C. Lomas has agreed to drive a van for the kit but will be leaving on the Friday at three at the latest. GG will organise with C. Lomas the booking of the van. There will be at least one late car leaving after 6.15 for any members with late lectures. GG will send out an email to all river leaders and drivers in reference to Tyne Tour though definite plans about timings etc. will be confirmed nearer the time.


GG had a meeting with Amelia Richards (in charge of fundraising for DUAU) who

    outlined her plans for this year. The main project will be letters to parents, which will be sent within the next couple of weeks after GG has finished it. She also asked for the involvement of at least four members in a phoneathon which will be used as a follow up to the letters. Anyone who does not want their parents to be contacted must inform A. Richards or GG. Both these ideas allow parents to become aware of the club and give us an opportunity to inform them of what we spend money on/need the money for. Some of the current members will be asked to be involved in the phoneathon. Any money raised will be given to our Friends Group who will then

    distribute the money accordingly.


Currently MT is concentrating on getting sponsorship for the polo teams from

    assorted companies involved with fish as the team logo includes a fish. It will take a couple of weeks to see if this approach works. JR is to enquire at Blacks in Durham to see if she can arrange a discount of clothing and camping equipment which would be useful for upcoming camping trips.

    GG suggested looking at the Durham Rowers Freshmen website as they have included a link to a shopping site which features many high street brands that are offering discounts. Each time someone buys off the site money comes back to the club in return for advertising it on the website. MT is to look into this and AP will add it to the website.


    The university has been trying to recruit high performance paddlers but cannot offer the same facilities as Nottingham or Loughborough. The majority of club members are recreational paddlers but many are unaware of the club before coming university. Quentin has suggested sending out a letter/email annually to schools with canoe clubs and large clubs advertising the club to potential Durham students.


    Finalist pay membership by direct debit as this makes the turn over to the Friends Group easier at the end of the year. However, this has not been pushed enough this year so RW to approach finalists.

Saturday River Trip

    The river trip is to be from the boathouse to Finchale Abbey (approx 5miles). Approximately fifteen freshers will be attending plus Bucko, Lomas, Anna and Guy are to be riverleaders with MT and WC as additional drivers. WC will sort out payment for the trip which will be about ?3 to cover the cost of petrol. The riverleaders petrol will be covered by the club on this occasion due to the nature of the paddle. River levels may be a problem but no alternative presented itself and it is too early on in the term to cancel trips.

    First Aiders

    The number of first aiders needed has been covered by current members with fourteen already known. GG needs a copy of all first aid certificates which can be sent alongside the names to the DUAU. TS completed a checklist of the club first aid kits which are ready to be checked by the DUAU.

    River Race

    The club has thirty people attending the River Race this year with 60 entries overall. Rich Williams has agreed to book and drive the van for the weekend to transport kit. Plenty of drivers have agreed to transport people and twenty two people are camping for the weekend.

Broken Lock

    The lock on the back door of the boathouse was cut off by Estates and Buildings on th16 October. WC spoke to the representative of Collingwood boat club who had authorised the cutting of the lock who said that they needed to get in to conduct an electrical assessment. Such an assessment takes place every five years so some warning would have been expected. Collingwood boat club are going to bill us for the replacement lock but this will be contested. WC has since contacted Leslie Valantine at Estates and Buildings who has agreed to find out what happened. Collingwood are also to bill us for the new door but the exec feel it is excessive leave the majority of the financial burden on us so this will also be looked into.


    The Captains box spare set has not been located, if not found GG will cut a new set for the box. When the exec changes a list of keyholders will be passed on plus a list will be put up in the back room so that members are aware of who has keys and how to contact them. MT will write up the lists and distribute them plus write a declaration form for keyholders to sign.

High Performance

    WC spoke to Anna who is in touch with a cyclist that has had an induction for the High Performance program. The club has not received anything about having inductions so this will be brought up when GG and WC go to see Adam Wallis about progress in this area.


    MT and JR have looked at the unikit site and decided on getting hoodies, polo shirts and possibly jackets. T-shirts will be added for special events and polo stash will be added by Bucko. Male briefs and ladies pants were discussed and agreed on however, the male members of the exec unanimously voted for the inclusion of ladies thongs in the club shop but this was vetoed by the female members. The club logo will be emailed to MT by WC after he has retrieved it off Rich RJ. The polo shirts will also include the university crest which GG will find and email to MT.


JR and MT have contacted the social secretary of the Newcastle Canoe Club about th November. As yet there has been no reply but if it having a social on Tuesday 14

    goes ahead JR will book one or two minibuses to take members to and from Newcastle which works out cheaper than going on the train. If the Newcastle night does happen then the club will have a Rubix cubed social in Durham.

     tH JR has started to look into places to hold the Christmas meal on Saturday 8December. GG suggested The Court Inn which is very reasonably priced. JR intends to sort out a set menu to make payment easier.


    AW will set up the online sign up for trips and Monday sessions using the updated membership list. If any members pay after Saturday RW will send those names onto AW so he can add them to the site. A list of all paid up members included in the next weekly email.

    It has come to the attention of the exec that some recreational paddlers who are not riverleaders or experienced whitewater paddlers are going to Tees Barrage unaccompanied with club kit. All key holders will be made aware of this and must make a sensible decision as to whether or not to lend the key out to people as the exec is not happy about this situation as it stands. Any paddlers going on a non-club run trip should inform the club by email as to the time and place they are paddling. Tees

Barrage is a contained site so the club is happy to let people practice on this but no

rivertrips or surfing should be attempted.

th November, GG's house (2 Cooper Square) Date of next meeting Wednesday 7

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