Durham University Canoe Club

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Durham University Canoe Club

    Durham University Canoe Club

     thExec Meeting minutes 30 September 2007

    Present All plus Alison Auld and Chris Buckley

Minutes of last meeting - approved

    Finance The club currently has ?237 (+ ?152.10 to be paid in) but is owed ?457.70 from current members. RW will send out a full breakdown of finance to the exec members.


    Current members owe the club money, which has a detrimental effect on what the club can do so the system will be tightened up. No members may renew their membership until their debt has been paid. RW will keep a list of all debtors to ensure payment plus members must pay membership promptly or risk not being allowed on trips. The amount of debt allowed per club member will be carefully controlled with money being taken on the trips so the drivers can be paid promptly.


    Amelia Richardson, the Alumni and Communications Officer for the university who controls sport fundraising contacted the club. She has asked to provide her with information regarding any fundraising we have planned or what we are raising money for so that any money raised by the university as a whole e.g. letters to parents can be distributed accordingly.

    Sponsorship MT has been looking into sponsorship for the club and its teams. Many local and large businesses have been approached but have either declined or not replied. Speedo has replied offering to donate some stock to the club as their sponsorship budget has been spent for this year. MT will contact them to confirm this offer. Other companies that will be approached include Accenture and PriceWaterhouse Coopers. AA suggested looking into whether the university was partnered to any specific businesses that may consider sponsoring the club or finding out if the BCU has a fundraising strategy/could suggest companies to

    MT has also investigated approaching a large North East charity group which is given money by many businesses which would save time but is more targeted towards local youth clubs.

    Though sponsorship is required MT will also enquire as to whether businesses would double any money raised by the club with events such as the Tees Marathon (continued below).


    The clubs grant from the university has gone down this year to approximately ?1300 due to the costs of insurance and entrance fees to BUSA events. The grants have not been cut proportionately across the university so if any money becomes available it will go to the lesser funded clubs first to make it fairer. The club will spend most of the grant on travel to BUSA events.

Membership fees

    The membership fees for this year will be raised to ?20 for everyone. Differential membership was discussed but it was agreed that this would make it much more complicated. Though much of the membership costs cover the use of kit most of those who do not use the

    club kit do store their own in the boathouse so will still pay full membership. The petrol rates will stay the same and riverleaders will be given free petrol on trips.

Freshers Fair

    WC will collate a slide show of photos and videos e.g. Uganda, Norway and the Alps that will be shown on a laptop at the fair. There will be two paddle wagons parked near the DSU directing people to the Sports Fair plus posters located around the DSU.

    The stall will be in the Three Tuns hotel decorated with colour posters plus a boat and kit while another boat will be carried around outside the DSU. All helpers will be wearing t-shirts to advertise the club.

    All members will have to sign three forms, the water activity consent forms and the health declaration form plus the safety policy will be available to look at.

     thth The freshers sessions will run on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7September at 10am, 12pm and th2pm and Wednesday 10 September at 2pm. JR has organised the freshers social to be held that Varsity at 8.30pm on 10 September with drinks promotions and free food. The club will

    be able to show slideshows and videos on the televisions at Varsity during the social. The first 30 freshers to pay membership will get a free drink at the social.


    The club will create an account with so members will be able to go onto the site and buy club stash as and when they want it. The range will include t-shirts, hoodies and rugby shirts plus special event stash for BUSA events which will be available for a limited period. GG suggested getting DUCC boxers and pants with the logos on them but these are not available from

    CB is a rep for so will help put together the shop with MT who will also organise another order of extreme smock jackets later in the term.

    First Aid The club needs one person trained in first aid per 20 people, roughly 10 first aiders, which the club already has, though they may need to retrain or go to a refresher session.

    There are some sessions running this term for ?7 per person for three hours tuition. The club is hoping to get a large group together (possible combining with the sailing club) so that the organisers would do an extra section concentrating on drowning and hypothermia.

TS will check the clubs first aid kits which are kept in the boathouse and refill them if thnecessary as they will be checked by the DUAU president on October 17 by 5pm. If the

    kits are depleted or not sufficient the club may buy a couple from the DUAU at ?17 a piece.

    Bureaucracy The risk assessments will be read and made up to date in time to be checked by 5pm Friday th5 October.

     thTS will hand in the first aid detail forms by 17 October and complete the club inventory by th19 October.

     thThe health declaration forms must also be handed in by 17 October.

The membership declaration forms will also be checked.

    River Race Rich Williams will be approached about driving the van this year as JL cannot make the event. A trailer will be used to transport the boats though the lights need to be rewired before it can be used.

     th WC will organise the hiring of a van from Durham Van hire and enter all competitors by 11thOctober. All fees will have to be paid by 9 October so the deadline can be reached.

     Tees Marathon ththThe club is planning to do the 26mile Tees Marathon on either 18 or 25 November to raise

    money. The group will be relatively small and currently includes Guy, Will, Bucko, Beth, Fogle and Simpson. Others will also be present to take pictures and for transport though this has not been finalised.

    Michaelmas Calendar ndrd ? 2/3October Freshers Fair thth? 6/7 October Freshers Intro Sessions (10am, 12pm, 2pm) th? 10 October Freshers Into Session (2pm) th? 13 October Introduction to Whitewater th? 17 October - usual afternoon sessions begin thst? 20 October 1 river trip (Finchdale Priory? Or surfing?) th? 27 October River trip (destination unknown) rdth? 3/4 November Tyne Tour thth? 10/11 November BUSA River Race th? 14 November super social with Newcastle? th? 17 November River trip (destination unknown) thth? 18? Or 25? - Tees Marathon th? 8 December - Huffa Luffa and Christmas meal/social

Intermediate trips will be held as when water levels are good.

    Polo decks Currently the club does not have a full set of polo decks so the money raised by the Tees Marathon will be spent on buying a new set of seven. The means the fundraising target will be about ?300. Four new polo boats will also be bought with money raised by the Fiends of DUCC.


    AP will get all the events for this term loaded up onto the website plus the regular weekly sessions. Anna is now organising the pool sessions which are now ?2 a session with AP putting a sign up sheet on the website.


    TS, WC, GG (x2), JL and Olly currently hold keys for the boathouse. PC had a set last term, which will be returned and given to either RW or AP. JL will be asked to return his set, which will be given to Alison to assist with her training.

    Kit Order

    TS will co-ordinate the kit order for the club, which will include the purchase of 5 helmets (around ?100 in total). The club will also purchase some 4m length slings made from tubular string, some snaplink crabs and drain plugs. A footplate for the Blaze will be bought so it is usable again at a cost of around ?40.

Overall the club will spend around ?275 not including discount.

    Tyne Tour GG or Rich Williams will drive the van this year depending on the age limit. The deadline needs to be found out and logistics organised which will be discussed in greater detail at the next meeting.


    The exec has decided to sell the C1 slalom boat and the K2 and buy a K2 from Beth for ?75. Currently the Stuntbat is unsuitable for whitewater so the club was going to get rid of it but decided instead to fix it by fitting a new footrest. Boats with holes in (e.g. Invaders) will be donated to the Scouts.

Team Durham High Performance

    The polo team qualify to be Team Durham High Performance as does anyone training for the BUSA River Race or Slalom. For ?20 each person gains entry to a specialist non-cardio gym at Maiden Castle and has access to nutritionists and physiotherapists. The club hopes to have at least ten people join this year.

Next Meeting th at RW’s house. 6.30pm Wednesday 17

Any Other Business

    TS will do a write up of the Alps for the Friends newsletter.

    The safety policy for the club is outdated and contains points that no longer relate to the club so will be reviewed this term.

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