When a close friend dies, it often ______1 you to consider your

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When a close friend dies, it often ______1 you to consider your



    When a close friend dies, it often forces you to consider your own death. The more you have in common with the friend, the more his ________1 will make you wonder about your own. Sometimes you will naturally shy to yourself, It could just as easily have been me. Such a death

    has a way of reminding us how fragile(脆弱的) life is, and it may cause you to reassess(重新评价)

    the direction of own life.

     Jacks story is a good example. A successful businessman making a lot of money, Jack didnt

    spend as much time with his family _______2 he wanted. His job required him to work long hours. But three years ago one of his best friends, a man _______3 worked in the same office, had a heart attack. He _______4 while celebrating his daughters eighteenth birthday in a

    restaurant. He was only fifty years old.

     Not long _______5 his friends death, Jack started to have a chest pain. Finally he had a good physical check-up. He received a clean bill of health. But the chest pain _______6 He kept

    thinking of the death of his friend. Jack thought about how much his friend missed in life and he saw how _______7 it was for his friends family to manage after he passed away.

    Jack realized that he didnt want to end up his life that way. He talked his feelings over with his wife and children, and decided to change his way of life. The family moved to a small town _______8 he started a simple life. Now he is _______9 a small art gallery. He is relaxed, and says he has ______10 been so happy in his life. And he has got no more chest pain.

    Task1Fill the blanks with suitable words.

    Task2: What’s the meaning of the sentence “He received a clean bill of health. Explain it in


    Task3: Discussion: How do you feel and what will you do if one of your close friends pass away all of a sudden one day?

    Task4: Give the passage a suitable title.

    Task5: Writing:

    Wealth or health, which do you prefer?





    Wealth or health, which do you prefer?




    A rich man was camping;野营? alone on a hill. One day it began to rain and the rain made the tent wet. At last he had to make his way home. As he passed a beautiful house, he ___1__ to

    look for rest. A lady in fine clothes walked past him with her head holding up high. Following her

    were her two pretty daughters. They stopped and looked at him ___2___.

     Who are you? We dont like tramps (流浪汉) going around our home, one of them


     Go away at once, cried the other.

     But Im not a tramp, said the man. All I want is food and stay for the night.

     How dare you come here? Go away at once! They ___3__. We dont like your feet

    around our house. Go, Go!

     The man moved on and reached a small house. On entering it he saw a couple preparing their supper. Though the light was weak and the furniture;家具?poor, it made him feel ___4___and


     Can I have some food and rest for the night? he asked.

     of course, friend, said the woman, bringing forward a little chair for him. Were going to

    __5__ our supper. Come and __6__ us.

     The food was not enough but they __7___ it with the stranger. That night they let him sleep on their bed ___8___ they themselves used the stable;马厩?. Early the next morning, the man said

    goodbye to them. Their kindness left him a memory full of __9__.

     When he reached home, he quickly ordered a lovely house to be ___10___ for the couple in the woods.

    Task1Fill the blanks with suitable words.

    Task2: Write down the main idea of the passage.

    Task3: Discussion: If you were the man, after receiving help from the old couple, what would you do?

    Task4: Give the passage a suitable title.

    Task5: Writing:

    What can we do to help others








    Every morning at eleven, a bright new car drove through the central park in New York Inside the car sat a driver and his boss, a well-known millionaire;百万富翁?,

    Each morning the millionaire noticed a poorly-dressed man __1 on a park bench The

    man always sat there staring at the hotel ___2___ the rich man lived One day the millionaire was

    so interested in the man that he asked his driver to ___3___ the car and he walked to the bench He said to the poor man, “Excuse me,but I just have to know why you sit staring at my hotel every morning ”“Sir, ”said the poor man , “I’m a failure I have no job, no family and no

    __4 I sleep on this bench and every night I dream that __5 _day I will sleep in this

    hotel ”The rich man had an idea He said to the poor man “Tonight your dream will come

    __6 I’ll __7 for the best room in that hotel for you for a whole month ” The millionaire

    smiled and felt __8 of himself

    A few days later, the millionaire went by the poor man’s room to ask him how he

    enjoyed himself To his great __9 , he found that the poor man had moved out of the hotel, back to his park bench When the millionaire asked why, the man said, “You see, when I’m

    ___10 here sleeping on the bench I always dream I’m up there in the hotel It’s a wonderful

    dream But when I was up there in the hotel, I dreamed I was still here on this cold benchIt was

    a terrible dream and I could not get any sleep at all

    1. sitting 2. where 3. stop 4. bed 5. one 6. true 7. pay 8. proud 9. surprise 10. down

    Task1Fill the blanks with suitable words.

    Task2: Write down the main idea of the passage.


    Task3: Discussion: If you were the old man, and had a chance to live in the best room in a hotel, what kind of dream would you have? Why?

    Task4: Why did the old poor man first want to live in the hotel, but later when he did have the chance, he moved out of the hotel?

    Task5: Give the passage a suitable title.

    Task6: Writing:

    I have a dream.






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