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The Governors and Staff of Caistor Grammar School have very high expectations of the School’s students, and expect

    them to behave well whilst at School, do their best in lessons, take responsibility for their actions and strive to become active and caring citizens. They should be ambassadors for their School.

    1. The most important rule at CGS is that students should conduct themselves around School with consideration for

    others, politeness to all members of staff and visitors, and display self-discipline and self-restraint. They should

    behave to others as they would have others behave to them. No discrimination on the grounds of ethnic

    background, social background, religion, gender or sexual orientation will be tolerated. No racism will be


    2. School uniform has an important part to play in setting a climate of expectations in the School. By wearing a

    uniform smartly students are signalling a commitment to the School, and to doing well at school. They are also

    showing self-discipline and restraint. Students should remember that when they are wearing their uniform they

    are representing the School. If their actions or appearance are poor when in uniform, students not only let down

    themselves, and their families, but they let down their School. This high expectation applies, not only when at

    School and when on the way to or returning from School, but it also applies whenever they are in School uniform.

3. “Being smart” is defined as wearing clean clothes, which fit, and which conform to the School’s uniform list.

    Shirts and blouses should be worn tucked in. Boys should do up their top button and wear their ties to the neck

    and at a reasonable length. Shoes should be clean. Socks should be of a single colour black or dark grey for

    boys Years 7 11 and white for Girls year 7-9 and black in Years 10-11. Blazers should be worn at all times

    unless permission has been given to remove them or Summer Uniform is in force. Sixth Form students have their

    own dress code, which expects them to dress as young professionals at work and which is set out in more detail in

    the Sixth Form Handbook.

    4. Coats can be worn outside but not inside school. Coats should be of one colour and not contain large logos. Hats

    and scarves may be worn whilst at School outside but not inside. (Football scarves are not allowed.) Jumpers

    must be of the approved design. “Hoodies” must not be worn.

    5. Hair should be clean and tidy. One measure of tidiness is that both eyes should be visible. Hair styling should fit in

    with the wearing of a uniform; no extreme hair styles are permitted. If hair is worn sufficiently long that it

    hampers communication with others or endangers health and safety in the classroom, it should be tied back. All

    hair accessories should be discreet. Hair should be of one, natural colour.

    6. Jewellery should be limited to a single ring and one single ear stud in each ear. No body piercing is permitted.

    Make-up is not to be worn by students below Y10 and when worn by them, it should be discreet.

    7. Ipods/MP3 players can be used on the way to and from School but not on the School site. Mobile phones can be

    brought to School, but must not be on in lessons, registration, assemblies, the library or the dining hall.

    8. Students are expected to be punctual to School and to arrive at registration and lessons on time.

    9. Students are expected to promote a tidy and clean School environment and to use the bins provided to dispose of

    litter. No litter should be dropped on the ground. If accidents occur which cause damage to fabric of the School,

    they should be reported to a member of staff.

    10. Students (except Sixth Formers) must stay on the School site until 3.45 p.m. unless given permission to leave by a

    member of staff. Students who go home for lunch must return by 1.05pm.

    11. Students wishing to stay at school after 4.00p.m., who are not involved in a supervised activity, may only stay if a

    member of staff who is on site has agreed to take responsibility for them.

    12. During breaks and lunch hours Y11 students have the privilege of being allowed in their own Year Base room. If

    the base rooms are not kept tidy and students do not behave sensibly this privilege will be withdrawn. Sixth

    formers have the use of Casterby House. Expectations about their use of it are set out in the Sixth Form handbook.

    13. No food and drink is to be consumed in the school buildings other than in the Dining Room. Food at break times

    should be eaten outside. The Sixth Form may eat in the kitchen in Casterby and Year 11 may eat in their base

    rooms. All other students must eat their packed lunches in the Dining Room.

    14. Students must not bring tobacco, alcohol, fireworks, knives or guns of any description, or any dangerous or illegal

    items or substances such as drugs onto school premises, the school buses or to school events or visits. There should

    be no gambling on school premises.

15. Chewing gum is not allowed at School.

16. Any liquid form of correction fluid, such as Tippex, should not be used at School.

    17. Students in Years 7 - 11 are expected to stand up for teachers at the start of all lessons. They are also expected to

    stand up for the Headmaster entering lessons.

    18. Students should move around the School site in a quiet and orderly manner; they should not run. They should

    keep to the left in the corridors and on stairs. They should have regard for the welfare of other students and be

    considerate to them. They are expected to open doors for adults. All students should have consideration for the

    sensibilities of other students and staff. Public displays of romantic affection are inappropriate for a school setting

    and are not allowed.

    19. Students must not use the Terraces except in the Summer when permission has been given. The Court Rota should

    be followed. Only tennis balls should be used on the Old Court.

    20. During breaks, or lunchtime when it is raining, students are allowed to use the Old Hall and the new Manning

    Building corridor. They should not congregate in the Main Foyer or the main corridor.

21. Students should have respect for other people’s property and should not interfere with things that don’t belong to

    them. Students should use the designated bag racks for their bags.

    22. Sensible and respectful behaviour is expected on the school buses and on the way to and from school.

    23. No list of rules can hope to be a complete list. In all matters not specifically referred to, students are expected to

    use their common sense and to be reasonable. They should act in accordance with what is generally considered

    reasonable. If they are in doubt about something, they should ask a member of staff. The Headmaster can always

    be approached with a question or a problem.

    All members of staff share responsibility in enforcing these rules and expectations in the School and interpreting them. It is the Headmaster’s ultimate responsibility to interpret the above rules and expectations. Form Tutors are asked to

    have a special concern for the students in their tutor group, including checking at morning and afternoon registration

    that students are looking smart and that they are punctual.

These rules have been discussed with students, the School Council, staff, parents and the Governing Body. They will

    be regularly reviewed by the Senior Management Team, the School Council and the Governing Body.

     January 2007

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