DJN Dolphins

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DJN Dolphins

    DJN Dolphins

    Parent meeting minutes


    Doyle Pool 7-8pm

Coach Eric addressed the parents on miscellaneous topics including:

    Use of need to file folder in coaches box. This is to be used for any communication with

    the coaches, notes that you will be missing a meet, birth cert. and other reg. paperwork.

     Use of “in and outs” for misbehavior of swimmers.

     Wants all swimmer’s in jammers for boys and one piece racing suit for girls.

Following topics covered by Diane Roberts with parent group:

     Thank you to all the parents who make everything work!!!


     Diane Roberts Team mom, snack bar coordinator

    Laura Stannard Swim-a-thon coordinator, Ropes course coordinator, Diane’s right hand,

    technical swimming resource.

    Bob and Jane Lorenz - webmasters

    Kate Margaris (not present) Ribbons

    Mirvat Tannous Medals

    Wendy Mibach Tshirts/apparel

    Jennifer Blankenship meet cards and social events.

    Raul Ramirez storage space acquisition

    Anyone I forgot ( and I’m sorry)

    All the timers and snack bar workers!!

    Email list circulated for those who have not received any reminder emails.

    After meeting have a list to check to see if not on one of the 3 rosters please had

    swimmer’s name and age.

    Floor was opened to answer any questions about the coaches information, swimsuit

    sales, and team store questions.

    Swimsuit sales tonight for teamsuit, which is optional. Apology regarding

    misunderstanding regarding Raging Waters Tickets.

    Team Store Open today with new apparel items. Tank tops, Tshirts, sweatpants,

    hoodies, swimcaps, megaphones, visors, DJN Mugs (custom available to order with


    Reminder of Mock Meet this Thursday all swimmer’s should try to attend. Especially

    new swimmer’s,

    Items arranged with the City after last season

    1. Swim team coordinator hired to work closely with the swim team league and coaches.

    Happy to announce that the city has hired Chiara Odamo. A veteran swimmer and

    coach from this swim league.

    2. Coaches training improved Coaches went to a special training session in Roseville

    this last February. Lots of new techniques to teach swimmer’s were presented.

3. Parents involved in selection process of Coaches this did not happen. Terri Matal

    felt it was logistically impossible to coordinate. th4. Positive Coaching Alliance June 7 was presented to most of the coaches and 2

    parents from each team were invited. It was attended by Diane Roberts and Casey

    Avalos. Diane felt it was an excellent presentation and philosophy. Encourage anyone

    to participate in this program if they get the opportunity. Wanted to give a summary of

    what was presented, but very short on time, will consider covering at the Swimathon on

    Tuesday July 1st. I have a booklet I can share and there is a link to their website on our website.

Practices are Mon-Fri you aare allowed to attend any of the practices regardless of which

    time you registered for.

    Times are:

    Natomas High 9-9:50am

    Doyle 11:30a-12:30p

    Doyle 7-8p

    *please note that in the future the night practice at Doyle may be modified to 2 sessions

    to accommodate the large number of participants.

3 practices a week are required for participation in that Saturday’s meet (preferably 3

    different days). You may and are encouraged to attend more then 3 practices a week.

    3 practices a day are discouraged.

    Participation in 3 meets is required for participation in Championships. Trials for

    backstroke and freestyle (Aug. 2

    nd) are required to participate in those events at


Meet schedule is posted on the website. Basically, there is a meet every Sat. for the thnext 7 Sat. starting this Sat. June 28. For meets arrival time is usually 7:00am and the

    meets usually end aroun 12:00 - between 11am and 1pm. thChampionships are Sat. and Sun. Aug. 9th and 10. Yu should plan to be at

    Championships from 6:30am 3:30 pm both days!!!!

     st1 meet this Saturday, June 28 @ Doyle Pool. Glenn Hall is home team. They do the

    snack bar etc.


    Each parent is required to volunteer 4 hours during the season. At each meet including

    championships we will need volunteer timers. At home meets we run a snack bar and

    need parents to work at the snack bar. Home mets are July 5thth , July 18, and August nd2. We also have a team store every Tues.night if you are interested in helping with

    this please let Diane know.


    Necessary to buy ribbons that the swimmers get after every meet and for participation

    awards. It also lets u do some of the extra things that make swimteam more fun. Like

    providing apparel items in the team store, social events, end of the season party ,

    coaches gifts. Team equipment this year we bought a pace clock for the pool deck to

    help the swimmers get a better workout and 25 swim paddles that go on their hands.

Main fundraisers

    Swimathon last year cleared over $1600 dollars.

    Snack Bar last year cleared over $1300 (4 snack bars)

    st at Natomas High pool instead of night practice at Doyle pool.

    Team pictures at 6:00 Please attend we want everyone in the pictures.

    Please get donations for the swimathon from friends, families, and neighbors. Please

    get only flat rates donations for participation. We would like each swimme to raise at Swimathon/team pictures Laura Stannard discussed. (all info available on the website) least $25.00. All swimmer’s and their families are invited for a complimentary pizza Tuesday, July 1party immediately following the swimathon. We will need volunteers to mark laps for

    each lane. This is a FUN event for the swimmers to work together as a team. See

    website for prizes and categories. The swimmer who raises the most money gets a $25

    Target gift card. Also, swimmers who swim the most laps in each age group eill ge a

    $25 Target gift card. Please turn in your pledge $$ when you first arrive at the



    6:00 team pictures

    7:00-7:30 10 and under swimathon

    7:30-8:00 11-16 year old swimathon

    8:00 pizza party

A sign up sheet for lap counters, awards table, and serving pizza was passed around.

Ropes Course discussed by Laura Stannard

    Our swimmers have the opportunity to complete the NHS JROTC programs ropes course.

    The JROTC students will lead the swimmers through the course on July 25

    th. To

    accommodate such a big group we will need to break the team into 2 3 groups

    throughout the day. This will be a great opportunity for the swimmers to work as a

    team and face the personal challenge of the ropes course. A sign up sheet for preferred

    time was passed through the parents. On the same day we would like to have a team

    BBQ. A vote was taken for the team BBQ to be mid day or in the evening. Evening

    BBQ for the team event won by a landslide.

    Ribbons Kate Margaris

    By Wednesday after each meet (maybe late after this first meet this year) ribbons will be

    available in the ribbon box ept in the office at Doyle Pool. An attempt will be made to

    bring the ribbon box to Natomas high for the morning practice. Be aware that the Doyl

    pool office is open during all hours of operation for the pool and ribbons should be

    available for you to pick up anytime.

    Storage Space Raul Ramirez

    We have obtained a donated storage space for our swimteam items - easy ups, pace

    clock, paddles, spirit supplies, apparel… These items will no longer have to be kept

    during the off season in Diane and Laura’s garages. Thank You Raul!!!


    This year we have custom engraved participation medals that each swimmer will receive

    at the end of the season party. The medals are ready, just waiting to be engraved.

    Thanks You Mirvat!!!!


    Swimathon contact Laura

    Snack bar, team store, timers contact Diane

     We will need ice donations at snack bars.

    Sunsplash/Raging Waters


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