Triangle Marketing

By Henry Hernandez,2014-05-29 00:07
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Triangle Marketing

Triangle Marketing

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    First Things First

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    What is Triangle Marketing? Is it another system like Bum

    Marketing, Squidoo Marketing or others youve heard about?

    What makes Triangle Marketing different?

Answer: FOCUS

    This training system is more than words and videos. Its a complete system used to create legitimate profits on a daily

    basis. Contained within this guide we will explore each part of

    the Triangle and demonstrate how to release the marketing

    genius inside.

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online advertising channel in which

    advertisers (online merchants that sell products or services)

    pay publishers (independent parties that promote the

    products or services of an advertiser on their Web site) only

    for results, such as a visitor making a purchase or filling out a

    form, rather than paying simply to reach a particular

    audience. This pay-for-performance model is in essence the

    modern version of the finders-fee model, where individuals

    who introduce new clients to a business are compensated.

    The difference in the case of affiliate marketing is that

    advertisers only pay their publishers when the new client

    introduction results in a sale or a lead, making it a low-risk,

    high-reward environment for both parties.

    How it Works at Commission Junction CJ

Advertisers in a network, like the CJ Marketplace, populate

    their ad links in the interface, making them available for

    placement by publishers. Each link is assigned a commission,

    such as a fixed amount per lead or a percentage of a resulting

    sale on the advertiser's Web site. Publishers looking to monetize their traffic apply to join an advertiser's program. Upon acceptance, the publishers select and place the advertiser's links on their Web sites, in their email campaigns or as part of search listings.

    When a consumer clicks on a publisher's link, a cookie is set on the visitor's browser that identifies the advertiser, the publisher, and the specific link and payment rates. When the visitor makes an actual purchase online or fills out a form, that transaction is tracked and recorded by Commission Junction. Upon recording the transaction, Commission Junction handles all of the collection and processing required to ensure fair and timely commission payment for the publisher, and all of the administration and verification necessary to ensure quality sales and leads for the advertiser.

Why Triangle Marketing

    Why a Triangle and not a circle, oval or some other catchy name. This system is based on staying focused on the 3 key

techniques that drive success. The three concepts form a

    triangle and with each point to you must have focus.


    When I talk about niches what I am really talking about

    is products. There are dozens of eBooks available that

    teach you how to select niches. They preach everything

    from using keyword research tools, to custom web

    applications, and sales pitches for PLR content sites that

    do all the Niche research, site creation and sales pages

    for you.

Most PLR and Master Resale packages have huge

    potential and there are people make huge profits with

    these products. They are based on selling information

    such as eBooks, PLR and Clickbank products. This is a

    perfectly valid approach and one that makes a lot of

    money for many creative and talented marketers.

My preference is to sell Tangible products as an affiliate.

    Triangle Marketing techniques work equally well for both

    info products and tangible products. If there is a demand

    for a product or information you can use this systems

    and traffic techniques to sell it.

Here is my take on different products types.

    1. Clickbank offers a huge variety of information

    products and software (over 10,000 products),

    timely payments and excellent commission rates.

    i. Need a Clickbank account Click Here

    2. Selling PLR Products, Master Resale Products and

    even your own eBook provide higher profits and

    more control over price and marketing approach.

    3. Selling tangible products for an affiliate program like

    Commission Junction. Commission Junction (CJ) is

    trusted, tried and true. Selling tangible products is

    easier. People instinctively trust buying from the

    major known retailers that use Commission

    Junctions affiliate services. Commission rates for

    tangible products are typically lower than

    information products, but they are definitely easier

    to sell.

    Free Video Called Tour Commission Junction

The remainder of this marketing program is based on

    how I market Commission Junction products.

You can use the same techniques to promote any

    tangible or information products. The sales page may

    change but the tools and techniques are similar.


Websites or Blog, which should I choose? Again the

    answer is that both have there place. In fact in most

    cases I use both in combination.

To make it easy for new marketers I am going to focus

    the remainder of this program on creating Product


Why Blogs?

    1. Blogs simplify SEO

    2. They are easy to install

    3. There is a large selection of free themes you can use

    4. It is easy to add links to blogs

    5. Built in Tag and Ping

    6. Social Networks love Blogs, Google Loves Blogs,

    Blogs love Blogs! Blogs get more traffic, faster and


    7. Easy to organize for readers and they have build in

    search capabilities

    8. Visitors can leave comments.

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