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    Updated 4/10/07

    Welcome to the IT Awards Judging Pool

    The New York Innovative Theatre Awards were founded to recognize and celebrate Off-Off-Broadway. As an IT Awards Judge, you are at the very heart of this organization.

    The Judging Pool is made up of "Delegate Judges" who come from the individual Off-Off-Broadway productions that have registered with the IT Awards as well as "At-Large Judges" who come from the broader New York Theatre community.

75% of a production’s score is based on the judges’ evaluation, which is why your discerning

    feedback is so important. To click through an animation that details the judging process go to or click

    “About Us” and then “Judging Process”.

This manual details:

    ; the judge's responsibilities

    ; how to cast your ballot

    ; scoring

    ; conduct

    ; conflicts of interest

    ; & other important information

    In addition to providing the IT Awards with invaluable information, you will also be participating in an effort to strengthen and unite the Off-Off-Broadway community.

    We appreciate your involvement in this process and hope you will find each assignment fun and rewarding.


Judge's Responsibilities

Delegate Judges

    In order to complete your judging responsibilities, you are required to see three eligible IT Awards productions and complete an online ballot within a timely manner (no more than three days following your attendance).

    If, you have accepted a judging assignment but, for whatever reason, find you are unable to attend the performance, please notify the IT Awards immediately. We will either reschedule you or make arrangements to have you replaced for that assignment, thereby ensuring that all productions are adjudicated properly.

    It is very important to note that failure to complete your judging responsibilities will result in the production that you are representing along with all of its participants becoming ineligible for an IT Award.

    If, for whatever reason, you find that you are unable to complete the 3 adjudications, please notify your Production Representative and the IT Awards immediately. We will then make arrangements to have you replaced in the judging pool, thereby ensuring eligibility for your production and its participants.

    You are welcome to see more than your required three productions. If you would like to become an At-Large Judge, please email the IT Awards following your third production and let us know.

At- Large Judges

    You may see as many productions as you would like. If at any time you would like to go on hiatus status, just email us to let us know.

    If you accept a judging assignment, you must complete the online ballot in a timely manner (no more than three days following your attendance).

    If, you have accepted a judging assignment but, for whatever reason, find you are unable to attend the performance, please notify the IT Awards immediately. We will either reschedule you or make arrangements to have you replaced for that assignment, thereby ensuring that all productions are adjudicated properly.

Attendance Confirmation

    The producers verify your attendance with the IT Awards there by activating your ballot.

    In situations where a producer's records show that the judge was not in attendance and the judge claims to have attended the performance, we ask the judge to produce a receipt, ticket stub or program as proof of attendance. As a precaution, please keep any handouts or related materials.


Getting Started

Your Assignment

    The IT Awards will assign a production to you, at random via email and provide you with dates, times and location so that you are able to select the performance that best suits your schedule.

    Production to be judged

    Location of

    performance with


    Dates and times

    available for


When you are ready to select the date that you would like to attend, simply click ONCE on

    the appropriate link in the email.

    You will then receive an email confirming the assignment details and providing you instructions for casting your ballot along with a link to your "worksheet" ballot.

    If for whatever reason your schedule will not accommodate attending the assigned production, you may choose to pass and you will be returned to the judging pool to await another assignment. If you are unable to accept the assignment, please email us right away so that we can reassign the production to another judge. You are allowed to pass on assignments 3 times total within your judging term.

    Each judging assignment will be given a Judging Assignment Identification Number or a JAIN. This number will allow you to access your judging assignment online and identifies you at the box office when you pick up your tickets.

    A JAIN is provided to track judging assignments in our system and to help those members of the Judging Pool who wish to remain anonymous and thereby give an uninhibited adjudication.

    You will be provided with two complimentary tickets for you and a companion to attend the performance. (You will only be provided two complimentary tickets. If you require additional tickets, you will have to purchase them at the regular ticket price.)


Judging Ballot

You may print out your worksheet ballot in advance to refer to it during and after the

    performance. However, your judging responsibility for that production is not concluded

    until your judging ballot is completed online.

After attending your assigned production go to

    click “Vote” and select the judge’s ballot.


    In order to access your ballot you

    will need to login using:

     1. your email address

    2. your password 1.

    3. JAIN


    Your judging ballot is generated based on how the Production Representative registered that particular production.

    For example: The Production Representative may have registered the production as a play rather than a performance-art piece. Therefore your ballot will reflect that decision.

    It will also list which performers and designers you should consider for which award categories, etc.

    We ask you to score each candidate on a scale of 1 to 100. (also see scoring below).

    Please consider leaving some praise or constructive comments. We ask whether we may use these comments publicly (e.g. during the awards ceremony, on the website, press, etc.). However, if you clear the check box, the IT Awards will not use these comments publicly, but will only keep them on file for internal use by the IT Awards (e.g., they may be helpful to the Awards committee, etc.).

Rinse & Repeat

    Repeat the above process until you have attended three productions. Once your have successfully completed three online ballots, your judging responsibilities are concluded.



Our scoring system is based on a scale of 1 100 (1 being poor, 50 being average and 100

    being flawless/extraordinary). We needed a large point spread in order to avoid the number of possible ties that would occur in a point spread of say 1 -10.

    To help you better determine your score, please use this scoring guide.

1 30 Poor

    30 40 Adequate

    40 60 Average

    60 70 Good

    70 80 Very Good

    80 90 Exceptional

    90 100 Near Perfect

Some people find it easier to think of this scale as a percentage


    As a member of the Judging Pool, you not only represent the IT Awards, you represent your delegating theatre company as well. We expect all judges to conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate and respectful of the production and theatre.

    Please arrive at the theatre 20 minutes prior to curtain. Judges MUST attend the entire performance. Arriving late or leaving early is unacceptable.

    Upon arrival, identify yourself at the box-office as an IT Awards Judge using the Judging Assignment Identification Number (JAIN). A JAIN will be provided to you along with a ballot prior to your attendance.

Please do not share or discuss your ballot or scores.

    You must complete your ballot within three days of attending the performance.


    As a courtesy, each production offers a ticket for you to bring a guest. We would also like to encourage your guest to go online and vote as an audience member. Please instruct them to go to, click on “Vote” and select the audience ballot.

Vote As An Audience Member

    You can only vote once per production, but we would encourage you to vote for other productions you attend as an audience member.


Judges Disclosure/Conflicts Of Interest

    Judges may not adjudicate any production or company with which they have a conflict of interest.

    Please note that knowing someone in the production does not necessarily present a conflict of interest. Possible conflicts of interest include (but are not limited to): belonging to a company, involvement in a production, disagreements or legal conflicts with an organization or individuals in the production. In short any relationship or situation that may affect your unbiased opinion of the production or the individuals in the production that you have been assigned to adjudicate.

    The credibility and success of the IT Awards relies on the personal integrity of the judges to make any possible conflicts of interest known to the IT Awards. We take these conflicts very seriously. It is your responsibility to notify the IT Awards of any possible conflicts of interest you may have with a judging assignment.

Judges Area On The Website

    For your convenience, this Judge's Manual along with other helpful tools and information can be found in the Judges Area of our website.

    Just click the

    Judges tab on our


Once you have logged in you will have 24 hour access to:

    ; This manual

    ; Judging Criteria

    ; Thoughts on Judging from Martin Denton

    ; A list of your assignments

    ; A link to cast your ballot (also available

    from the Vote link on the homepage)

    ; Edit your user profile


Your Feedback

    Thank you for your participation. This manual as well as the judging process itself will be refined and defined by your experience. Based on your feedback we make upgrades and changes to our system. So please, email us at and let us

    know how your assignments go or if you have any further questions.

Thank you again.


About The New York IT Awards

    The New York Innovative Theatre Awards (the IT Awards) are given annually to honor individuals and organizations who have achieved artistic excellence in Off-Off-Broadway theatre. The New York IT Awards recognizes the unique and essential role Off-Off-Broadway plays in contributing to American and global culture, and believes that publicly recognizing excellence in independent theatre will expand audience awareness and appreciation of the full New York theatre experience.

    The IT Awards is a not-for-profit arts organization supporting the Off-Off-Broadway community by:

    ; Celebrating and Recognizing extraordinary Off-Off-Broadway Theatre

    ; Strengthening the community and collective identity of Off-Off-Broadway

    ; Honoring the artistic heritage of Off-Off-Broadway

    ; Advancing public interest in and understanding of the theatrical arts especially



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