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download - UK Youth Parliament Making Our Mark

    UK Youth Parliament Annual Sitting 2009 Fringe Meetings

Name____________________________________________ Constituency_______________________________________________

     stndrdthstndYou will be able to attend two different fringe meetings. Please put your 1, 2, 3 and 4 choice in the column on the right. We will try to allocate you to your 1 and 2 rdthchoice, but if that group is fully subscribed we will allocate you to your 3 or 4 choice.

     thPlease make sure you return this form by Thursday 16 July 2009 by email: or by post: Claire Jones, UK Youth Parliament, 15 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0PD

Fringe meeting title and name Background information and expected outcomes Order Of

    of organisation Preference

    Messin’ With Our Heads YoungMinds Very Important Kids manifesto- what it is, how it was put together and how you join the



     Expected outcomes:

     ? Empowering young people to get involved in an exciting campaign and how to go about it Relevant to 9 English regions, ? Get involved with YoungMinds campaign Scotland, Wales and NI

Preventing violent extremism Following the 9 Project Safe Space events held in areas across the country the police are aware that young

    Give your views to the police. people want more opportunities to discuss terrorism and violent extremism. We have listened to what you

     have said and as part of our promise to improving the relationship between police and young people we want

    Association of Chief Police Officers to take this further with your help.

    National Police Prevent Delivery Unit

     This is your opportunity to shape the way in which police relate to young people on the ground and speak to

     the police again about any further views you may have on preventing violent extremism and the issues that

     affect you.

     We want to hear about young people‟s experiences of police in their local areas, what they see as good and

     bad ways of working with the police, what good stories are there of police working with young people in their

     neighbourhood areas that can be learnt from and what ideas are there about how both young people and

     police can better work together to benefit each other

     Expected outcomes:

     ? Young people‟s views to be heard by the police to change the way in which police relate to, Relevant to 9 English regions, and work with, young people in their areas. Scotland, Wales and NI ? Break down barriers in order to increase trust and confidence in the police.

    ? An increased awareness of young people‟s experience, and what is happening in relation to

    the police and young people, in their local areas.

    Fringe meeting title and name Order Of Background information and expected outcomes of organisation Preference

    How to Get Things Done Do you think you could do a better job than the winner of The Apprentice? - We Do!! Join us to find out how Sustainably we successfully manage projects in a sustainable way and how you can apply this knowledge to your own

    MWH Engineering projects.

     Expected outcomes

     ? What are the qualities of a good project manager? Relevant to 9 English regions, ? What does a project manager need to consider when planning a project? Scotland, Wales and NI ? When does sustainable development need to be considered and what are the issues?

Finding from Youth Citizenship Discussion on the findings of the Youth Citizenship Commission. The Commission was set up to examine

    Commission Youth Engagement ways of developing young people‟s understanding of citizenship and increase their participation in politics The Ministry of Justice

     Expected Outcomes:

    Relevant to 9 English regions, Get MYP‟s views on the findings Scotland, Wales and NI Get MYP‟s comments on the YCC recommendations Comments on increasing youth participation

'Youth participation at a local level- - For attendees to inform their understanding of the different youth engagement mechanisms at a local level

    What's out there and how can we (e.g. MYP's, Young Advisors, Young Mayors, members of a Youth Council) make it work better for you?'

    Department for Communities and - For attendees to showcase their experiences at a local level and to learn/identify where alternative methods Local Government of youth engagement can be of benefit in addition to their existing work streams

     - A summary report from the 2 fringe sessions will be presented to Young Advisors, the Young Mayors Relevant to 9 English regions Network and members of the British Youth Council. Once we have incorporated young people's views, we

    will contact all participants with a suggested way forward.

How we're going to win - Young Want to do something more than just recycle? Want to help build a fair, safe and positive future for all of us?

    People leading the way to a clean, Come join this session on building the Youth Climate Movement and find out what you'll be doing on October green future. 24th.

    UK Youth Climate Coalition

     Expected outcomes:

     ? give participants a clear understanding of what actions they can take that have a real and lasting affect on climate change - giving a sense of purpose and empowerment ? revealing new networks and alliances to participants giving them access to high-level decision Relevant to 9 English regions, makers such as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Scotland, Wales and NI ? energise and enthuse participants to rally them into leading their communities towards a clean

    energy future

Fringe meeting title and name Background information and expected outcomes Order Of

    of organisation Preference

    Direct it: A guide to using film and Hoodies, ASBOs, knife crime… Are you sick of seeing nothing but negative images of young people in the

    online media to showcase positive media? Do you want to challenge the stereotypes and spread the word about positive action taken by real

    youth action young people?

UNICEF In this session we will look at how you can use film and the internet, to exercise your right to make your voice

     heard. We‟ll look at blogging, social media and UNICEF tagd. You‟ll star in and help direct a film about the

     Annual Sitting, and we‟ll give you the skills to create your own Oscar-winning masterpiece. You direct it - put

    your message to the world.

     Expected outcomes:

     ? Participants have a better understanding of why young people are subject to negative stereotyping, and of effective ways to combat this. ? Participants have an awareness of what is available to them to in terms of online media tools in order to promote positive images of young people and youth action (including tagd). ? A film which could be used to promote positive images of young people at the UKYP Annual Sitting in to a wide variety of audiences. Relevant to 9 English regions, ? Participants go away with the skills and enthusiasm to create their own videos/online media, as Scotland, Wales and NI tools to combat negative images in their own communities.

Transforming the School Run Over the last twenty years the number of pupils driven to school has doubled. At ten to nine in the morning

    Yellow School Bus Commission the „school run‟ generates approximately one in five of car trips and on some major roads journey times can

     more than double. The school run contributes around one million extra cars on the road at peak times and a

     further 1.2 million cars driving extra distances for school drop-offs, emitting about 1 million tonnes of CO2

     each year.

     The Yellow School Bus Commission has published a report making a number of recommendations to improve school transport, which would benefit pupils, parents and the environment (and not just those who are currently entitled to free transport). In preparation of the report, the Commission spoke with many parents and young people, however the Commission would welcome the views and support of UK Youth Parliament members on its proposals. The Commission‟s report is available at

     This will be an interactive session, with a short presentation on the Commission‟s recommendations, followed

     by a Q&A session where your views and opinions on this important issues matter.

     For participants: An understanding of school transport issues; and An explanation of the Yellow School Bus Commission recommendations. Relevant to 9 English regions, Scotland, Wales and NI For the Yellow School Bus Commission:

     A thorough understanding of the views of young people on the issues faced by the journey to

    school (“the school run”); and

     Consideration and potential support from the UK Youth Parliament for the Yellow School Bus

    Commission‟s recommendations.

    Fringe meeting title and name Background information and expected outcomes Order Of of organisation Preference How to influence decision makers You‟ll be joined by three Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (from the South East). It will be a chance to

     delve into how to influence decision makers

    Relevant to 9 English regions,

    Scotland, Wales and NI

How reliable are exam and test Ofqual, the regulator of exam, test and assessments, is carrying out a study on the reliability of results.

    results? This means how far factors like the time or place an exam or test is taken or who marks the paper affects Ofqual your results. As part of the work, Ofqual would like to hear what learners from all ages and backgrounds

     think about reliability. Please join in with this session to tell us more about how reliable you think results

     are, and how they are used by society.

     ? To let participants know more about Ofqual's Reliability Programme ? To gather feedback and comments on how reliable learners think results of exam, test and assessments ? To gather feedback and results on how exam results are used in society

     Please note: This session will be filmed by Ofqual so they have a record of the session for their reference. Relevant to 9 English regions To take part in this session you will need to get your parents to sign a consent form so that you can be filmed.

    Please see the website or email claire.jones@ukyouth for a copy of the form.

Shaping science education for the What can the Government do to engage more young people in science? An Expert Group of leaders from

    future industry, schools, colleges, universities and the scientific community has been set up to answer this question,

    Department for Children, Schools and and they need your help. Have your say on what is and isn‟t working in science in schools at present, and

    Families help shape science education in the future.

     ? The session will inform the Expert Group‟s analysis of young people‟s views of science. ? The session will feed into the Expert Group‟s interim advice to Ministers in autumn 2009 and the final report in December 2009 ? Participants will be encouraged to discuss their experience of science education and suggest where improvements could be made Relevant to 9 English regions Participants will be kept informed of the Group‟s work through the UKYP

    The information below is to help you make an informed choice about which manifesto group you would like to attend- but YOU MAY MAKE A PREFERENCE FOR ANY GROUP regardless of where in the UK you are from.

    Devolution: Due to the way government works in the UK some issues (eg. Education) are the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly, in each of these nations. Whilst some issues are governed in Westminster, London for the whole of the UK (eg. International Matters). Therefore we‟ve tried to identify what issues are relevant to different parts of the UK in the table above to help you with your choices. So where it says “relevant 9 English regions”- this means that this issue is the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly or the Northern Ireland Assembly, respectively and the discussion may not cover the different ways these issues are dealt with in the whole of the UK. Though it isn‟t an exact science and there is some cross over.

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