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The ICAA is issuing a revised quality control standard in July 2005; APS 5: QualityThe quality control manual is one of a series of manuals the ICAA is

Information for Tenderers

    Contract for developing a guidance manual for accounting practices to use in the implementation of quality control in their practice (the manual)

Closing Date: Friday 29 July 2005

    The information contained in this document is provided on a confidential basis to assist tenderers in preparing their submissions for the contract. It is not to be used for any other purpose or disseminated in any way.

    Tender Document Quality Control Manual 1


The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA) is a not-for-profit association with a

    membership of approximately 42,000 accounting and business professionals based in Australia and


There are around 3,000 accounting practices conducted by chartered accountants in Australia. Each

    member conducting a practice, referred to as a practitioner, must implement systems and procedures of

    quality control appropriate to the practice as a condition of conducting a practice. The ICAA conducts

    quality reviews of all practices to ensure these systems and procedures are in place and are operating

    effectively. Quality reviews are a key feature of the ICAA’s co-regulatory framework, established to

    develop and maintain professional standards for chartered accountants in Australia. Other features of this

    framework include high entry standards, continuing professional education requirements, and

    comprehensive professional rules and standards. This framework ensures that practitioner members

    maintain a consistently high standard of quality and service to their clients.

The ICAA is issuing a revised quality control standard in July 2005; APS 5: Quality Control for Accounting

    Firms. In order to assist practitioners in implementing this revised standard, and to enhance the services

    the ICAA offers to its members, the ICAA is calling for tenders to develop a quality control manual that will

    assist practitioners to implement an appropriate quality control system.

1. Objective

Our objective is to partner with industry experts and provide a manual that:

    ? Outlines the objectives of quality control in an accounting practice, and the regulatory framework,

    including revised APS 5

    ? Provides guidance on how to design and implement a quality control system for all accounting

    practices, particularly for small and sole practices

    ? Adds value to accounting practices by enhancing practice efficiency and client service as well as

    focussing on compliance with standards and regulations

    ? Includes a pro-forma quality control manual for an accounting practice, together with appropriate

    instructions. This will enable a practitioner conducting a small or sole practice to produce a quality

    control manual that is appropriate to their practice, including appropriate procedural


    ? Will be used by the ICAA quality review staff and reviewers as a best practice benchmark.

2. Scope of the project

The successful tenderer will use their expertise to develop an appropriate, practical guidance manual. As

    a minimum the manual will include:

    ? The reasons why an accounting practitioner must develop and document an appropriate system

    of quality control for their practice

    ? Discussion of the elements of quality control as outlined in APS 5

    ? Assisting practitioners to determine whether they conduct an assurance practice and therefore

    whether they need to apply all or part of APS 5

    ? A pro-forma quality control manual that can be easily tailored by a small or sole practice with or

    without staff, including forms and checklists to implement the policies and procedures in the

    manual. This needs to be easily adapted by both an assurance and non-assurance practice.

Tender Document Quality Control Manual 2

    The manual will focus on the policies and procedures required across the practice as a whole. It is not anticipated it will encompass engagement specific checklists such as tax checklists or audit programs.

    The ICAA currently has a quality control manual on issue; Quality Control Management in Accounting Practices, A Guidance Manual for Practitioners (1997). The successful tenderer may use any part of this manual, or previous versions, during the development of the new manual as required in this tender document. However the ICAA does not envisage the approach or format of the existing manual will be appropriate for the new manual.

3. Liaison with ICAA throughout the development

    The quality control manual is one of a series of manuals the ICAA is currently developing to assist members in managing their practice. The successful tenderer will be required to develop the quality control manual with respect to the other manuals being developed. An ICAA consultant will be designated to assist with this liaison.

4. Submission of Manual

    The successful tenderer will be required to submit a draft manual to the ICAA in word format by 15 November 2005.

It is a requirement that the ICAA’s Quality Review Team and selected Quality Reviewers and practitioners

    will review the draft manual. The ICAA will be responsible for arranging review of the manual by nominated reviewers and practitioners and liaising with the successful tenderer in relation to amendments to the manual. The successful tenderer will be required to amend the manual as required after discussing the outcome of these reviews.

5. Format and distribution of the Manual

    It is anticipated the manual will be freely available to members of the ICAA by download from the ICAA website and/or by CD Rom. This will include word templates practitioners can download and tailor to their practice.

    The ICAA will be responsible for formatting the manual so it is suitable for distribution as a soft copy. The successful tenderer will be required to comply with any reasonable formatting requests of the ICAA in drafting the manual.

    The manual will be formatted and presented as an ICAA document. The successful tenderer will be acknowledged as the author.

6. Copyright

    The copyright of the manual and any associated documents developed as part of the project will be assigned to the ICAA.

7. Exclusivity

    The ICAA operates in a competitive market place and seeks to partner exclusively with our developer to provide a unique offering. Whilst we do not preclude our partners from working with our competitors, our intention is to work exclusively with our valued developers on specific topic areas.

Tender Document Quality Control Manual 3

    The successful tenderer must provide services exclusively to the ICAA and not develop a similar product for another accounting body, except in circumstances where you receive our permission.

8. Tender Documentation

    Tender documentation must demonstrate that the tenderer has the experience, necessary resources and overall capability to handle such a major project. The tender documentation must also include details of the tenderer’s proposed approach to the project, timetable and costings.

    Elaborate responses or submission of materials beyond what is sufficient to present a complete and effective proposal are not desired or required. Elaborate artwork and bindings, expensive visual and other presentation aides are not necessary.

9. Method of Lodgement

    Tender responses are to be delivered in hard copy or electronically no later than 5pm, Friday 29 July to:

Claire Locke CA

    Quality Review Technical Specialist


    Level 14

    37 York Street

    SYDNEY NSW 2000

10. Evaluation of Tenders

    In evaluating tenders the ICAA will determine which tenders represent best value for money and may take into account:

    ? The extent to which tenders meet the tender requirement

    ? Whole of contract costs

    ? Previous experience and past performance in the design, development and delivery of large-scale

    training projects

    ? Proven subject matter expertise within the accounting practice environment

    ? Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of ICAA membership

11. Acceptance of Tenders

    A decision on the provider is expected to be made by 26 August 2005. The Quality Review Team and the General Manager Standards and Public Affairs will be involved in the decision making process.

    The ICAA reserves the right not to accept any tenders. The ICAA is not obliged to select the lowest priced tender. All tenderers will be informed in writing of the outcome at the conclusion of the tender process.

    Only tenders that have been lodged within the time frame specified will be considered.

Tender Document Quality Control Manual 4

12. Extension

The ICAA reserves the right to extend the deadline in exceptional circumstances.

13. Confidentiality of Tender Document

All documents tendered for the project will be kept strictly confidential by the ICAA and used solely for the

    purpose of evaluation and review.

14. Additional Information

All requests for additional information regarding this tender must be directed to the ICAA nominated

    representative, Claire Locke, on (02) 9290 5763. When further information is sought to clarify the

    requirements of the tender, this information may also be distributed to all tenderers concurrently.

Tenderers may also contact Claire to request copies of:

    ? APS 5: Quality Control for Accounting Firms; and

    ? Quality Control Management in Accounting Practices, A Guidance Manual for Practitioners (1997).

    Tender Document Quality Control Manual 5

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