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    HCD’s Mobilehome Park Resident Ownership Program


The Mobilehome Park Resident Ownership Program (MPROP), enacted in 1984 (SB 2240, Seymour), is administered by

    the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). MPROP offers loans to homeowner organizations and

    low-income park residents to help finance conversion of mobilehome parks to resident ownership. Detailed information is

    available at or at (916) 445-0110.

Purpose: There are about 4,700 mobilehome parks in California providing housing to approximately 750,000 or more

    residents, many of whom are low and moderate income families and seniors. Over the years, rents have increased in

    many parks to the point where some low-income residents fear economic eviction. Other parks have closed to make way

    for new development, such as hotels or shopping centers, resulting in the loss of affordable housing and physical

    displacement of some residents. Many of these residents cannot afford to move their homes to another park, vacancies

    in most parks are rare, and many parks will not accept older mobilehomes even if there are vacant spaces available.

    Hence, where resident or non-profit purchase of the park is an option, MPROP funds, where available, help to preserve

    affordable “at-risk” housing.

How MPROP Works: MPROP does not fund the full cost of a conversion to resident ownership. MPROP basically

    provides homeowners’ associations 3% simple interest loans and shorter-term “bridge” loans for costs of park conversions,

    and long-term loans up to 30 years for individual low-income residents (defined as households with up to 80% of median

    income for the area). Two-thirds of the park residents must support resident ownership of the park in order for a

    conversion to be eligible for MPROP funding. Payments for some low-income individuals may be deferred. Individual

    homeowners who do not qualify for MPROP must secure their own private financing. But MPROP indirectly benefits them

    as well. By providing conversion and “bridge” loans and individual low-income loans, MPROP often provides the needed

    margin of financial support necessary to assure that a combined financing package will work to help fashion a successful

    conversion. In 1999, the Legislature also broadened the scope of MPROP to allow qualified non-profit housing and local

    government sponsors to be eligible for funding if at least 30% of the spaces in a proposed mobilehome park are occupied

    by low-income households.

How MPROP is Funded: MPROP is funded by an annual $5 surcharge on mobilehome owners, who are subject to state

    vehicle license fees (VLF), and revenues from MPROP loan repayments, which totals about $2.5 - 3 million in funding a


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    MPROP Parks: As of December 2008, MPROP has helped to fund 77 mobilehome park conversions over 24 years parks with more than 12,000 lots. Over 3,000 of those spaces are occupied by “low-income” residents. See the attached list.

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Mobilehome Park Resident Ownership Program (MPROP)

    Funded Listing 1985-2008

    ANCHOR DOWN MOBILE Park Information Operated By ESTATES (37-0236-MP) Jurisdiction*: SAN DIEGO ANCHOR DOWNS OWNERS ASSOC, INC. 240- 60 E BRADLEY AVE MobileHome Spaces: 68 100 S. OLA VISTA #E EL CAJON, CA 92021 Low Income Spaces: 32 SAN CLEMENTE, CA 92672 999-785-0988 MPROP Funded: 2006 Non-Profit Stock

    APACHE MOBILEHOME PARK Park Information Operated By (36-0478-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD APACHE MOBILEHOME PARK OWNERS 56524 29 PALMS HIWY MobileHome Spaces: 136 ASSOCIATION YUCCA VALLEY, CA 92284 Low Income Spaces: 87 C/O LES FRAME MANAGEMENT INC 760-365-3853 MPROP Funded: 2000 725 5TH ST STE 4


    Non-Profit Stock

    ARBOR TP(42-0004-MP) Park Information Operated By 4725 9TH ST Jurisdiction*: HCD ARBOR TRAILER PARK CARPINTERIA, CA 93013 MobileHome Spaces: 45 C/O LES FRAME ENTERPRISES INC 725 805-684-7059 Low Income Spaces: 25 5TH ST #4

    MPROP Funded: 1990 HERMOSA BEACH, CA 90254

    Non-Profit Co-op

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    BEACHCOMBER MHP CO OP INC Park Information Operated By (44-0082-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD RESIDENT OWNED COOPERATIVE 2627 MATTISON LN MobileHome Spaces: 73 C/O EL RIO MHP SANTA CRUZ, CA 95062 Low Income Spaces: 60 2120 N PACIFIC AVE 408-464-8026 MPROP Funded: 1994 SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060

    Limited Equity Housing Co-op

    BLUE SKIES VILLAGE(33-0477-MP) Park Information Operated By 70 260 HWY 111 Jurisdiction*: RANCHO MIRAGE BLUE SKIES HOMEOWNERS RANCHO MIRAGE, CA 92270 MobileHome Spaces: 141 ASSOCIATION 619-328-2600 Low Income Spaces: 23 70-260 HWY 111

    MPROP Funded: 1989 RANCHO MIRAGE, CA 92270


    CASA DEL SOL Park Information Operated By (57-0003-MP/57-0015-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD COMMUNITY HOUSING

    621 & 709 EAST ST MobileHome Spaces: 171 OPPORTUNITIES COP. WOODLAND, CA 95776 Low Income Spaces: 136 1490 DREW AVE STE. 160 530-666-0262 MPROP Funded: 2001 DAVIS, CA 95616

    Non-Resident Owned Non-Profit

    CASA NOVA MHP(48-0060-MP) Park Information Operated By 2701 MARTIN RD Jurisdiction*: HCD CASA NOVA MOBILEHOME PARK

    FAIRFIELD, CA 94533 MobileHome Spaces: 131 INC 707-425-4475 Low Income Spaces: 25 2701 MARTIN RD

    MPROP Funded: 1996 FAIRFIELD, CA 94533

    Non-Profit Corp.

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    CASITAS DEL SOL(37-1019-MP) Park Information Operated By 1219 BARHAM DR Jurisdiction*: SAN MARCOS CASITAS DEL SOL ACQUISITION SAN MARCOS, CA 92069 MobileHome Spaces: 195 ASSOCIATION 619-669-0099 Low Income Spaces: 38 1219 E. BARHAM DRIVE

    MPROP Funded: 1989 SAN MARCOS, CA 92078


    CEDARWOOD MH COMMUNITY Park Information Operated By (34-0108-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD CEDARWOOD MOBILEHOME PARK I 8665 GERBER RD MobileHome Spaces: 192 8665 GERBER RD SACRAMENTO, CA 95828 Low Income Spaces: 37 SACRAMENTO, CA 95828 916-682-2125 MPROP Funded: 1996 Resident Stock Ownership

    CHAMPAGNE VILLAGE Park Information Operated By (37-0362-MP) Jurisdiction*: SAN DIEGO CHAMPAGNE VILLAGE 8975 LAWRENCE WELK BLVD MobileHome Spaces: 457 8975-461 LAWRENCE WELK DR ESCONDIDO, CA 92026-6403 Low Income Spaces: 20 ESCONDIDO, CA 92026-6403 619-749-8008 MPROP Funded: 1986 Condo

    CHEROKEE MOBILE GARDEN Park Information Operated By (30-0115-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD CHEROKEE MHOA 235 S BEACH BLVD MobileHome Spaces: 173 C/O 100 S. CHAPARRAL CT #140 ANAHEIM, CA 92804 Low Income Spaces: 41 ANAHEIM, CA 92804 714-821-3541 MPROP Funded: 1985 Non-Profit Stock

    CHUMASH VILLAGE HOMEOWNERS Park Information Operated By ASSOC (40-0166-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD CHUMASH VILLAGE HOA 3057 SOUTH HIGUERA STREET MobileHome Spaces: 235 3057 S HIGUERA ST SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 93401 Low Income Spaces: 35 SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 93401 805-544-1290 MPROP Funded: 1986 Condo

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    CREEKSIDE ESTATES Park Information Operated By Fairfield (Solano Co.) MH Spaces: 415 n/a

    MPROP, but no HCD Codes & Standards Low Income Spaces: 116

    listing MPROP funded: 1985

    CULVER CITY TERRACE Park Information Operated By (19-0044-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD CULVER CITY MOBILE HOA 11250 PLAYA ST MobileHome Spaces: 117 C/O LES FRAME ENTERPRISES INC

    CULVER CITY, CA 90230 Low Income Spaces: 58 725 5TH ST #4 213-398-3761 MPROP Funded: 1989 HERMOSA BEACH, CA 90254

    Non-Profit Stock


    6000 E PALM CANYON DR MobileHome Spaces: 377 COMM ASST, INC PALM SPRINGS, CA 92264 Low Income Spaces: 3 255 NORTHEL CIELO RD 760-328-2215 MPROP Funded: 2003 STE. 140 #286

    PALM SPRINGS, CA 92262


    EL RIO MHP(44-0008-MP) Park Information Operated By 2120 N PACIFIC AVE Jurisdiction*: HCD RESIDENT OWNED COOPERATIVE SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060 MobileHome Spaces: 91 C/O EL RIO MHP 831-423-9494 Low Income Spaces: 46 2120 N PACIFIC AVE

    MPROP Funded: 1987 SANTA CRUZ, CA 95060

    Limited Equity Housing Co-op

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    GOLF GREENS MH ESTATES Park Information Operated By (34-0153-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD 8665 FLORIN ROAD HOA 8665 FLORIN RD #186 MobileHome Spaces: 185 8665 FLORIN RD BOX 187 SACRAMENTO, CA 95828 Low Income Spaces: 35 SACRAMENTO, CA 95828 916-383-1453 MPROP Funded: 1990 Limited Equity Housing Co-op

    GRANDVIEW MHP(19-0261-MP) Park Information Operated By 24100 PENNSYLVANIA AVE Jurisdiction*: HCD GRANDVIEW MOBILEHOME PARK

    LOMITA, CA 90717 MobileHome Spaces: 40 INC/ STEVE CAMMARATA 213-539-2582 Low Income Spaces: 24 25039 NARBONNE AVE

     MPROP Funded: 1988 LOMITA, CA 90717

    No-Profit Stock

    HACIENDA FAMILY PARK Park Information Operated By (37-0065-MP) Jurisdiction*: SAN DIEGO HACIENDA FAMILY PARK INC 145 E AVIATION RD MobileHome Spaces: 25 145 E AVIATION RD., #2 FALLBROOK, CA 92028-3343 Low Income Spaces: 23 FALLBROOK, CA 92028 619-723-9473 MPROP Funded: 1990 Resident Co-op Ownership

    HEALDSBURG RIVERVIEW Park Information Operated By OWNERS ASSOCIATION Jurisdiction*: HCD HEALDSBURG RIVER VIEW (49-0096-MP) MobileHome Spaces: 47 ESTATES, LLC 97 KENNEDY LN Low Income Spaces: 18 C/O SALLY KINDT HEALDSBURG, CA 95448 MPROP Funded: 2008 5880 COMMERCE BLVD #212 707-588-8698 ROHNERT PARK, CA 94928


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    HIDDEN HILLS MOBILODGE Park Information Operated By (40-0106-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD JUDY BLOOMQUIST 650 TANK FARM RD MobileHome Spaces: 35 11387 N. MOORE RD. SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 93401 Low Income Spaces: 35 ELFRIDA, AZ 85610 805-543-7750 MPROP Funded: 1991 Non-Profit Stock

    HIGHLANDS MHP(37-0835-MP) Park Information Operated By 7467 MISSION GORGE RD Jurisdiction*: HCD HIGHLANDS MOBILEHOME SANTEE, CA 92071 MobileHome Spaces: 306 COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 619-449-7411 Low Income Spaces: 57 100 N HOPE AVE SUITE 1

    MPROP Funded: 1995 SANTA BARBARA, CA 93110

    Non-Profit Stock

    HOLIDAY PARK(42-0078-MP) Park Information Operated By 1212 PUNTA GORDA ST Jurisdiction*: HCD JEFF WAXMAN SANTA BARBARA, CA 93101 MobileHome Spaces: 23 114 W MISSION ST. 805-687-1100 Low Income Spaces: 15 SANTA BARBARA, CA 93101

    MPROP Funded: 1988 Limited Equity Housing Co-op

    HOLLYWOOD BEACH MHP Park Information Operated By (56-0123-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD J D MCGRATH RANCH CO 4501 W CHANNEL ISLAND BLVD MobileHome Spaces: 96 4501 W CHANNEL ISLANDS BLVD OXNARD, CA 93035 Low Income Spaces: 43 OXNARD, CA 93035 805-208-9299 MPROP Funded: 2004 Condo/Resident Non-Profit Corp.

    JOSHUA SPRINGS(33-0546-MP) Park Information Operated By 18070 LANGLOIS RD Jurisdiction*: RIVERSIDE JOSHUA SPRINGS MOBILE HOA DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA 92240 MobileHome Spaces: 105 18070 LANGLOIS RD 619-345-4770 Low Income Spaces: 16 DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA 92240

    MPROP Funded: 1989 Non-Profit Stock

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    KAY MAR SENIOR MHP Park Information Operated By (49-0098-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD KAY MAR WAY INC 515 W COLLEGE AVE MobileHome Spaces: 33 C/O BURBANK HOUSING MGMT SANTA ROSA, CA 95401 Low Income Spaces: 19 CORP 707-526-1020 MPROP Funded: 1996 790 SONOMA AVE

    SANTA ROSA, CA 95404

    Non-Profit Corp.

    LAKE JENNINGS PARK ESTATES Park Information Operated By (37-0770-MP) Jurisdiction*: SAN DIEGO LAKE JENNINGS PARK ESTATES

    9500 HARRITT RD MobileHome Spaces: 282 INC.

    LAKESIDE, CA 92040-3538 Low Income Spaces: 39 9500 HARRITT DR 619-443-4453 MPROP Funded: 1989 LAKESIDE, CA 92040-3538

    Non-Profit Stock

    LA MOREE MH ESTATES(37-1182-MP) Park Information Operated By 1175 LA MOREE RD Jurisdiction*: SAN MARCOS P&K CONDO MANAGEMENT INC SAN MARCOS, CA 92069 MobileHome Spaces: 122 PO BOX 463100 619-743-8855 Low Income Spaces: 10 ESCONDIDO, CA 92046-3100

    MPROP Funded: 1994 Condo

    LAS TRES PALMAS(27-0036-MP) Park Information Operated By 31 OLD SAN JUAN ROADS Jurisdiction*: HCD LAS TRES PALMAS COOPERATIVE WATSONVILLE, CA 95076 MobileHome Spaces: 21 C/O SCPM 408-778-0276 Low Income Spaces: 22 16500 MONTEREY RD STE 120

    MPROP Funded: 1996 MORGAN HILL, CA 95037

    Limited Equity Housing Co-op

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    LEISUREVILLE MHP(57-0057-MP) Park Information Operated By 1313 E GIBSON RD Jurisdiction*: HCD LEISUREVILLE COMMUNITY ASSOC WOODLAND, CA 95776 MobileHome Spaces: 150 1313 E GIBSON RD 530-662-1477 Low Income Spaces: n/a WOODLAND, CA 95776

    HCD-administered HOME Fund

    MADRID MANOR HOA(37-1594-MP) Park Information Operated By 1401 EL NORTE PKWY Jurisdiction*: SAN MARCOS MADRID MANOR HOA SAN MARCOS, CA 92069 MobileHome Spaces: 330 1401 EL NORTE PKWY 619-753-0033 Low Income Spaces: 15 SAN MARCOS, CA 92069

    MPROP Funded: 1985 Condo

    MARIN VALLEY MOBILE COUNTRY CLUB Park Information Operated By (21-0012-MP) Jurisdiction*: HCD NOVATO FINANCE 100 MARIN VALLEY DR MobileHome Spaces: 313 C/O MARIN VALLEY MOBILE NOVATO, CA 94549 Low Income Spaces: 228 COUNTRY CLUB 415-883-5911 MPROP Funded: 2008 100 MARIN VALLEY DR

    NOVATO, CA 94949

    MARINELAND MHP(19-0209-MP) Park Information Operated By 531 PIER AVE Jurisdiction*: HCD MILLENNIUM HOUSING CORP HERMOSA BEACH, CA 90254 MobileHome Spaces: 60 C/O HAVEN MANAGEMENT SVCS

    310-374-6161 Low Income Spaces: 26 1910 S ARCHIBALD AVE STE J

    MPROP Funded: 2008 ONTARIO, CA 91761

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