Delbrook Steve Nash Basketball 2008 - 2009

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Delbrook Steve Nash Basketball 2008 - 2009

    Nov 3, 2008

    Delbrook Steve Nash Basketball 7:00 pm

    Delbrook Rec Centre Oak Room 2008 - 2009

     Meeting called by: Carla Keffer Type of meeting: Executive Board Meeting Facilitator: Carla Keffer Note taker: Carla Keffer

    Coreen Chitty, Paul Van Buekenhout, Bruce Wallace, Richard Hill, Sherri Corrie, Alex Sweeney, Attendees: Leslie McRae, Larry Donahoe


     Agenda item: President’ Report Presenter: Carla Keffer Discussion: I don’t have the Rules or the Evaluation summaries done. I’ll present them at the next meeting.

    - Some 8/9 feedback was about whether or not the 8/9s should shoot foul shots some say yes, because

    they have to at school some say no, because it takes up too much time

    - Game sheets need to be updated no scores for the 4/5’s, a place for individual stats etc

    - Individual stats? Too hard for the scorekeeper? Yes it’s hard enough to get score keepers to keep

    accurate scores

    - We came up with a great definition for man-on defence thanks to Jim Kelly need to have a 6/7 coaches’

    meeting to discuss

    - We really need coaches to attend a meeting before they coach!!!

    - Evaluations meeting went well lots of great suggestions for next year I will summarize


    ? 8/9s should shoot team fouls shots with the clock stopped there is enough time at the end of the game to

    run overtime

    ? Parents need to provide a scorekeeper for each team send out a note

    ? Next year - Mandatory coaches’ meeting before you coach if you can’t make it you must meet with Carla

    and/or Larry before your team can play

    Action items Person responsible Deadline ? Redo the game sheets where is the electronic copy? Carla ? Send out a note to remind parents that we need a scorekeeper from Carla each team for every game Carla ? Schedule a coaches’ meeting in Dec Carla ? Rules and Evaluations meetings summaries

     Agenda item: Treasurer’s Report Presenter: Discussion:

    Gordon and Carla met with Brian Gray to discuss financials. Gordon will present our discussion at the next meeting as he is out of town. Gordon will be taking over from Karl at the end of November. Karl will remain on the Board as

    Past President.

    Agenda item: Equipment Report Presenter: Alex/Lesley Discussion:

    ? Need more ice packs

    ? Injury report? When do we have to fill one out? Where does our liability lie?

    ? Returning 75 jerseys for refund

    ? Replaced 5 pink ones

    ? Game balls? Yes everything is there

    ? Score clocks? $868 maybe start with one for the 8/9s


    ? Size 6 balls in bin

    ? Lock is on

    ? Hoodies are going on website

    ? Pinnies to storage

    ? Wait until Treasurers are here to decide about score clocks

    Action items Person responsible Deadline ? More ice packs Alex ? Basketball BC do we need an incident report for an injury? By who? Carla

    In what situation?

    ? Will send out an email to coaches to collect extra jerseys Lesley/Carla ? ? Larry to get Erin information about hoodies for website Larry/Erin

     Agenda item: AGC’s Reports Presenter: Discussion:

    ? Discrepancy in teams coming from West Van one is dominating, one is getting killed

    ? WV girls should just register with us next year so they can be part of balanced teams

    ? Should coordinate with Seymour re: reffing, rules

    ? Play games in West van and Seymour even if we don’t have to


    ? Meet with other leagues to discuss rules, reffing, registration etc

    Action items Person responsible Deadline ? Carla to set up meeting with organizers of Seymour and West Van Carla

    Agenda item: Action Items from Last Meeting Presenter: Discussion: All action items from last meeting taken care of

    Agenda item: New Season Presenter: Discussion:

    ? What does everyone think of making the new 8/9 league Coed?? Other sports play Coed even basketball

    so we wouldn’t be the first

    ? It may result in Injuries. Will the boys and girls want to play with each other? Boys may find it embarrassing

     especially after already being cut from their high school teams

    ? Won’t have enough girls for a league maybe just one team

    ? The 8/9 girls may be able to continue to play at Parkgate

    ? Could use the game times for practices so teams can play and practice in the same night

    ? Seymour could come here and we could practice and then play


    ? Bruce and Richard will pilot the coed idea at their last practice

    ? Go forward with the new season and see what numbers are like and go from there Action items Person responsible Deadline ? Set up registration for the new season in Dec Erin/Carla

    Agenda item: Refund Policy Presenter: Discussion: Deferred to next

     Agenda item: Senior’s Night Presenter: Carla Discussion:

    ? Thank you card letting them know about opportunities in the future

    ? We need to let the coaches know about it

    ? Let the grade 9’s finish the game

    ? Bring them together at the end of the game and make a ‘presentation’

    ? Get it on the website

    ? Starbucks card


    ? Great idea!!

    Action items Person responsible Deadline ? Get information on website send it out to the coaches Carla/Erin ? Alex will do thank you cards Alex

    ? Karl will pick up Starbucks cards Karl

     Agenda item: Coaches Clipboard Manual Presenter: Discussion:

    ? There is a Coaches Clipboard Manual that contains a bunch of drills from the Coaches’ Clipboard website

    ? It will be an excellent resource for coaches, especially at this time of year when they may be running out of

    drill ideas

    ? The cost of the manual is $8 each


    ? Order them!!

    Action items Person responsible Deadline ? Order 40 manuals Carla

     Agenda item: New Friend Policy Presenter: Discussion:

    ? Allow kids to play with a fiend if the friend is new to the league

    ? Way to bring kids into the league

    ? More social

    ? Diminishing demographics

    ? Not for 8/9s

    ? Will be difficult for the AGCs with everything else they have to take into account Conclusions:

    ? Discuss more at the end of the season

     Agenda item: Need Positions Filled Presenter: Discussion:

    ? We need several positions filled: Secretary, 4/5 Girls AGC, Game Scheduler, 8/9 AGC for the new season Conclusions:

    ? Paul Van B will take the 4/5 AGC role back

    ? Laila found a Game Scheduler for us since this meeting

    ? Nooshin is going to contact the volunteer list to find a Secretary

    Action items Person responsible Deadline ? Follow up with Nooshin regarding the secretary role Carla

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