Devon Soccer Association Minutes

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Devon Soccer Association Minutes

    Devon Soccer Association Minutes

     Nov 16, 2008

     6:45 9:12 PM

    Facilitator: Steve Halpin Note taker: Kelly Pries

The Minutes of Sept 28, 2008 are accepted as is.

    The Agenda is approved with three additions.

Attendees: Steve Halpin, Tyson Joyce, Peter Rawlyk, Doug Dobbin, Kelly Pries

    Agenda Item: Online Soccer Registration. It was established that in order for us to get the members using this we will need to advertise extensively

    through all means possible ie. Lion’s boards, Mr. Printer, Dispatch, The Devon Community flyer, and all the schools will need to have flyers dropped off, preferably by Mid January for distribution with the

    monthly newsletters, which go out the last week of each month.

Agenda Item: Need for more Directors.

    Peter Rawlyk, Cindy Basomoss and Lorilee Scott have been nominated for Director Positions.

    Peter Rawlyk accepted the nomination and was voted in unanimously.

    Cindy Basomoss accepted the nomination and was voted in unanimously.

    Lorilee Scott will be approached again at the next meeting.

Agenda Item: Does the executive want to add the charge for pictures on Registrations.

    The executive voted to add a picture payment method to the online registration format only, the photographer will

    be responsible for taking care of any other orders and/or payments.

Agenda Item: Tee shirts for coach’s.

    To be tabled until budget time 2009

Agenda Item: Registration Dates.

    On-line Registration will start January 15, 2009 and close April 15, 2009

    Community Center Registration Dates are as follows.

    AGM/ Registration - Wed Feb 11, 2009 AGM 6-7pm, Registration 7-8:30 pm

    Last Registration- Wed March 11, 2009 6:30-8:30 pm

    Agenda Item: 2009 water bottles for registration.

     To be tabled until budget time 2009

    Agenda Item: New Field line machine.

     To be tabled until budget time 2009

Agenda Item: Should we start a petition for soccer fields in Devon.

    Not at this time, we will allow the Town of Devon at least this year to prove due diligence before

    Considering other measures.

    Updating the job descriptions by/and for the age coordinators. Agenda Item:

    To be tabled until the next meeting that Lorilee and Cindy are available for.

    Agenda Item: Updating/restructuring executive positions The following changes/deletions have been made to the Executive structure, high lighted in yellow are the positions,

    which need to be filled.

     Wind up Program Coordinator: VACANT,

     Outdoor Program Coordinator (Mini): Tyson Joyce,

     U10 Age Level Rep: VACANT,

     U8 Age Level Rep: Cindy Basomoss

     U6 Age Level Rep: VACANT,

     MM age Level Rep: Lorilee Scott

     Outdoor Program Travel Coordinator: Doug Dobbin,

     Equipment Coordinator: Peter Rawlyk

     Field Maintenance Coordinator: VACANT,

     Referee Coordinator: VACANT,

     Web Master: Jasmine Tohme,

     Technical Rep/Media: Doug Dobbin

    Agenda Item: Skills Evaluations U4/U6And U8/U10 U4 & U6: There will no longer be a skills evaluation night.

    U8 & U10: The skills evaluations will continue for this age category with the possibility of a new format being


    Booking of the Arena and/or School gym will need to be done in Early Jan.

    Agenda Item: Web site additions/ changes

     To be tabled until the next meeting.

    Agenda Item: Hoodies Angie left without paying for her 4 hoodies, which left us wondering if the rest of the Executives should have to

    pay for theirs or would the club donate them.

    Because not all members ordered them, it was decided that payment would remain as it was originally.

    Agenda Item: Equipment/ Apparel and uniform cheques Peter gave us a mini report on the uniform returns; in total 60 pairs of shorts have not been returned and aprox 13

    jerseys other items were also missing or needed replacement.

    Some of this was partially due to the extended season with many children not returning; because of this, we also

    have most of the tax receipts and uniform deposits still in our possession.

    Because we only have some of the information on who returned and who did not it has been decided that no

    cheques will be cashed this year and that the club will decide in January as to how it will be handled in the future.

    The idea was discussed briefly, that the club might supply each child with a uniform to keep, however the topic has

    been tabled until budget time 2009.

Actions Items Person responsible Deadline

1. Dunk tank Peter Rawlyk Next Meeting

    2. 2009 Sept soccer questionnaire Doug Dobbin Next Meeting 3. GM coaching grant Doug Dobbin Next Meeting

    4. BDC Grant Lorilee Scott. Next Meeting

    5. Finding U4 & U10 Age coordinators Lorilee Scott/ Cindy Basomoss Feb 09 6. Finishing the transaction with Thorsby Kelly Pries Next Meeting

     Or finding new buyers/ or donation


    7. Start working on the flyer and have Doug and Kelly mid January 09

     It printed.

    8. Booking of the Arena and/or School gym. Doug? Early Jan 09 9. Invoice for Hoodies Kelly Dec 31, 09

Adjourned 9:12 PM

    Next Meeting: TBA

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