Dear Parent

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Dear Parent

19 June 2008

Dear Parents

Re: Uniform for students in Year 11 (September 2008)

    Your daughter can elect to either continue with the current maroon uniform or, alternatively, opt to wear the new, improved black uniform from September 2008.

Current Maroon Uniform

    The trousers introduced last year have not been successful. We have been very disappointed with the quality of the trousers and feedback from students and parents about them has been very negative. Poor quality, not good value for money,

    uncomfortable and easily ripped to cite a few of the remarks made.

    As you will appreciate, black trousers are a very common garment that can be bought from numerous outlets and of numerous designs. There are real issues about the design of the trousers many of our students are currently wearing. Parents have bought black trousers in good faith that are not correct and this has created problems for all stakeholders; parents, students and staff.

    As a consequence of this, we have updated the black trousers. We have spent considerable time, back and forth, with many suppliers trying to get the black trousers correct, in terms of design, quality, comfort and value for money. We believe that we have found a solution and are we are hoping that you will support the school and buy the new trousers for your daughter at your earliest convenience.

    We are now strongly recommending that parents purchase the new trousers that have the “IGS” logo on them. We decided to put the logo on the new trousers so that

    everyone is clear what design we require and, that as parents, you are comforted to know that you have bought the correct trousers. For consistency, these are the same trousers that form part of the new year 11 uniform.

    I am requesting that when you next buy your daughter a new pair of trousers for school that you buy the one with the logo to avoid any disappointment and wasted money if the trousers are not correct. If you manage to find an identical pair of trousers from a different source then these will be acceptable. As the majority of you

    update your daughter‟s uniform at the start of the academic year we will be expecting the majority, if not all students, to be in the “IGS” trouser or an identical pair at the

    start of next term.

New Black Year 11 Uniform

Following our consultation with year 10 students, parents, staff and governors, we are

    now in a position to give you a detailed outline of the uniform that your daughter will

    be able to wear from September 2008. All that we insist upon is that if your daughter

    opts to wear the new uniform that she wears the whole uniform not selected parts of it.

The new uniform will comprise of the following:

    Black Blazer (?19.50 - ?25.00)

The blazer is machine washable and made of light weight fabric and has the initials

    „IGS‟ embroidered onto the pocket. Year 11 will also be using some of their

    curriculum time to take part in work experience, primary liaison or community work.

    A blazer of this nature will enable the girls to visit organisations in the local

    community straight from school, yet feel suitably dressed for the world of work.

All students will be expected to wear the blazer to and from school, around the school

    during the day, at break times and lunch times but they will be allowed to take the

    blazer off during lessons if they wish.

Staff have spent a considerable amount of time choosing the uniform to ensure that it

    is of a better quality but at a reasonable price. The blazer is competitively priced in

    comparison to the jumper and will be far more durable as well as significantly smarter.

    Black Pleated Skirt (?11 - ?13.50)

The skirt is again washable and fits just below the waist. It has been selected to

    prevent students rolling the top of the skirt over and, indeed, it has been received

    positively by both students and staff. The skirt will have an „IGS‟ logo to ensure

    standardisation of the uniform.

    Black Trousers (?17 - ?22)

The trousers will be tailored and include an „IGS‟ logo. This addresses the issue

    raised by parents that the present trouser style and length can look untidy. Students

    have requested varying lengths in trousers and suppliers have accommodated this. If

    students choose to wear trousers, they will be expected to wear the „IGS‟ trousers in


Blue Blouse (?11 13.50 for two)

The blue blouse currently worn by all students will continue to be part of the year 11

    uniform. It is expected that students will tuck their blouses into their skirts or trousers.

    No fitted blouses will be permitted.

    Black Jumper (?13 - ?15)

The jumper will continue to be black with the „Invicta Grammar School‟ emblem. It

    may be worn under the blazer but not instead of it. The length of the sleeves has been increased and the ribbed edge has been made tighter as a result of parental feedback.


    Black tights will be worn in the autumn and winter terms and, as a result of student feedback, .flesh coloured and black tights may be worn in the summer term

Coats and Bags

    If students wear an outdoor coat, it should be black, navy or grey. Students must not wear “hoodies”. Bags must be suitable to carry an A4 folder, text books and laptop.

    They should be sturdy and waterproof; handbags should not be brought to school. The recommended school bag for health and safety reasons is a rucksack.

    The uniform will be available from Wards and the school finance office from 3 July 2008. If parents have any financial concerns, please contact us and we will do our best to address the situation for you.

    We have been very pleased with the feedback on the uniform. It is clear that there is overwhelming support for a new, updated uniform. It will play an essential part in our drive to improve standards. We feel strongly that appearance has an impact on how students feel and work when they are at school; how they are perceived by the local community; their image when they represent the school at formal events and to visitors of our school. Year 11 students will be role models to our younger students and particularly our new year 7 intake. This will form part of a phased move towards improving the appearance of all upper school students. Year 12 and 13 are presently being consulted about their dress code.

For your convenience, I have attached a list of the uniform.

    We look forward to welcoming a smartly dressed year 11 cohort back to school in September.

Thank you, in anticipation of your support

Yours sincerely

Ms K Cardus Mrs J Derrick

    Head of School Acting Deputy Head

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