Dear Parents,

By Theresa Russell,2014-05-20 19:17
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Dear Parents,

     th 12 January 2009

Dear Parents,

     In December, a party of 89 enjoyed a spectacular week of skiing in the Salzburg region of Austria. The snow was superb and this, added to excellent accommodation, good food and an energetic après ski programme all made for a most enjoyable holiday.

    It is, therefore, not surprising that we intend to repeat the holiday in December 2009.

    For those not familiar with the region the following may be of interest.

    Situated in the heart of the Austrian Salzburgerland, lies the three valleys of St. Johann, Wagrain and Flachau, which combine to form the enormous Sportweld Amade ski region. Located 55km south of Saltzburg, with fabulous motorway links, the Sportweld Amade offers some tremendous winter sports terrain suitable for all abilities.

    Fantastic nursery areas for the first time skier, confidence building blue runs, long open red runs for intermediates as well as some of the worlds most demanding ‘World Cup’ pistes for all the experts in the group.

    The Sportweld Amade is a fabulously linked ski area and it is possible to ski from one end to the other with only a few short rests on the efficient modern lift system and free ski bus service.

The area has one of Europe’s best snow records. Its central Alpine position ensures

    that whenever a snowstorm arrives in the Alps form either the south or the north, it is going to fall on the slopes of the Amade. The season starts in early December and runs through to late April. Added to this there is the reassurance of the close proximity of the glaciers at Kaprun, Dachstein and Sport Gastein. This means that skiing is guaranteed.

    The villages that surround the ski areas are typically Austrian, and offer a traditionally warm alpine welcome. Students will have every opportunity to practice their German!

    Of the other significant benefits of visiting Austria are the quality of the ski instruction and the excellent spoken English of the instructors and the fact that they are extremely flexible. For example, we can stipulate which area we wish the groups to ski and the instructors will meet us there. This means that the more advanced skiers can take advantage of the 350kms the Sportweld Amade has to offer.

     IBT offer a truly all-inclusive package.

    ? Luxury coach travel approx 14 hours from Calais

    ? Cross Channel ferry

    ? Breakfast en route on both outward and inward journey

    ? 6 nights at the Hotel Hutter * (

    ? Buffet style breakfast and 3 course evening meal

    ? Lunches on the mountain

    ? 4 hours of instruction per day

    ? Lunchtime supervision

    ? Full evening entertainment programme the potential to include - bowling, ice-

    skating, swimming (water world), quiz, pool, visit to Salzburg’s Christmas Market etc

    ? Fully comprehensive winter sports insurance

    ? Certificates and badges

    ? Hire of boots, skis, poles

    ? Full time IBT representative

    The Hotel Hutter is 10 minutes by coach to Flachau, 15 minutes to Alpendorf. It has

    spacious and well appointed rooms all with private facilities for between 2 and 4 persons.

    There are games rooms and even a video/cinema room. It has its own ski storage and

    ample space for meetings and leisure time activities.

    Dates 12thth 20 December 2008

Cost ?665 (snowboarders - ?45 extra)

Due to the fall in the value of the pound in relation to the euro the cost of the holiday

    has risen significantly and in order to keep the price as low as possible I am no

    longer contemplating the purchase of sweat shirts/hoodies as an integral part of the

    package. In the past I have factored in approx. ?20 pp for them into the cost of the

    holiday. Should individuals wish me to order such an item this can be done on an

    individual basis (see form )

Should you wish your son / daughter to participate I would require three cheques to be

    returned along with the usual acceptance form.

Two must be made out for ?100:

     The first dated 1st Feb stThe second dated 1 March

    These represent a non-refundable deposit

One further cheque:

    st?465 dated 1 October

All cheques to be made out to Caterham School

Of course, if you wish to pay the full amount immediately this would be perfectly


I am going to limit the total numbers to 72 and therefore will work on a first come first

    served basis thereafter pupils will be placed on a reserve list.

Prep school parents of Year 6 pupils

    Your son / daughter will have experienced a term in the Senior School at the time of the holiday and will benefit greatly from the whole experience, not simply the skiing, but from the social aspect also. There will be many pupils from a range of ages travelling as beginners thus there is no need for being apprehensive in this respect.

    The students will be accompanied by a minimum of eight members of staff all of whom have had considerable experience in such ventures.

    If you have any questions or concerns about this holiday please do not hesitate to contact me at school or on 07753 769207

    In order that I can communicate with parents directly and not rely on letters being delivered home could you please enter an e-mail address on the form below

Yours Sincerely,

R.I. Smith

    th th- 20) for my son / daughter I would like to reserve a place on the December 2009 ski trip (12________________________________________________ Form ________

and enclose 3 cheques

    ? 2 x ?100 non-refundable deposit dated 1st st Feb & 1 March st? Final payment ?465 dated 1 October

Signed _______________________________________

In order that I can communicate with parents directly and not rely on letters being delivered

    home could you please enter an e-mail address below

E-mail address : _____________________________________________

    I would / would not like to order a hoodie for my son /daughter at an extra cost of approx ?20. This will be added to the school bill on possession of said item.

    Please circle appropriately.

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