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     Research Work

     Ms. Sherry Shan sherryshan@bit.edu.cn


     How to do research How to write papers or thesis Q&A

     1. How to do research

     Skills Attitudes Example

     1.1 Skills

     Critical Thinking Comprehensive Abilities Analytic Skills Creativity and Innovation Studies Summary Skills

     1.2 Attitudes

     Honest Strict Serious

     1.3 Example

     A Research Question Progress Your Contribution

     1.3.1 A Research Question (1)

     "One of the fundamental problems of computer science is ordering a list of items." [1]

     1.3.1 A Research Question (2)

     Day 1: You have to find a better way??

     Bubble sort Heap sort Insertion sort Merge sort Selection sort Shell


     1.3.2 Progress

     1.3.3 Your Contribution

     You solution!

     2. How to write papers or thesis

     Papers (Publications) Structure Thesis Writing

     2.1 Papers Structure (1)

     Title Writer Abstract Key words Introduction Examples, Figures, Tables, Experiments & Results

     2.1 Papers Structure (2)

     Conclusions References Acknowledgements (Optional) Appendix (Optional) Resume (Optional)

     2.2 Thesis Writing


     ?C Something meaningful to say


     ?C A clear sequence of reasoning and evidence


     ?C No gaps in the story

     Thesis Structure [2]

     Introduction Literature Survey Methodology/Research Approach

    Implementation/Presentation of Empirical Study Results/Discussion Conclusions and Future Work

     Why Survey Literature? [2]

     To frame the research

     ?C Setting it in the context of existing theory and prior ?C research ?C Showing why it is needed and significant

     To distinguish this research from other work To establish AUTHORITY

     Literature Survey: Contents

     A comprehensive/representative collection of literature Seminal papers Selective papers relating strictly to the focus of the thesis "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." (Isaac Newton)

     Research History?? [3]

     Survey: Be authoritative [2]

     Read - and reference - the key texts Show your understanding of key technical concepts in the discipline

     Classic Write-up Mistakes


     ?C ?C ?C ?C ?C Leave it until the last minute. Waffle. Evading an issue by being vague. Over-Simplify. Write for fellow professionals. Use big words if you are not entirely sure of their meaning.

     Every sentence counts! Think of your audience (an expert in your field)

     3. Q & A

     In English In Chinese


     1.http://linux.wku.edu/~lamonml/algor/sor t/sort.html 2.Rugg and Petre. 2004. "The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research." Open University Press. 3.Gilbert and Troitzsch. "Simulation for the Social Scientist"

     The end


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