Research Manager

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Research Manager



     Title: Research Manager (WORD version) Industry: Agriculture Function: Research & Development

     Value-Added Results Performance Standards

     Experimental findings Research protocols

     Completed experiments

     Final reports

     Decision to define product

     Protocols written and approved 3 weeks prior to experiment start date. No more than 1-2 employee errors due to protocol omissions or mistakes. Manager judges quality of protocols: Resources are used efficiently to answer the research questions. Protocol is free of confounding factors. Protocol answers the research question. Protocol addresses the appropriate research question and is related to the annual research plan. Researcher is able to answer periodic questions from manager concerning: Adherence to protocol Preliminary results Physical characteristics of product Acceptance of product Whether trial is apt to answer the research question successfully 100% of final reports signed off by director indicating that: Results are conveyed clearly and concisely. Director agrees with action to be taken. Reports are the appropriate length. 70%?C80% of reports completed by agreed-upon deadline . 2 or more trials confirming the same result, or 1 good trial plus past similar experiences and director and other researcher's agreement.

     Research plans Annual research plan

     Quarterly research plan

     Product status reports to management New products/programs Product definitions

     Plan finalized by agreed-upon deadline. Products predicted to rate highly on the following criteria as judged by the business groups: Uniqueness Difficulty of competitor duplication Contribution to company's image Degree of improvement over previous products The plan is doable using current and agreed-upon new resources, as judged by the business group and management. The steps in the plan have detail sufficient for both the business group and management to sign-off on the timetable and action plan. Plan produced by agreed-upon deadline. Director judges quality of plan: Quarterly plan leads are related to annual plan. Studies that efficiently lead to product goal are outlined. Resources are allocated so that most important products get produced first. Available resources are utilized for maximum benefit. Experiment start dates are identified. Reports are provided immediately after the

    request. Information is accurate. Product performs up to promised specs as judged by sales reps using a quarterly 1-page questionnaire. Product meets customer needs/wants as judged by sales reps using the same questionnaire. 3 products produced/year. Products delivered by agreed-upon deadlines. Products rate highly on the following criteria as judged by the business groups: Uniqueness Difficulty of competitor duplication. Contribution to company's image. Degree of improvement over previous products. Products judged to rate highly on "contribution to company's image" as judged by the VP Marketing & Research. Degree of improvement over previous products judged acceptable by the business groups. Technology can be applied to other products as judged by VP Research. Meets regulatory requirements as judged by Regulatory.

     Completed field trials

     Completed by agreed-upon deadline. Protocol/agreement judged complete by Legal and Customer. Business group judges that the information from the trial will be useful in the product introduction. Researcher is able to explain variance from experimental results. Sales representative says that Company image was not reduced as a result of the trial. Location selected for the trial fits proposed product use. Information provided by agreed-upon deadlines. Information met agreed-upon criteria for completeness and form.

     Technical information Technical information to the business groups and other functions Ingredient information to Quality Assurance Product information to Formulation


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