Blackboard Mobile Learn Adoption Kit Welcome Letter - Blackboard Home

By Julia Roberts,2014-07-01 11:03
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Blackboard Mobile Learn Adoption Kit Welcome Letter - Blackboard Home

Dear Client,

Welcome to the world of mobile teaching and learning. We are excited you have chosen

    to bring Blackboard Mobile? Learn to your institution.

Your faculty and students soon will have instant access to their courses, content, and

    organizations while on the go. Students will be able to complete course work, check

    grades, and interact with their instructors from virtually anywhere, at anytime over Wi-Fi

    or on Sprint’s 3G/4G network – all at no additional cost to your institution, thanks to our partnership with Sprint and their commitment to foster mobile learning in higher


To help you rollout Blackboard Mobile Learn to your institution, we created the Mobile

    Learn Adoption Kit, a comprehensive set of planning and promotion tools available for


Resources in the Mobile Learn Adoption Kit can help you:

    ? Promote the availability of Blackboard Mobile Learn to your institution

    ? Explain to end-users where and how to download the free mobile applications

    they’ll use to access Blackboard Mobile Learn

    ? Contact Sprint if you would like assistance in planning your promotion efforts

The Mobile Learn Adoption Kit contains dozens of materials to help you plan, inform, and



    ? Promotion Plan Template: Customize and use this document to ensure you are

    planning all the ways you want to inform your institution about mobile teaching

    and learning


    ? Video Demos: Series of brief demonstrations showing how to use Blackboard

    Mobile Learn on compatible devices

    ? Printable Brochures and One-page Guides: Simply print and distribute these PDFs

    containing information about Blackboard Mobile Learn; FAQs for students, faculty,

    and staff; and mobile application download instructions

    ? Editable Brochures and One-page Guides: Word versions you can cut and paste to

    meet your needs include information on your institution’s Web pages, in

    newsletters, and email it directly to faculty and students

    ? Email Templates: Sample messages you can edit quickly, adding your institution’s

    branding, and send to build awareness


    ? Web Banner Graphics: JPGs you can add to Web sites, in emails and posters, and

    campus video monitors and screens at campus computer labs

    ? Postcards: Use these as direct mail pieces or mailbox stuffers

    ? Posters and Table Tents: Simply print and place them in high-traffic areas across

    campus cafeterias, the student center, student services, shared offices

    ? Sample Newspaper Ads: Offer them directly to campus publications and local

    media to inform the community your institution has gone mobile

We hope the Mobile Learn Adoption Kit will make your work easier by helping you explain

    the benefits of Blackboard Mobile Learn, create excitement amongst faculty and students,

    and build momentum in their adoption of the free mobile applications.

    The Sprint team is also available to help. If you would like direct assistance while

    planning your promotion activities, or want to arrange a campus event with Sprint, please

    email We wish you continued success as you rollout mobile teaching and learning to your



The Blackboard Mobile Learn Team

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