Californias First Mobile Field Hospital Unveiled

By Stanley Crawford,2014-07-01 11:05
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Californias First Mobile Field Hospital Unveiled

    California’s First Mobile Field Hospital Unveiled

     Scripps President/CEO Chris Van Gorder (far left) meets with Scripps team in front of

    California’s first mobile field hospital.

State and federal disaster medical response teams and ambulance strike teams participated in

    California’s 2007 Rough and Ready Disaster Medical Exercise, Aug. 25 in Los Alamitos. The

    event showcased field treatment sites, C130 transport aircraft and other state/federal assets.

Participating in the exercise were representatives from the Emergency Medical Service Authority

    (EMSA), California Highway Patrol, California National Guard, California Disaster Medical

    Response Team, federal Disaster Medical Response Team, Medical Reserve Corps and Citizen

    Emergency Response Team.

The state’s first 200-bed mobile field hospital, one of three purchased for deployment within 72

    hours of a major disaster, was unveiled at the exercise. Scripps Health in San Diego volunteered

    to assist EMSA in rolling out the mobile field hospital.

More than 40 employees from throughout the Scripps system toured the hospital and discussed

    organizational planning for mobile hospital administrative support units with state officials.

    “Scripps is honored to be asked and we welcome the responsibility to assist the state in developing a mobile hospital structure that could make a tremendous difference in saving lives

    during a disaster,” said Scripps President/CEO Chris Van Gorder.

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