Coventry Scout Network Meeting

By Elaine Campbell,2014-05-20 18:19
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Coventry Scout Network Meeting

    Coventry Scout Network Meeting

    1 September 2008 at the Retreat, Rough Close Camp Site

Meeting started at 8pm

Present: Simon Pinches, Sam Robinson, Sam Smyth, Lewis Brown, Emma Louise

    Hitchin, Tom Kerry, Edd Davison, Pete Lewis, Paul Bentley, Graham Barnetson

Apologies: Adie Statham, Becky Tomkinson, Becki Simmons

Minutes from last meeting

    No items were raised from the last minutes

Network Feedback

    Jesters Recently went to Kandersteg International Camp Site, took part in general activities (e.g. climbing, walking etc.) Have also taken part in the Spartan event, and


Bears Have tried Prussicking (a form of climbing using suspended ropes with

    handhold), hockey, photo night and an event for explorers where some recruitment also

    took place.

    Spartans Held a BBQ Launch party (31 August 2008), have also held the Photo evening which was successful, Exec committee meeting

    Pubscouts Have taken part in the Sun Run, Blind drop, Backwoods cooking, Wide game evening, Frisbee Golf, Paint Catapults, Team Building challenge, Photo challenge,

    Spartans launch, with more camps coming up

Kaos Members are currently on holiday from University

Network Run Explorer Day

    Simon Pinches has spoken to Gilwell for advice on running an Explorer day; they weren’t

    able to offer much help or advice. Have also e-mailed other Networks for any advice thththey might have waiting for responses. The date for this weekend is 18 19 October.

    The Explorer Units are to be approached by members of the Sub committee who are

    organising the event.

Coventry Network Camp thSimon Pinches placed polls on the Coventry Network site for the Network Camp (28 -th30 November), most have agreed to pay more for indoor accommodation. The two

    venues of Walesby and Kibblestone were discussed and the decision was made to book

    the camp at Kibblestone camp site as it has better activities listed.

Awards Programme

    It was discussed that some Network members wanted to do their Queen Scout award or ndthD of E awards and were finding it difficult to do so. The idea of meeting the 2 or 4

    Thursday of every month was raised for those wanting to do the awards, this was agreed

    as a good idea, dates are to be confirmed.

    Simon Pinches brought along a booklet that was produced by Warwickshire. It is an awards scheme with seven colours, each award for each year of Network (18 25). This

    was also thought of as a good idea, Simon to look into the awards programme, booklets are available to download from the Internet.


    Paul will be producing a newsletter of all forthcoming events and news. If you want anything going in the newsletter, you need to e-mail it to Paul.


    Simon has been chasing the new Network Neckers from the supplier, still waiting for delivery. There were also some hoodies that had been printed to show.

A possible advertising leaflet idea for recruitment was raised this would be a general

    leaflet for all the Networks in Coventry.


    Simon has set up a general e-mail for each Network, this goes to a nominated person who can distribute information and communicate to the other Networks. Any newsletter information needs to go to Paul.

    The website was also discussed, it was noted that there is a problem with spammers, but it is difficult to monitor. It is going to be looked into, if maintenance could be changed to someone else as the current owner is on holiday.

    The newsletter will be used to advertise activities and to let new members know who to contact and where each Network meets.


    Simon Pinches currently holds a cheque book for an account that was set up 6 years ago, this account still has money in it, but can’t be accessed as the two signatories are away on holiday for 6 months. It was discussed to change the signatories so that the money can be accessed and used for the Networks; this was agreed by all who attended. Edd Davison, Simon Pinches and Emma Hitchin are to be the new signatories for the account.

    It was also decided that a Chair and Treasurer was required, Emma volunteered to become the Chair and Edd volunteered to become the Treasurer, there were no objections.


    Simon still plans to visit all Networks with CRB forms.

Future Events th September 2008, it is not known Jesters are running the next Network event on 10

    what the event is as it’s a surprise.

Other events are: ththNetwork Run Explorer Day 18 19 October 200

    th November 2008 Glitter Ball 15

    Aston Court Hotel

     ththCoventry Network Camp 28 30 November 2008 Kibblestone - TBC

     thstBears are organising a Winter Camp on 19 21 December 2008

    Cymwiddus, Rough Close Camp Site

     thPubscouts are going out on 28 December 2008 for a Christmas/New Year meal; other Networks who want to come can book their own tables

    Wing Wah

     Next meeting is on 3November 2008 at the Retreat, Rough Close at 7:30pm

Meeting closed at 9:45pm

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