McDonald market research

By Stanley Murphy,2014-05-28 14:27
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McDonald market research



     Just as we all know, McDonald??s is one of the most successful brands in marketing. It ranks the sixth place in Best Global Brands in 2010. This trip to McDonald??s made me observe McDonald??s closely in the view of a business student and explore the reasons that contribute McDonald??s to one of the most successful marketers throughout the world. This essay aims at describing the special products, services, decorations and promotion methods to explain the marketing strategy of McDonald??s.

     Product strategy

     Globalization: McDonald??s is famous for its fast-food industry, so the main product is internationally similar all over the world. Hamburgers, fried chicken, ice-creams, chips and pies are available in the 31,000 McDonald??s in different countries. Localization: providing the similar product all over the world, McDonald??s has also prepared something special for Chinese market meanwhile. Products Sweat corns and vegetable seafood soup are two typical products in Chinese market. I think it is probably because Chinese people are more favorable to vegetables, so McDonald??s provide special menu for Chinese market. The spicy taste of Chinese has also made McDonald??s do some changes in its fried chicken. For example, it prepared a small package of chili pepper for fried chicken legs. Name Recently in 2011, McDonald??s even change its name to match the special festivals. During the spring festival, the hamburger changed its name into ZhaoCai hamburger, which means eating this will bring you wealth in the coming year. Slogan The slogan of products also keep pace with Chinese fashion-culture, such as the most hit word pure man has been added into its beef hamburger and changed into pure beef, pure man. Color McDonald??s also provides different gifts in Chinese market, Chinese like red better than other colors. So the color of its toys and gifts are red most times. What??s more, the packages of its products are usually red with a golden M.

     Service strategy

     In terms of service, McDonald??s really live up to its name of best marketer. Globalization: McDonald??s has tried thousands of methods to make you feel eat McDonald??s is convenient and worthy. It even introduced so many new services to the whole fast-food industry, such as Drive-Thru, the driver can buy its products without getting off the car.

     Atmosphere The atmosphere of McDonald??s is usually casual and relaxed with simple lines of furniture and warm colors of decoration. The layout of chairs is usually close, once you finished eating, the

    foods on other tables will tempt you to keep ordering. Music The music is usually pop with a quick rhythm; the volume of the music will make its place not so noisy but also not a place to keep talking. This results in people come to McDonald??s won??t stay a long time. Advertisement The advertisement voice is usually sweet and the words is so interesting (It??s you, yes, I??m calling you, come in to hide from the high tempura and ??) that you can??t help but entering into McDonald??s. Localization: the order telephone number is easily to recognize and is pronounced as two sequent I want to eat, I want to eat in Chinese. Set meal McDonald??s provide cheaper set meals during lunch time; it usually contains a hamburger, a cup of drink and a snack such as two fried chicken wings. This is targeted at persons working at downtown who can??t go back home at noon.

     Target market

     McDonald??s enter into Chinese market in the early 1987, so the customer base of McDonald??s is people born in 19801990. At that time, McDonald??s only targeted at children. As time goes by, McDonald??s has broadened its customers into the youth which has already grown up just like me and also keeps its children market at the same time. The brand association with china mobile is also a successful strategy. The telephone fees are associated with E-coupons in McDonald??s with which you can chose different foods free. The toys in the showcase are definitely prepared for the children. The showcase is displayed at the coming aisle of McDonald??s. As a result of it, every child pass by will be attracted by the toys and pestered the parents for happy meals. The visible kitchen also makes customers have a feeling that the food is clean and safe. We can draw a conclusion that to make the customer have a subconscious feeling that they are involved in the food production process will help hide the fact that the food is unhealthy. ??At least they are specialized in it??, consumers will persuade themselves like that. All in all, McDonald??s has made so many excellent strategies to improve its product and service and the result has lived up to their expectation as we can see.


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