CPO Meeting Minutes October 3, 2008 (approved November 7, 2008)

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CPO Meeting Minutes October 3, 2008 (approved November 7, 2008)

    CPO Meeting December 5, 2008 (approved January 9,


     Meeting called to order at 11:05

Those in attendance were as follows:

    Susan Kearns, Ellissa Parnon, Karen Rosenberg, Susanne Taylor, Pattie Volk, Susie Zaremba, Tin Kha, Claudia Daly, Paula Sherman

Minutes for November were approved

    Principal’s report:


    Vice Principal Tin Kha reported that the district faces budget reductions of 920K. The district plans to tackle this issue by eliminating from the books the following:

     - a plan to perform fiber optic enhancements in the district has been cancelled saving 400k

     - a plan that would have upgraded the facilities at Western View Center now being used as a sub office for the district

     saving 40k.

    - all schools and district offices must reduce their budget by 5% - a reduction of 6k for Cheldelin.

Currently, there will be no reduction in personnel at Cheldelin this year.

Differentiated instruction for math and science:

Science The state is moving towards an integrated science curriculum. Schools do not yet know how the new

    standards will affect them. The school wants to wait for more info before moving ahead with any plans for a

    differentiated science program.

    Math With the budget cuts on the table there are no plans to add a separate Geometry class at this time. The school is

    considering getting OSU math students as instructional aids. This will free up the teacher to provide more Geometry instruction to those differentiated students. A concern was brought up that there has been a request since last spring to have a solo geometry class such as the one at Linus Pauling in order to prep for SAT’s. Questions raised were: should

    the students transfer to Linus Pauling for math instruction? Are there busses available? It was asked where Linus Pauling was in the curriculum compared to Cheldelin at this point in time.

    Program Option 2:

    Currently there is a high number of tardy and unprepared students each month (70-75 students). The students will be given the option (1) of being to class on time prepared with materials or they will have to face option (2) which is to sit in the SSR during lunch and reflect through written exercise as to how they can improve upon their situation. It will be up to teacher discretion to decide if a student should go the option (2) route. The school is primarily trying to address the habitually tardy and unprepared students.

    This program brought about a flurry of discussion as to another option of how to deal with the problem: let the students carry their backpacks to class. It was mentioned that some students have a very hard time remembering to turn in assignments, forgetting them in their lockers along with books, pencils etc. If the students could carry the backpacks with them, they would have everything they need at their fingertips. On the other hand it was mentioned that

    backpacks take up a great deal of room in the classroom and can be distracting as well as a safety issue. Perhaps they can be left at the back of the classroom during class. It was also noted that there probably wouldn’t be that many students who wish to carry their backpacks around all day. It was suggested that perhaps the school could do a trial run for a month to see if it would help ease the problem.

Bomb Threat:

    This past week the school received a bomb threat via written communication at the school. The schools first response to a bomb threat is to access the validity of the threat. Was the threat called in, written, does it specify a location, type of bomb, etc. At that point also the police are called in as well as the district office. It is then determined if it is an immanent threat or not. If yes, the students would be evacuated immediately.

    Treasurer’s Report: Motion was carried to accept the December report as presented. Currently there is a total of $6392 in our accounts; checking - $39.00, Savings Advantage $6328.00 and Savings Basic - $25.00. The printing of the directory went over

    budget by $39.00. It was voted to increase the line item in the budget for the directory from $350 to $389, to cover the full cost for this year.

    Volunteer Coordinator Report: thThe CPO is looking for one or two parents to coordinate the 8 grade party. There is a notebook available with info on past parties available to look at. Contact Holly at if you can help.

Fundraising Report:

    Box tops and cartridge recycling programs are up and running. A coordinator is in place for Cookie Dough sales, just

    waiting for date of the event. A suggestion was to have the sale take place so dough comes in before a holiday or a

    school break as it may increase sales

Cougar Spirit Night:

    Hats off to Holly and Charles for putting on a wonderful Cougar Spirit Night. Delicious soups, bread and salad were

    enjoyed by many families attending the event. Thanks go out to those who donated soups for the evening. The gyms

    were full of children enjoying volleyball, basketball and dodge ball. Also very popular was the hair braiding and photo

    area. It was a nice way to spend the evening with Cheldelin families. A note for next time close the doors to the

    main corridors to keep people out of classroom halls and to have some hall monitors to keep everything in check.

Book Fair

    Congrats to Angela and Carol for raising $476.00 for CPO and earning over $400 in books for the staff and library.

    Numbers were a bit lower than last time, perhaps because it was not held on as many days and economic times are a

    concern for many. Another Book Fair is scheduled for spring.

New Business:

Spirit Wear

In previous years the school kept a small supply of inventory on hand but that was put to an end due to storage issues

    and holding on to unpopular sizes for too long. Currently orders are received from parents/students and once a total of

    12 items are ready for order (as determined by the printer) then the order can be sent in. This is also not ideal as the

    current wait time to get 12 orders came in at three months. That is too long to hold on to an order.

    A survey was sent out to the students asking what items they would be interested in purchasing and at what cost. A

    varied response came in with interest in socks, hair ties and hoodies to name a few. They are also split on what colors

    to have, the current blue and yellow or to use the high school colors of maroon and gold. Any change in colors would

    need to be a school decision. It was suggested that items for sale be on display in the school store and that perhaps web

    leaders could wear an item as advertising at the beginning of the school year as a means to boost sales.

    Discussion of Spirit Wear will continue at the next meeting.

Special Education update for Parents:

Pattie reported that CEAC is changing their name to SPED ED. She mentioned that Disney has produced a movie

    named “Front of the Class” that will air on CBS this Sunday 9:00 about a young man dealing with Tourette Syndrome.

Other dates of interest are:

Oregon Branch of IDA 34th annual Conference (Dyslexia) will be held on Feb. 27 & 28 at the Sheraton Airport Hotel in

    Portland. The Topic: “THE FOUR R’s: READING, wRITING, aRITHMETIC, RESEARCH” Scholarships are available.

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) upcoming meetings at the Harding Center are from 12:00 1:30.

    Dates are: 12/8, 1/12, 3/9, 4/13, 5/11, 6/8.

    Upcoming parent Training Workshops are as follows:

    January 20 at Ronnekamp Hall, Grace Lutheran: “Behaviors that interfere with learning”

    February 26 at Fireside Room, Grace Lutheran: “IEP Goals – Are your child’s adequate and appropriate”

    April 16 at Ronnekamp Hall, Grace Lutheran: “Grade to grade transition” May 19 at Ronnekamp Hall, Grace Lutheran: “Aperger’s and ADHD: What is the same and what is different”

Additional info required? Contact Pattie at

Off agenda items:

Cartridge recycling options

    Sprit Wear discussion to be continued

     thNext meeting: January 9 (the 2nd Friday due to the holiday) at 11:00, Room 26. thSpecial Note: There will be an evening CPO meeting February 4 at 6:30 in the library.

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