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COMMUNICATIONS TEAM Town Hall, Castle Circus, Torquay, Devon TQ1

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PR 899

    20 October 2006

For Immediate Release

    Junior street wardens make a positive difference

Children and young people in Torbay are making a real contribution to their local

    environment and community by learning to work together by taking part in a junior warden


The junior warden project will be launched on Monday (23 October) with an adventure

    away day at Grenville House in Brixham, where young people from Hele and Watcombe

    area of Torquay will get together and decide what they want to do as junior wardens.

Street wardens and representatives from Torbay Youth Service will help them plan a

    programme of community projects, and organise adventure and team building activities.

The scheme has been created with three aims:

• to improve relationships within communities, bringing together children from different

    backgrounds and breaking down the barriers between generations

    • to make the local environment a cleaner and safer place to live by encouraging children and young people to take ownership of their surroundings, respecting them and looking

    after them

    • and most importantly to have fun though doing something positive.

Tara Fowler, Principal Community Protection Officer at Torbay Council, said: "Our street

    wardens already work with children within schools to increase their awareness of the

    quality of the local environment and the impact of anti-social behaviour.

"Having talked to young people, they really want to help and make a difference. Since the

    warden scheme has started young people have always supported the wardens in any

    community events that have been undertaken.

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    "It is really from their enthusiasm and continually asking, when are we going to do another litter pick, when can we help with another fun day etc, that the junior wardens scheme has been launched.

    "They have been extremely successful in other areas of the country where warden scheme operate, making a positive impact within their communities.

    "The Junior Street Warden Crew have been given their own identity, with printed JSW Crew hoodies, trying to help dispel the belief that young people are not positive and up to mischief.

    "Regular events and practical hands-on activities will be held where it is hoped that those who take part will educate their peers and family to foster a sense of local responsibility.

    "The junior wardens will be out in force in all of the street warden areas. If you would like to become a junior warden either approach your local street warden, telephone 01803 208091 or e-mail and we will get back to you on how you can join."

    Cllr Jeanette Richards, Cabinet Member for Community Services, said: "This is an excellent idea, encouraging young people to get involved in positive initiatives in their local communities.

    "Regrettably there has been a lot of negative publicity nationally about anti-social behaviour that tarnishes the reputation of young people, so schemes like this are a great way of showing that many young people are determined to demonstrate that they have a sense of responsibility and pride in the areas in which they live."

Notes for editors

    The adventure away day will be on Monday 23 October, starting at 9:30am, at Grenville House, Brixham. You are invited to send a reporter and photographer/cameraman between 10.30am and 12 noon. Please ask for Tara Fowler, who will be pleased to co-ordinate media requests.

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For further information please contact: Peter Surcombe, Communications Officer

on 01803 208860

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