Digging to East-West collision in human nature - Comments and Ang Lee's "father trilogy" series of videos_4837

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Digging to East-West collision in human nature - Comments and Ang Lee's "father trilogy" series of videos_4837

Digging to East-West collision in human nature - Comments and

    Ang Lee's "father trilogy" series of videos

     Summary written and directed by Ang Lee's "Pushing Hands," "The Wedding Banquet," "Eat Drink Man Woman" posed by the "father trilogy" series of films,

    focus on East and West clash in the opening of human nature, vividly describes the family deconstruction and restructuring, and the performance of traditional culture and modern culture differences and divide to explore a variety of ethical and moral

    relations, has a unique cultural connotation and human Qiyun. In these three films, Ang Lee's concept of cultural attitudes and movies have been fully demonstrated.

     Abstract art director title

     Key words Li / East and West / "Father Trilogy"



     China Taiwan director Ang Lee is the first great success in the United States Hollywood, the Chinese director, was also the first one of its film won several Oscar-

    winning Chinese director. Ang Lee mentioned, people will naturally think of his representative work, "Crouching Tiger" (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 2000); But before that, he had to "Pushing Hands" (Pushing Hands, 1992), "The Wedding Banquet" ( The Wedding Banquet, 1993) and "Eat Drink Man Woman" (Eat Drink Man Woman, 1994) three unique city renowned movie film to become the 20th century, Taiwan's most important since the 90s, one of the best film director.

     Ang Lee in 1975, graduated from National Taiwan University College of the Arts in 1978 to the United States Erie, Jos University theater director, received bachelor's degree in drama. 1980 New York University to study film production, film-making

    career began, and the film received a master's degree. During our school days, he has

    shot the "chased", "I love Chinese food," "Best Artist", "shade Lake" and other films, including for "shade Lake" and won the scholarship at New York University and the Taiwan Golden Harvest Short Film Award for Best Drama. Graduate work, "line" has

    also won the New York Student Film Festival Award for best film and best director. Thus the U.S. brokerage firms have been the case, after signing a contract to stay in U.S. development. From 1984 onwards, he has been in the United States engaged in the

    film script writing. In the process, he carefully studied the structure of the style of Hollywood movie scripts and production methods, and try to blend the organic and Western cultures, and strive to create unique appreciation of films. In 1990, he

    completed the screenplay, "Pushing Hands" and "The Wedding Banquet" (with Peng says co-screenwriter), Taiwan's government have all been outstanding drama award. In 1992, access to Taiwan's Central Motion Picture Corporation's investment, he

    himself directed the "push hands" onto the screen.

     "Pushing hands" focus on description of tai chi master Lao Zhu retired from mainland China after working in the U.S. only son, Akio from New York to live at home due to language barrier, out inconvenient boxing practice at home all day.

    Engaged in literary creation of the foreign wife Martha is the idea of poor and distressed, in the face of the father unable to communicate even feel pressure from time to time conflict with disputes. Lao Zhu Sunday to a nearby school to teach tai chi in

    China, the understanding of the widowed Mrs. Chen, the two do share a good impression. Caught in the dilemma between the father and his wife, Akio like to take this match two elderly people come together, but Chu did not want to "do not respect

    the old," and thus move away from my son's home to the Chinatown restaurants. Where they conflict with the boss, because the use of Chinese martial arts falls thugs and the police had been detained in the police station. Her son put his father back home

    from the police station, but did not solve the conflict at home. Chu eventually moved out to live alone, to teach tai chi for a living, and Chen and his wife reunited. The film offers a Cultural differences and intergenerational conflict in the generation gap as a

    fundamental contradiction to expand the story, simple and sincere style, content, thought-provoking. The film shows the style of Ang Lee's film-making characteristics

    and directing talent, won the Asia Pacific Film Festival Best Picture Award and the

    Taiwan Golden Horse Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director, Special Jury Award.

     Followed by filming of "The Wedding Banquet," a further expansion and deepening of the "Pushing Hands," the contents of the subject. Chinese-American movie hero Gao

    Wei same one gay, he and his male partner Simon have been together for 5 years. To cope with reminders that he had been married parents, we decided to tour the United States has not yet received the beginning of a "green card" marriage of the female

    artist Weiwei. Wei's parents heard the news with a special trip from Taiwan to the U.S. after the participation in their wedding party, look forward to his son at an early date for the family of procreation. After the excitement of the wedding, was filling up half

    drunk and Scott Jiaxizhenzuo the same with the Whiskers, so Weiwei pregnant pregnant. Simon knows the matter, and Wai Tong, Weiwei quarrel took place, Wai with his father, therefore hospitalized for a stroke. Wei with her mother had to tell the

    truth about his homosexuality.In the shocked mother, calling on his father's son, Do not tell the truth, for fear that he can not afford to stimulate the aggravated condition; on one side and ask for Gao Weiwei gave birth to a child. Weiwei After a consideration,

    decided to give birth to a child oneself. Discharged from the high parent in fact, when an altercation at the time already knew the truth, he not only felt helpless, but also tolerance to accept all of this. Film in the East-West cultural differences and

    generational conflict in a different sense of comic situations of family, marriage and the issue of homosexuality, vividly depicts a traditional Chinese families to face the complexities of modern society and modern concepts demonstrated by the confusion ,

    helpless, and tolerant attitude.The film won the Taiwan Golden Horse for best film drama, best director, best original screenplay, best supporting actor and best supporting actress, etc.5Xiang Award and the Berlin International Film Festival

    Golden Bear, which laid the foundation director Ang Lee in the internationalfilm on the status.

     "Eat Drink Man Woman" (with co-screenwriter Wang Hui-ling, etc.) as the "father

    trilogy" series third film, Ang Lee for the first time the film is set in Taiwan, but still

    focus on the theme of the performance of family love marriage , old and new concepts

    of conflict and the pursuit of their goals in life. Confucius said: "Shisexingye." Film's storyline revolves around "eating" and "sex" two fronts: Cooking master Lao Zhu

    after the death of his wife alone to raise three daughters, adult, Christian's eldest daughter Jane is secondary school teachers, they are still living in the memories of first love, after school physical education teacher with the same marriage; two daughters at

    home Qian worked in an international airline, her work, shrewd and capable, but not a smooth love life, always looking for non - to their own true love; third daughter Jia-

    ning, when working at the KFC restaurant had a boyfriend and co-workers feelings,

    the other had moved out after marriage. Surprisingly, the long and Jane Chu students Jinrong a good friend for many years, when we mistakenly thought that he will Jinrong's mother got married, he announced at family gatherings, and Kam-wing

    married. In this connection, the disintegration of the original family, old houses have been sold, the new family is born in the new combination. The film won the Asia-Pacific

    Film Festival for best film, best editing award, and received Oscar nominations for Best

    Foreign Language Film award.

     Clearly, from "Pushing Hands", "Wedding Banquet" and "Eat Drink Man Woman" constituted the "father trilogy" series of films, focus on showing the existence of the modern city people the status quo, in the East and West in the opening clash of human nature, vividly describes deconstruction and restructuring of the family, and in the performance of traditional culture and modern culture differences and divide to explore the relationship between the various ethical and moral. These three films as a director, Ang Lee's concept of cultural attitudes and movies have been fully demonstrated.


     We can easily see, "Father Trilogy" series of videos all have rich cultural connotations,

    the difference between Eastern and Western cultures and the collision not only form the background of the film, but also embodied in the story of the arrangement, shaping characters and even some specific details of the Among the description, thus makes

    videos with a distinctive cultural characteristics and cultural Qiyun. This is the movie of the series is different from the general distinctive features of urban films.

     In the "father trilogy" series film, Ang Lee, the focus and the center of artistic

    expression is the traditional Chinese family living in the East and West clash and the modern context of deconstruction and reorganization, as well as the feelings of the characters in the process of changes and the pursuit of goals in life adjustment. Take

    the "pushing hands", the United States to study after graduation will not only stay in Zhu Xiaosheng working in the U.S., but also married a foreign wife Martha, formed a new family; Lao Zhu father retired from the mainland to reunite with his son also

    moved to the U.S. living in her son at home. Although he wanted to fit into the new home to become a member of the family, but the language barrier and cultural differences, so that he and the foreign wife shaped the same path, out of tune, some contradictions and disputes occur from time to time. Many years of living in the United States, has been semi-Westernized son some of his behavior can not understand, often some misunderstanding between father and son. Continuous outbreak of conflicts, an end to the Lao Zhu away from home. Shiyou working in the restaurant discriminated against, he no longer put to Tai Chi Chuan Kung Fu falls of the restaurant and hired thugs, the police closed up. When he was his son out of the police station, aware that "the III, under one roof," the aspirations of living in harmony has been shattered, he would not return to the home of his son, but one person alone, to teach tai chi to make a living. Obviously, living in a foreign land, faced with the strong impact of western culture, the disintegration of the traditional Chinese family and tradition and disillusionment is inevitable. In this regard, "Pushing Hands" is made a figurative

description and expression.

     In "The Wedding Banquet", the representative of China's traditional family ethics of

    the situation faced by the parents seem more complex, because they have to solve the problem is not whether the two generations can live in harmony under the same roof, living together, but can be No son of tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality

    composed of abnormal families. In the West, homosexuality has become a many people will understand and accept the phenomenon of life. In China, it is not only not to be understood and accepted by most people, but also by some people of discrimination.

    Particularly those hard hit by the impact of traditional Chinese culture, the elderly, this more difficult to identify. Because in their view, the essence of marriage is that they have children, continuing the family line. Gay's family is apparently unable to assume

    this responsibility, so the family of this metamorphosis can not agree with is obvious. Therefore, "The Wedding Banquet" in the parents originally for his son's marriage with a worried frown, when informed that his son wanted to get married, they went to

    the United States joy specially from Taiwan to attend his son's wedding. Learning of his son's marriage in order to cope with them, but in fact have formed gay families, the kind of indescribable pain and hit the table. Director adopted a compromise solution to

    the conflict, that is so bogus marriage with Wei-Wei Wei with the pregnancy, and

    finally decided to give birth to children, to address the matter of procreation Gao; the same time, Wei's parents were with their abnormal the family has taken the attitude of

    acquiescence and acceptance, even though this default and acceptance is painful, but face the reality, they had to. This attitude and approach to reconciling, but also directing the performance of the cultural perceptions of this issue.

     "Eat Drink Man Woman" by the performance of deconstruction and restructuring of the family, though not directly derived from the clash of Eastern and Western cultures, but also the concept of culture as the core of the conflict, and to influence and restrict

    the different characters feelings and behavior. In the film, the Chinese food culture has been fully demonstrated, and it is this food culture, both Chu and three daughters to maintain emotional ties, but also a symbol of the desire of their lives. Similarly, the

    Western Christian culture has been a certain degree of display, it is not only the spiritual pillar of Jane, but also how much influence other people's thinking and behavior. Three daughters and their love and marriage and family relationships give

    multi-pronged narrative film, but Chu's marriage is hidden throughout the narrative in the main line of the surface, he looks like a traditional old-fashioned, but actually it

    was the most know how to love and the pursuit of happy people. For individuals the

    marriage, he completely free from the shackles of traditional cultural values, did not choose age-matched Liang Bomu, choosing instead to his daughter, Kam-Wing Leung,

    the "young and old love" not only had high hopes of Liang Bomu syncope fell to the

    ground, but even His three daughters are very surprised. The resulting comic effect, and further underscores the film's theme.

     In the "father trilogy" series of the film, written and directed focus on shaping the "father" image is clearly an indication of China's traditional culture, he either as

    Taijiquan master ( "Pushing Hands"), Calligrapher ( "Pushing Hands", " The Wedding Banquet "), or a master chef (" Eat Drink Man Woman "), have shown that the eyes of Westerners, the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture. Dairenchushi

    and his demeanor, his temperament and self-cultivation, but also to demonstrate the

    Chinese culture after a long dip-dye characteristics. As in "pushing hands", the Lao

    Zhu's tai chi is not just a means of physical fitness is also a means of self-protection; the

    same time, it embodies a philosophy of survival. Film Zhu Xiaosheng once said so: "For Dad, the Tai Chi Chuan is his way to avoid suffering the reality that He is good at tai chi, but in the exercise, how to evade people." Pushing Hands practice is how to

    maintain their side of the balance of the side let opponents off balance, and thus took the opportunity to defeat the other side. It does not rely on hard-top and forced to fight

    hard to win, but to reconcile man back Shun Polishing to have only when to seize the

    opportunity to exercise our victory. This "dealt with gently," ways and means of struggle for survival, and the Western culture that is still a conflict head-on spirit is not

    the same, which embodies the very image of an inner spirit of Chinese philosophy. Three films in the "father" by the same actor (Sihung Lung) played with the same performance skills to shape the "father" of the screen image, but also demonstrate the continuity of artistic and aesthetic style consistency.

     In the "father trilogy" series of films, some scenes of the show and details of the description, also reflects the cultural characteristics of the focus and content. Such as "push hands" at the beginning, almost no lines dialogue, entirely on people's physical

    movements and picture composition to represent the characteristics of the two cultures: from the lens moving slowly introduced dressed in Chinese clothes and shoes of Chu in the shadow boxing , write calligraphy, a fair-haired Martha was sitting in front of

    computers writing; meal, a food is Chinese food, and the other is to eating Western; Lao Zhu is not the proper use of microwave oven is also due to trouble the point of a joke. Both the kind and indifference on the surface also shows that in fact it is difficult

    to exchange and real communication. Their activities often occur in the same screen, or the Martha activities as Lao Zhu background or the background of Chu as Martha, thus not only formed a contrast to the audience grasp the different forms of the two

    cultures, but also indicates that the conflicts the two sides will further expand. Movie at the end of Chu in the "Chinatown" to teach tai chi, with the camera movement, we see that the "China Town" In addition to a number of those who learn boxing, there are

    many elderly people to spend their time playing mahjong. This is also very graphically shows that traditional Chinese culture and Western modern society there are always some barriers, it is difficult fully integrated into them. Another example, in "Eat Drink

    Man Woman" at the beginning, along with Chinese classical music, directed by 10 shots combined into a montage of several paragraphs, vividly demonstrated the kitchen facilities and Chu Chu in the kitchen cooking scenes: killing, cutting, washing, frying,

    deep frying, steaming, boiling and other processes have been shot down one by one, not only played a very graphically the characteristics of the Chinese food culture, but also to the audience with a strong visual impact; the same time, give the audience a country kitchen Chu's consummate craft left a deep impression. As for the "Wedding Banquet" is right and Weiwei Wei held with the Western and Chinese wedding ceremony was a vivid portrayal of the simple Western-style weddings and cumbersome comparison of

    Chinese-style wedding, you can clearly see two kinds of cultural differences; in particular right in the lavish Chinese wedding banquet, and vulgar in the bridal chamber of the process and details of the show, written and directed expression of this

    culture, "national essence" of satire. Obviously, such a scene and details of show depicting the story not only help promote the development and reveal the character's inner emotions, but also deepened the film's cultural connotations. Reposted elsewhere

    in the paper for free download http://


     Have received specialized training in drama, but also wrote film scripts in Hollywood, and Hollywood made a careful study of Ang Lee, the film not only uphold the 80 years

    the culture of Taiwan's new film character, but with Taiwan's new film shown The emphasis on form, light story, re-teaser, light style, a different form of narrative, its video still focus on the dramatic narrative structure, pay attention to the audience

    about how to have fun, it can attract a good story. He said: "I like the dramatic material, which is a good way to test human nature." [1] this feature of his film with a Hollywood melodrama rather similar. In the "father trilogy" series of movies, such

    features are more fully manifested.

     First, the "father trilogy" series of videos than pay attention to the story as it

    transforms, the story is basically occur, development, climax, at the end of such a process, and through the surface of the conflict in the relationship between the family

    characters to express the deep-seated cultural conflicts. Its narrative development is

    gradual, contradictions and conflicts in the gradual process of gradually deepened, and ultimately achieving climax, and properly addressed. Such as "Pushing Hands" from

    the Chu and wife Martha of the conflict, the development of the Chu and his son Akio conflict, the development of the Chu and conflicts such as the restaurant owner had been detained in police stations, conflicts and is constantly progressive and gradual

    enhanced; while a final settlement is the Lao Zhu move out of his son's home to live alone and rely on subsistence to teach tai chi. While the contradictions still exist, but it already was quiet bitter conflict. Again, "The Wedding Banquet" from his son get

    married do not want to leave the design to meet the parents get married, to hold a grand wedding banquet, to the wedding night Nongjiachengzhen, to expose the truth of homosexuality, is also the interlocking conflicts, step by step in-depth; while the final

    settlement of the conflict both sides to compromise or concession, the parents agreed to give birth to a child in the Whiskers after the default and acceptance of their son's metamorphosis family. Clearly, the dramatic plot not only help to enhance the movie watching, so that the audience movie is too boring because they can not lose patience watching; the same time, but also conducive to reveal the contradictions and conflicts in the complexity of human nature, showing of character of the multi-dimensional .

     Secondly, the "father trilogy" series of the film, Ang Lee's better to use a combination of gradient and mutation narrative technique, plot gradual process that is often unexpected in the art of mutations in the audience not only unexpected, And in the film roles are not expected, thus were produced a dramatic effect. The so-called art of

    mutation, is the plot and of character development in a sudden turn and change. This mutation often ups and downs in the plot, so that unprecedented brilliance flashes of character, giving the audience has left a deep impression on him. Such as "Pushing Hands" in Lao Zhu conflict with the owner of the restaurant is the climax of movie plot development, but also of character mutations. Has been refined tolerance of the elderly, the face of aggressive restaurant owner, is really intolerable, he falls deep Tai Chi Kung Fu of the restaurant and hired thugs, even the police arrived it will be impossible. Son, Akio saw this scene from the television broadcast after the news is quite surprised, because he rarely saw his father made such a big fire. This mutation has fully demonstrated the Lao Zhu A second aspect of personality: stubborn, strong, rather break than bend. Another example, in "Eat Drink Man Woman", when the

    temperature and cook the elders to return to hotel kitchens from the hospital, everyone thought he was discharged, came to a welcoming ceremony, but he was sitting in a chair with the sudden death and death in their own of the job. In this hi turn grief by

    mutations in the highlights of the old Winn loves the job and dedicated spirit. In the film at the end of the last family dinner, the Lao Zhu Jinrong suddenly wants to marry publicly announced that the decision not only shocked the audience, but also to his

    three daughters and Liang Bomu stunned. This mutation introduced even if the plot more twists and turns, but also a clear demonstration of courage to get rid of Lao Zhu secular ideas, daring pursuit of true love attitude.

     In addition, the "father trilogy" series of the film, Ang Lee is also more emphasis on creating a number of fun-filled theatrical context, on the one hand be conducive to

    further deepening of the relationship between characters, on the other hand to enhance

    the film's ornamental and attractive. Such as "Pushing Hands" in the family sitting together for dinner this is a very ordinary life scenes, but after the director's treatment is fraught with drama fun: Chu and Martha Men Men get along a day later, took

    advantage of a meal eager to tell his son about some of my ideas; Martha also tells her husband to talk to a variety of discontent, so the table mixed in English and Chinese, both while each side, but still worried about the other side of the first to complain so

    the impact Akio attitude. Akio outside of both labor Leileyitian eat, but also as an interpreter, but also the coordination of the relationship between the two. English, Chinese and understand at least some of the grandchildren, are busy in creating

    confusion, and unexpectedly to say one or two should not have to say, the table of the hectic, complex scenarios can be imagined, and this is vividly demonstrated everyone's mentality. Again, Chu Tai Chi in Chinese schools to teach, when encountered, where

    Mrs. Chen, a professor cooking, and she had a good impression. In order to get her attention, but also somewhat show off their own skill, he pushed hand a fat guy suddenly shoved to the ground, and knocked Mrs. Chen and his students dumplings

    table. Although its powers were all praise, but its been the intention of Mrs. Chen, a language point of wear, which makes Lao Zhu somewhat embarrassed, their relationship has thus close together. In the "Eat Drink Man Woman," where there is

    no lack such a scenario, such as Jane Some students dozing off in class while the fool of myself, and some students to secretly pass a love letter, from the door suddenly flew into the volleyball has broken the classroom quiet, this is plainly All these people help

    laughing. Obviously, such a scene full of life it is quite fun to attract viewers, it is conducive to enhance the film's authenticity and ornamental.

     It should be noted that, Ang Lee's film though more emphasis on dramatic, but not to dramatically affect the authenticity of life summed up, just as he said himself: the design of the plot in the film, "Of course, can not be too dramatic, so so, the audience will be convinced that it is false. "[2] It is precisely because such a concept and therefore I arranged his film and narrative structure of conflict, often has some drama, but also more accurate, in-depth reflects the complexity of life have been face.


     Ang Lee's film of course, also pay attention to emotion, "Father Trilogy" would focus

    on human relations, expressing feelings, so that the audience moved to agree with much food for thought in the aftertaste. But its lyrical form and Taiwan's other new film director is different, its lyric is a good combination of narrative, and he was "a good

    start by telling the story of the entire film is so emotional atmosphere inadvertently released from the story slowly infiltration out of the audience in recognition of its images, stories, identity, based on the emotional issue of Health further agree, so they

    can feel real sense of God whom Xinling move, wistfully. "[3] In other words, in his the film is no lyric for lyric and the lens and scenes, but in the course of the narrative combines the emotional factors in advancing the plot, characters portrayed in both

    shape and details of the penetration of the lyrical element, so that the audience unconsciously been infected and to identify with. Whether it is "Pushing Hands," "The Wedding Banquet" in the focus on the performance of his son's feelings, or "Eat Drink

    Man Woman," where the rendering of the father and daughter love, are indicative of such characteristics. Such as "Pushing Hands" in respect of the feelings between the Chu and his son Akio depicted on the organic integration of narrative and detail

    settings in the story, from Akio's father in front of Martha excuse, accompanied his father, playing chess, accompanied father to Chinese schools to teach tai chi; until he learned from television news after the father was locked up in the police station, they

    immediately rushed to the police car and saw his father could not suppress his feelings after his father holding crying, etc. This emotional process is always the story of the development phase with the integration.

     Compared with Westerners, Chinese people are not on the unrestrained expression of emotion unassuming, but a more subtle and introverted. Thus, Ang Lee in "father trilogy" in the performance of emotional characters, we also appropriately reflects this characteristic. Such as "Pushing Hands" in Chu and Mrs. Chen has a good feel from each other eventually come together, the emotional process of development and change the display on the screen from beginning to end is implicit, and is in line with the identity of a particular character and cultural backgrounds. From Chu presented to

    Mrs. Chen's own calligraphy works, using the method of massage for her medical

    treatment, to Mrs. Chen specifically to the "China Town" to visit there to teach tai chi Chu, although the two did not mention a "love" characters, but between

    Wenhanwennuan, worried about scenarios of mutual interest are implicit in the tiny office showing the love. Another example, in "Eat Drink Man Woman", the Lao Zhu Qian and her second daughter at home is also a film between the emotional twists and

    turns in the performance of priority. Jia Qian childhood to frequent the kitchen, but also learned to cook fire, and interest in this matter is quite thick. But his father for her future, does not allow her cooking as a career. In this regard, she has been brooding on

    this. Chu loved his daughter, but not good at expressing, so between the two heart-inch

    chip on their shoulder, but also often a number of quarrels. But the appearance of indifference does not cover the heart love, each other's love scenes and details from a

    number of continuously reveal to: Lao Zhu Qian morning to wake up at home, the three different expressions and movements included the emotional changes; home Qian gazed at the hospital where his father's silhouette, closeup of tears unconsciously, have

    subtle reflection of inner love and passion. Film at the end of the upcoming home abroad Qian already sold the old house burned chef table dishes, other people can not come a feast, but only one person came to enjoy her father's well-cooked dishes. Lao

    Zhu suddenly found himself restored the sense of taste, he was pleasantly surprised to tell the family sin, but also that she drank the soup boil. Alone Qian soup bowl and handed to him, he smoothly holding his daughter's hand, affectionately called the out

    "daughter." Jia-Qian a bit shy, but also quite excited that she hold his inner feelings, a moment be called "Dad", film ends with father and daughter in the eye lens in the passionate. This implicitly means of artistic expression, both to the audience aftertaste

    left room for imagination, but also fully embodies the charm of traditional Chinese art and culture: "Words are intended to do and endless." [4]

     In short, Ang Lee's "father trilogy" series of videos with a unique aesthetic styles and

    cultural connotations of being Chinese and Western audiences love and praise, Ang Lee's life experience and their own self-cultivation with the Chinese and Western

    cultures, "making him the world today The only one to be able to shoot in and the Tutsi

    authentic film director "[5], which is why the Chinese audience and the Western audiences, Ang Lee's film is warm and fresh. "Chinese and Western fusion length, and create a perfect movie" [6], Ang Lee's creative pursuit and practical experience, it is

    worth learning from all the Chinese film director.


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