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IELTS questions



     IELTS Speaking test in Germany ?C July 2010

     2010-08-12 08:08:34-04

     Another version of IELTS Speaking test in Germany were shared by our kind friend O, who remembered the following questions: Speaking test Interview - Tell me your name. - Where do you live? - Do you work or study? - Is your job common in your country? - What is your favorite color? - Why is that your favorite color? - Do your often wear clothes in your favorite color? - Which color do you think has a special meaning to people in your country ? - Would you paint the walls in your home in a color you like, and what would that look like? Cue Card Describe a piece of equipment in your household (not a computer) which you find useful. Please say - What it is, - Where and when you bought it, - Why you find it useful. Discussion - What benefit do people get from using modern equipment in the household? - Do you think modern equipment is difficult to operate for older people? - Do you think that employers should train their employees to use modern equipment?

     IELTS Speaking questions from Oman and UAE ?C June 2010

     2010-07-01 07:07:01-04

     Speaking questions from IELTS exams in Oman and UAE were shared by R and X, who remembered this much: Speaking test in UAE Interview - The regular identification questions. - Why do you wear a watch? - Why is time important? - What is the importance of being punctual? - How would you feel if you were late for a meeting? Cue Card Talk about a place where you have stayed for certain time, please say - why you went there, - what were your experiences there, - explain about the importance of that place to you. Discussion - How do you feel about senior citizens adjusting to city life? - What is the best time in one??s life to spend in a city? - What does city life mean to you? - Where would you prefer to live in your old age? Speaking test in Oman Interview - What is your full name? - Where do you come from? - Do you study or work? - What is your job?

     - Why did you choose that job? - How did you feel on the first day at work? Cue card Describe something you bought and never used, please say: - What was that? - When and where did you buy it? - Why didn??t you use it? Discussion - Do people in your country like to go shopping? - What is the difference between shopping in your country and in Oman? - How often do you go shopping? - What shop do you buy clothes in? - Do you often buy things that you don??t need? - Do you think advertisements on TV have more influence or those in a magazine?

     IELTS Speaking questions from Dubai ?C June 2010

     2010-06-28 06:32:12-04

     IELTS Speaking questions were shared by two of our friends from Dubai, who remembered the following: Speaking test 1 Interview - Do you like wearing a watch? - Do you feel like time is going very fast? - Do you feel like time is going very slowly? - What is the climate like in your hometown? - Do you like that kind of climate? Why? Cue Card

     Talk about a letter or a postcard that you received, please say - who sent it to you, - when you received it, - what was the content, - how it made you feel. Discussion - What do you prefer, an e-card or a regular letter? - Are you receiving any letters from anyone? - Do you like sending letters or emails better? Speaking test 2 - Are you a student or working? - Discuss your job profile. - What are your favorite colours? - What do they mean? - Do you wear those colours? - What are the colours people in your country wear the most? Cue Card Talk about your friend whom you helped a lot, please say - How did you help him / her ? - Why did you decide to help that person? - How did you feel after you helped? Discussion - In the future what kind of job you would like to do? - Tell me about the values which old people need. - How are they different from the values that young people need? - Do you think that people in carer jobs should be paid more? Why?

     IELTS test in the UK ?C June 2010 (Academic Module)

     2010-06-27 08:29:29-04

     IELTS exam in the UK was shared by our kind friend N., who said that he found IELTS-Blog.com extremely helpful in his preparation and wanted to contribute as well, to help other test takers. N remembered the following Listening test Section 1. Inquiry about treatment facilities with a receptionist at a hospital. The patient asked about whether he can get a doctor, and the receptionist asked about his details, what kind of injury, previous medical history, some present details and gave some first aid advice. Section 2. A talk about a tourist place and facilities, why it has become a tourist attraction, about its history and facilities for aged people. Section 3. A discussion between a tutor and students about a project concerning pollution. Section 4. Extinct animals and the reasons to study them, or activities to protect them (mainly to maintain eco-balance, some of the species are useful in medicine). Reading test Passage 1. Food production and health problems all over the world and in the US in particular, different people??s opinions. Passage 2. Pollution (weather conditions, ice caps melting), history of ships and how people in the old days used to study about weather conditions. Evidence found in different years from 1871 to mid 19th century. The questions were mainly on what evidence was found in which year. Passage 3. Scientific research on child cognitive behavior / different opinions of writers and scientists and whether research really helped to improve education system for children. Writing test

    Writing Task 1 (a report) There were two pie charts comparing years 1958 with 2008, how working adults spent their time during the day. The bars represented working, sleeping, relaxing,

     hobbies, traveling to workplace, going out with family and friends. Two activities have increased, two activities have decreased, one has shown a slight change, another remained the same. Writing Task 2 (an essay) Many people think that the government should pay the tuition fees for all adults who interested in university studies. Do you agree or disagree? Speaking test Interview - What is your full name? - Do you work or study? - Are you going to continue working the same job in future? Why? - What kind of food did you like to eat when you were a child? - What food would you like to give to your children? Why? - Why is healthy food important? Cue card Talk about the most popular music in your country, please say: - what it is, - why it is so popular, - on what occasions people like to hear it, - explain why people like this music in general. Discussion - Do you like such music? - Do you still listen to such kind of music, when and where? - Do you think the choice of music is different for old and young people in your country? Why? - What are the reasons some types of music become so famous?

     IELTS Preparation tips from high achievers

     2010-06-25 06:59:15-04

     We can never have too many preparation tips, can we? Especially when they come from people who have proven themselves as high achievers, by securing IELTS results of Band 8 or above. Melvyn, Ahmed and Sumit, the winners of our IELTS results competition in May, wrote and shared their tips for success. Melvyn said: ??My main advice is to be confident during the reading test. I realised that I answer more questions correctly when I??m confident. This is because the answers are very similar and if you are doubtful, you tend to keep making changes and mess it all up. For the listening, I practised by listening to English songs on my mp3 daily and trying to understand every single word until I can sing the whole song. It really helped in my listening test as I was able to put together words and also repeat the words/sentences in my head after they were played.?? Ahmed said: ??Practice allot. Read articles and books, and when you don??t know the meaning of a word use English-English dictionary. Listen to different sources of English audio ?C TV, radio, or the Internet. When you listen to songs, radio news, etc, try to repeat what they say and imitate their accent. Read the questions in the listening part, so that you prepare your mind to collect the answer once you hear it. And above all relax, and try to enjoy the exam.?? Sumit said: ??I must say you have a wonderful web site for IELTS. I did not prepare much for IELTS, but took a few practice tests a few weeks apart and monitored how I was progressing. I listened to a few good speaking test recordings and read essays that had low

    and high scores, which helped me figure out the difference. Spelling is important. I should acknowledge my English teachers at school who were very particular about spelling and I inherited those qualities. Be alert, learn from your mistakes and have fun.??

     IELTS Speaking questions from Singapore ?C June 2010

     2010-06-16 09:25:02-04

     In addition to the IELTS exam in Singapore posted 2 days ago, one more version of IELTS Speaking test questions from Singapore was shared by M, who remembered the following: Speaking test Interview - May I have your full name, please? - Where do you come from? - Are you studying or working? - Tell me more about your job. - What kind of job would you prefer in the future? - What kind of weather do you like? Why? - Do you listen to weather forecasts? Why? Cue Card Describe a TV program that you enjoyed. You should say: - What was the program? - Where did you watch it and who was with you? - Why did you enjoy that program? Discussion - What TV program is popular in your country? - Why is it so popular? - What are the advantages of TV programs? - Do you think that TV will be more popular in the future?

     IELTS test in Singapore and Thailand ?C July 2010 (Academic Module)

     2010-06-13 06:34:12-04

     IELTS exams in Singapore and Thailand were identical, and our kind friends P, M and C collectively remembered the following:

     Listening test Section 1. A telephone call related to travel, the person was asking about a program, transportation, meals, insurance, price, etc. Section 2. About a listening problem of a student, they talked about ways to develop listening skills such as dictation and movie subtitles. Section 3. Academic lecture about a tree, general background, colors, formation stages, etc. Section 4. Don??t remember. Reading test Passage 1. About ships and their inventors. Passage 2. Problem at Everglade in the US, background, 3 researchers who explained the cause of the problem (some theories that were opposite to one another). Passage 3. About science fiction books, their authors and the definition of this particular genre in literature. Writing test Writing Task 1 (a report) There were 2 pie charts. 1st pie chart showed the proportion of people??s spending on fashion, housing, food, clothes, luxury, travel and entertainment in certain European countries in 1958. 2nd pie chart showed the proportion of people??s spending on fashion, housing, food, clothes, luxury, travel and entertainment in certain European countries in 2008. Writing Task 2 (an essay) Not many young people living in rural areas have access to university education. Universities should make it easier for people from rural areas. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Speaking test

     Interview - Where are you from? - Do you work or study? - What is your career? - is your job popular in your country? - Is it hard to

    get your position? - Do you think mobile phones or cell phones are good or bad? Why? Describe disadvantages of a mobile phone. Cue card Describe a piece of advanced equipment in your home, please say - What is it? - How did you get it? - How often do you use it? Discussion - In your country, do elderly people use advanced devices? - Is using advanced devices difficult for the elderly? - Do you think people have advanced devices without a real need for them?

     IELTS Speaking questions from Malaysia ?C June 2010

     2010-06-09 06:45:23-04

     IELTS Speaking questions from Malaysia (see the rest of the exam here) were shared by M, who remembered this much: Speaking test Interview - Introduce yourself. - Describe your hometown. - How did you spend time in your hometown when you were a child? - What kind of improvements would you suggest for your hometown? - What colors do you like? - What color would you paint your room?

     - Do you wear clothes of your favorite color? - What are the colors that have significance to the people of your country? Cue Card Talk about a musical piece that you like, please say - What is your favorite music? - What musical instrument is playing there? - When is it usually playing? Discussion - How does music affect people??s mood? - Is Internet affecting music industry? - Why people want to be in the music industry? - Is it acceptable to be in the music industry because you love music, and then make it your profession?

     IELTS Speaking questions from Malaysia ?C May 2010

     2010-06-06 09:43:37-04

     The following IELTS Speaking questions were shared by our kind friend I. Speaking test Interview - What is so special about your home? - Can you tell me about your neighborhood? - How do you think the attitudes of neighbors have changed today in your country compared to the past? - Do you find social networks like Facebook to be useful in strengthening the bond between neighbors? - What kind of movies did you like when you were a child? - Do you prefer to watch movies in a cinema or on DVDs at home? - Do you like fashion?

     - What kind of fashion do you usually wear? - How have the fashion trends in your country change? Cue card Describe a greeting card you have received that was very special to you, please say: - Who gave it to you? - On what occasion? - What was the message? - Why was it special? Discussion - What is the importance of sending cards to others? - Do people prefer sending emails or greeting cards? Which is better? - How has the practice of posting cards to others change recently in your country? - How is this culture important to the older generations?

     IELTS Speaking questions from the UK ?C May 2010

     2010-06-01 07:14:54-04

     IELTS Speaking questions were shared by M (thanks a lot!) who

    remembered the following from her exam in Glasgow, UK: Speaking test Interview - Introduce yourself. - Where are you from? - Do you study or work right know? - What??s your job like? - Do you use cellphone? Why or why not? - Is there anything special about using cellphone that you do not like? - What was your favorite food when you were a child? - Do you like that food now? - If your children ask for that food, do you make it for them? Why or why not?

     Cue card Talk about a subject that you liked it at secondary school, please say: - What was the subject? - Why did you like it? - For how long did you like it? Discussion - Is this subject popular in your country right now? - Which subject the students do like at high school in your country right now? - Is there any special reason for that? - How are the education facilities in your country in high schools? Are there enough? - Do you think it is a good idea to guide students directly to choose their career? Why or why not?


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