The Hours To Release First Full-Length US Album Its Not How You

By Jane Ford,2014-11-13 17:22
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The Hours To Release First Full-Length US Album Its Not How You

The Hours To Release First Full-Length US Album It’s Not How You Start, It’s How

    You Finish

    thOut October 5 on Adeline Records

    * Advance Music Available By Request *

    On October 5 Adeline Records will release The Hours’ first full-length US album, It’s Not

    How You Start, It’s How You Finish, to all digital outlets, with a deluxe edition exclusive to iTunes. The album sees The Hours put their own twist on Brit-pop with songs fueled by soaring choruses and powerful ballads. Produced and mixed by the band and renowned producer Flood (U2, Depeche Mode), the album features the band’s iconic “Ali In The Jungle” – heard in Nike’s 2010 Winter Olympic TV / web campaign “The Human

    Chain” and two new songs, “1000 Years” and “Born To Be”.

    The Hours, one of the most dynamic and provocative rock ensembles on the London music scene today, got their start when singer-songwriter-guitarist Antony Genn (whose BritPop credentials include stints with Pulp and Elastica), and multi-instrumentalist Martin Slattery (whose resume includes playing with Shaun Ryder's Black Grape) formed The Mescaleros with then-former Clash-frontman Joe Strummer in 1999. The Mescaleros performed their first gig in Genn's hometown of Sheffield in June 1999 and Antony (who'd been all of 8 when London Calling first hit the record store racks) co-wrote and co-produced Rock Art and the X Ray Style, the highly-acclaimed album that marked Strummer's long-awaited return to music.

    The Hours’ music has inspired contributions from a variety of high-profile artists. Damien Hirst, the controversial post-modern UK artist, threw his support behind the band and developed the representative clock-eyed skull logo used in The Hours’ artwork and

    onstage set. An exclusive video for “See The Light”, featuring actress Sienna Miller and directed by the legendary Tony Kaye (American History X), will be serviced to video and online outlets.

    Confirmed standard tracklisting:

    1. Ali In The Jungle

    2. These Days

    3. Big Black Hole

    4. Back When You Were Good

    5. Never See You Again

    6. I Miss You

    7. Icarus

    8. 1000 Years

    9. Come On

    10. Narcissus Road 11. See The Light

Deluxe additions:


    12. Born To Be 13. Murder Or Suicide

    14. Fade Into You


    Ali In The Jungle

    See The Light Big Black Hole

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