Sorry it has taken me awhile to get back to you

By Patrick Gomez,2014-11-13 17:08
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Sorry it has taken me awhile to get back to you

    “So I am registered to dance, now what?”

    How to be the BEST!!


    Break Down Your Fundraising Total: $208 might seem like a lot of money, but if you

    break it down it’s easy! $208 is:

1. Asking forty-two friends on Facebook for $5 donations

    2. Asking twenty-one people on your floor/apartment building for $10 donations 3. Asking fourteen family members for $15 donations

    *If you sign up when dancer registration opens that means 16 weeks to fundraise, that’s only 13 dollars a week!!!


    ; Participate in Fundraising Events: Your dancer captain will be emailing you weekly

    about upcoming fundraising events so be on the lookout for them!

    ; Donation Station/Canning: Set up donation stations at your parents’ work or if they

    own some sort of business with pictures and a little blurb about what the money is for.

    Canning is a great way to fundraise! Bring a can with you to class and make a short

    announcement at the beginning, you will be pleasantly surprised. Dancers have reported

    back with great success, you never know when you could find a random 20 in your can!

    Script for Canning in the Classroom:

    Hi! My name is (your name) and I'm (how you are involved in DM committee chair, dancer, thetc) for UCLA Dance Marathon. DM is in its 10 year this year and will be taking place in

    February. DM raises money for a great cause and all the money goes towards pediatric

    HIV/AIDS related organizations. We hope that you will donate your spare change or a few

    dollars to help support our cause. Any amount helps! If you have any questions, feel free to ask

    me after class and be sure to check out the website! Thank


    *Always ask permission from your professor prior to making your announcement. And keep in

    mind canning is not restricted to classrooms. Canning can be done anywhere you go: think

    Wooden, Dining Halls, your dorm floor, etc.

    ; Host a Dinner Party! Host a dinner, a party, or use extra swipes to plan a pizza party

    for your floor. Ask all guests to bring a $5.00 donation to collect at the door or ask for

    donations after dinner. Bake Sales are also great fundraisers, college kids are always

    hungry and down for a delicious snack;

    Some other ideas:

    Hold a carwash, sell your old books, babysit (links to babysitting websites), UCLA Anderson or Psych studies (link to both), sending a blurb to be included in your high school’s monthly parent newsletter, drive down your block and get address numbers and send a letter to neighbors asking for their support, sell water bottles in front of the Wooden Center, arrange a professor brunch or attend office hours to share a little bit about the cause and how they can support you, hold a garage sale, the list goes on! Get creative and don’t be

    afraid to think outside the box!


    ; These days it seems like no one has the time to read their mail or email anymore but

    this does actually work! Emailing a short blurb or summary about the event and why it

    means so much to you with the link to your fundraising page can get you donations

    quick and fast. Tell them to forward it on to everyone they know! Click on this link for

    a sample solicitation letter you can use for letter writing. Don’t feel guilty! They don’t

    have to say yes but if they do they are literally saving lives and families all over the


    ; A little more about Letter Solicitation:

    The way to start is to get contact information; talk to your parents and get addresses

    from your family, neighbors, and friends. The more you can get the better. Next, write

    your letter. You can write your own letter or use the template that is available here on

    our website. Be sure to indicate to make all checks out to UCLA Dance Marathon.

    Send out the letters as soon as you can. In the letter, you may also include things such

    as self-addressed stamped envelopes to make it easier for donors to send back money.

    ; Pledge Booking:

    Pledge Booking is door-to-door solicitation that offers a donor the opportunity to

    pledge a gift, and fulfill it at a later date. Click here for a sample pledge form. To ensure

    a safe and successful pledge-booking trip, please review the following checklist!

    1. Introduce yourself in a polite and courteous manner

    2. Carry a valid UCLA student ID

    3. Supply other Dance Marathon materials, and be prepared to refer them to the

    website, to legitimize your purpose

    4. Do not fill out a pledge if the donor provides you with a donation at their door

    5. Accept checks and cash. BUT gifts made in cash cannot be tracked or receipted

    for tax purposes

    ; People you never thought to ask: Your doctor, dentist, old employers, old athletic team

    coaches, church or community group members, old teachers, TAs, or administrators,

    parents’ friends, your friends’ parents, old teammates, local businesses in your

    community, really anyone and everyone! Never hesitate to ask you never know who will

    be inspired by what you are doing and who will eventually help you reach your goal.

    Company-matching programs: ;

    Companies often will match any donations that their employees make on your behalf.

    Remind friends and family members who donate to approach their employers to

    support you as a Dancer. Click on this link for a list of companies with matching gift



    Remember to always thank the people who help you reach your goal. Send them

    pictures of the event and a short summary of how it went for you. They will know exactly

    where their money went and how it made an impact. Empower them and inform them

    about this incredible cause that is pediatric HIV/AIDS!

A note from the Fundraising Committee: When you are fundraising remember the 3 P’s: PATIENCE,

    POSITIVITY, and PURPOSE. Be patient, thousands of dancers have raised the full amount in last 9 years of DM and well beyond the $208.00 so it is possible! But start early, it is the key to any successful fundraising campaign. Be positive! When you are asking for donations potential donors will sense your passion and enthusiasm for the cause. And finally remember a big part of your involvement in DM will be spreading the word about the cause through your fundraising efforts. At the end of the day focus on your purpose, educate yourself! Check out the website and do a little google searching of your own. (Links to beneficiary websites) Donors will ask questions and the more you know, the more information you can provide, and the more willing they will be to donate! So go out there and have fun! Here is a link to the official fundraising page for UCLA DM. Please if you find something that works for you share it with other dancers! Hopefully other dancers will do the same and you will be able to visit the page frequently for ideas and resources. Please email our Fundraising Director, Natalie, at, with any questions. Happy Fundraising!

TO ALL DANCERS: YOU ARE AMAZING!! On behalf of our beneficiaries and

    the entire Pediatric AIDS Coalition we thank you for every minute you spend

    spreading awareness about the cause and every dollar you fundraise. You are

    what makes Dance Marathon possible!

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