Confirmed Minutes of the Second meeting of ULU Medgroup

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Confirmed Minutes of the Second meeting of ULU Medgroup

    Confirmed Minutes of the Second meeting of ULU

    Medgroup thThursday 24 October 2008

    Meeting opened at 1835hrs

    UCL South Wing Council Room

    Present: Paolo Perella (Chair), Mark Chamberlain (ICSM President), Beck Samuels (GKT President), Louise McMenemy (GKT BMA Rep), Tim Croker-Buque (BMA MSC Chair), Adam Hafez (GKT SMEC VP), Shiv Chopra (Past Chair), Noorie Boodoo (GKT SMEC President), Elfadil Elmahdi (GKT SMEC Ents), Billy Street (UCL Medical Students Officer), Amanda Smith (RUMS Clinical VP), Chandoran Thavamokankanthi (BLSA President), Jack Sugrue (SGUL President), Andrew Wilson (UCL Year 5 Rep)



    Apologies for Absence were received from Mally Scott (BLSA), Victoria Nowak (UCL), Najette Ayadi O’Donnell (ICSM) and Charlotte Roberts (MedStudent)

    2. ULU

    The chair noted he hoped ULU representatives would be attending Medgroup meetings in the future. He then opened up discussion on whether it was beneficial for Medgroup to stay under the ULU umbrella. Benefits that were identified included the prestige of the association, but worries were identified regarding finances ACTION Paolo to meet with Cameron to discuss the future of the collaboration PP


    SC commented that Medgroup should survey final year students after the close of the UKFPO form on how they perceived the process to be. ACTION all med schools to survey students on how they found the process Presidents

    AW noted that UKFPO would also be surveying students before releasing results again this year. TC-B welcomed the improvement made in the application form this year but commented that the questions were still not ideal. He noted that for a short amount of time the 2007 questons were visiable online ACTION all medical schools to email out the final year students to alert them. BMA Reps

    SC informed the committee of the Quack guide. He explained that the website contains information aon every foundsation school and hospital within from the view of F1. He noted that in future years the team would be looking for new people to help out produce the guide.

    TC-B commented that UKFPO was mandated to run the process for the next 3 years. He noted that Derek Galen had said that it was ‘highly likely’ that every final year student from UK medical schools would get an F1 job, but some might have to wait until June to fill finals failure places. AW asked whether F1 could be extended to 53 weeks to include 1 week of shadowing so people would be paid for the handover period. It was also noted that organising shadowing was the job of the home medical school, not the destination school.

    4. 999 DEBRIEF

PP informed the committee that we had hit the ?10,000 bar spend and so we would be receiving money

    back from Ministry of Sound. Only ICSM had paid the deposit invoices so far.

    ACTION 4 remaining schools to pay St Georges immediately

    The door takings would be distributed according to attendance. PP opened debate on what to do with money for Medgroup, and the whether a bank account was needed, or whether each med school should carry financial responsibility for a number of years in rotation. UCL raised the fact that 999 was this year help in the week of their freshers’ exams. Next year’s date would Presidents be investigated by the committee in advance with the aim to avoid clashes. Becky asked whether Medgroup should organise cross-London UH afterparties this year. SC commented that ‘Flatline’ had not worked well 2 years ago. PP commented that Medgroup should help promote UH events, not run them. ACTION All UH dates to be collected for next meeting. AW asked whether there was a future for 999. It was noted that the non-alcoholic push had not worked. ACTION All to investigate alternative venues. 5. PAST CHAIR’S COMMENTS ALL SC commented that Medgroup was a good forum to share best practice between the London medical school unions. He implored this year’s committee to stay in regular contact to help run events and foster ALL relationships between the schools. He described the history of how a few years ago, Medgroup had been downgraded from a network to a society and so losing our representation on ULU Council and UL Senate. He concluded asking all members to turn up regularly, have fun, and that last year’s hoodies are in his bedroom. 6. AOB BS commented that December 1st was world AIDS day and asked that all medschools get involved. ACTION all to report planned events at next meeting. SC commented that in the past there had been a problem with the circulation, distribution and publicty of MedStudent newspaper. PP mentioned that their website needed updating. ACTION all to investigate how to improve this at their unions. Presidents Becky mentioned that the KCL President Chris Mullin had now been removed from office following his comments at NUS training. UCL had now dropped ‘Royal Free’ from their title to now be ‘UCL Medical School’. The students’ society would still be named RUMS. Presidents AW mentioned that the GMC would soon be starting consultation on the new draft of their FTP procedures. It was noted that the GMC Council would soon change to incorporate the PMETB. BSc fairs intercalating students. ACTION all would send around information and dates of their individual fairs. JS commented that it has now been confirmed that SGUL would be merging with RHUL not much would be changing in the short term. Presidents’ reports to be added as standing items on the agenda. Presidents 7. DATE OF NEXT MEETING

    Thursday 27

    th November

    ICSM South Kensington

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