Committee Agenda

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Committee Agenda

    PhysSOC: The Physics Society Manchester

    Committee Minutes

    thDate: 02 October2007

    PhysSOC: The Physics Society Manchester Time: 1pm-2pm University of Manchester Union

    Oxford Road

    Manchester Place: Niels Bohr Common Room

    M13 9PR Present:

     Andrew Clarke (President), Alexander Robinson President: Andrew Clarke (Secretary General), Donna Buckley (Treasurer), Emily Secretary General: Xander Robinson Fair (Social Secretary), Ian Brewin (Charities Rep), Krisha Treasurer: Donna Buckley ndPatel (2 Year Rep), Clara Nellist, Sam Fidal, Nadya Kunawicz, Joshua Dowie, Harry Liu, Will Blenkhorn, Gav Cooper.



    Item Description Action

    Minutes 2

     ? Done, and the new style approved.

    Newsletter 3

     ? Emily sent around sign-up sheets around all the years. Using these she is going to e-mail them all to arrange a meeting, which Andy will also attend. AC, EF

     ? Andy asked if a newsletter could be produced before 22nd October. Emily said it was possible, as she also has an interview with Sean Freeman to put in there. Clara also volunteered to help, and Sam EF, CN, SF said she would write an article if she could.

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    Hallowe’en 4

    ? Possible venues were discussed. Font Bar, Pure Space and Billie Rox were all suggested. We

     decided that Font Bar would be the best option.

     Andy, Sam and Xan all volunteered to go book font AC, AR, SF after the meeting.

     ? Nadya suggested trying to get free shots or similar from the venue, however it was decided this would be extremely difficult given the concentration of students in Manchester.

     ? We need 150 people at ?3 a ticket to break even, and expect numbers of between 150-300, as we expect the prize to be very popular.

    ? We decided the prize will be a Nintendo Wii, at which point Andy spent 5 minutes cracking bad

     jokes. A wii will be difficult as they are currently

     sold out, so an Xbox 360 was suggested as an

     alternative. Donna volunteered to look about on DB the net.

     ? For the 2

     nd prize we have about ?50 to spend, and an Arndale voucher or a Poker Set were suggested.

    Decided that a voucher would be better.

     ? For decorations, Clara suggested a Heaven and Hell

    theme, and Andy suggested pumpkins full of

    sweets, and promised to dress as Harry Potter.

    ? This leaves ?200 to be spent (including Décor). Xan AC

    suggested cocktail fountains, but it was decided

    they’d be better saved for X-mas.

    ? Andy is going to send an E-mail to Simon about

    Halloween and Alton Towers.

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    Hoodies 5

     ? So far 10 have been sold. Decided to do shout outs

     as follows:

    AC st 1 Year: Thurs 10am: Andy AR

    CN, DB, nd 2 Year: Thursday: Xan EF,IB

    rd 3 Year: Friday: Clara, Donna, Em, Ian Funding 6

    ? Donna and Andy meeting on Monday at 1pm DB, AC Astro Nights 7

    ? Emily asked if they could buy flasks and blankets

     for the Astro Nights. She said astro would gradually

     pay the money back through ticket sales from the

    EF nights. The committee and the Treasurer approved. Alton Towers 8

    ? Emily has produced tickets and posters. Need slight

     colour and ambiguity alterations, but they’re

    EF, AC otherwise fantastic. Printing is to be done by


    AC, AR, DB ? 80 Tickets are available. Ticket sales will begin on

    Monday, with Andy, Xan will sell on Tuesday and

    Thursday, with Donna finishing on Friday.

    Future Events 9

    ? Andy asked everyone to think of things for xmas,

     such as party games, venues, and prizes for next

    EVERYONE week. Prizes should be around ?50. He also

    suggested we put all the prizes under a tree, and

    whoever wins the prizes gets to pick a present from

    the tree.

    Nexus Ball 10

    ? The nexus ball needs an after dinner speaker. Ian

     Morrison was recommended as he has recently


     Page 3

    been promoted very highly. Xander is to ask.

    Mentors 11

    ? A mentor event is to go onto next week’s agenda.

    AC Emily as part of the mentoring scheme is organizing

    a mentor only meal.

    Educational Events 12

    ? The department has asked PhysSoc to organize

    educational events. We feel this has been done via

    astro nights and the Quiz.

    Committee Meal 13

     ? Decided to have a committee meal on the evening thof 17EVERYONE October. The committee was asked to think

    of a location for next week.

    AOB 14


     ? Andy asked to check the new experimental

    PhysSOC website, EVERYONE


     ? Andy asked if we needed an award for the hardest working committee member. The committee

    decided that this was unnecessary and would cause

     problems. Rather it would be better to reward the

     committee as a whole, for example, with free

     shots. Xander volunteered to buy these shots at Christmas, should he fail to do the minutes on time.


     ? Andy asked if anyone had thought about whom AR, SF, EF, they’d like to shadow. Sam volunteered to shadow GC, JD Xan. Josh and Gav volunteered to shadow Emily.

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All minutes recorded and typed up by Xander Robinson.

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