Differentiation of TCM in the grid 8 Gang Yang card_6485

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Differentiation of TCM in the grid 8 Gang Yang card_6485

Differentiation of TCM in the grid 8 Gang Yang card

     Key words 8 Gang true winter heat syndrome Yang and yin and yang

     Yin and Yang, table science, cold and heat, actual situation as the main method, to analyze the performance of those whom the clinical symptoms of eight steel. 8 Class Syndrome are all kinds of proof-based medicine? T bend Shuo-chou ma??fortunate

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     Lattice Yang 8 certificate, that is the key link TCM Syndrome Differentiation in the true winter heat syndrome, also known as Yin Sheng Yang grid, the card is a time when Sheng Yang Deficiency, while some false heat card-like, are there really cold

    outside, see pseudo-heat syndrome. The nature of the disease is real cold, the external appearance is hot, so called "real winter fever." As Yin Sheng Yang grid, with grid-

    yang on the outside to force the yang in the differences, while the "grid-yang", "Dai

    Yang," said. Yang grid-based card to counter non-aversion to cold, Dai Yang card to

    Mianchi mainly pathogenesis both roughly the same, the actual cell to resist to the yin and yang, a serious stage, wearing a mesh can often see each other can not be

    completely separated from more than 80 cases cells of patients wearing a see also accounted for more than 20 cases, 8 cases list, see Dai Yang, Dai Yang Yang heavier than the grid. According to see the cold syndrome characterized by limb Jueleng, also

    called "Han Jue", "Yang Jue." Zhang Zhongjing funding, described as: "Table Geri cold," "inside (inside) outside the hot-cold", Zhang Jingyue called "Yin-Yang cards

    like", "water very Sihuo" and so on.

     1 Pathogenesis

     Exogenous the certificate, whether in the acute febrile disease in typhoid fever, or internal injuries in the miscellaneous cards of chronic disease could happen, but mainly related to hormone Intrinsic Shenqi Deficiency, Spleen and Kidney Yang bad about.

     In this virtual basis, there is a result of typhoid fever and the evil a person who within the transmission or straight, there are injuries due to the wet warm their yin and yang, evil in Hermit, or vomiting and diarrhea Shangyin, or mistakenly voted for

    Xin wet, cold, or too Laojuan, internal injuries intercourse, too impassioned, evil trap yin and persons; also have been ill wasting and kidney, kidney yin and yang made, it had created the mechanism of this permit, primarily Yang and also a sense of evil, or

    misuse of governance, resulting in the body chill excessive. Yang contradictions loggerheads with the chill to form a situation, the result is chill excessive, Yang already has the, due to the weak-yang, leaving the root of yin and yang is not allowed

    interoperability, mutual constraints, sustain each other. As the saying goes: "yin and yang qi is not relative to shun then," so strong yin-yang grid to weak to resist outward

    to form a yin-yang grid cell to resist the Yin Sheng Yang card. Yun Yang and Yin

    Sheng as both a cold and the spleen and kidney deficiency deficiency, but also refers to kidney yin and yang. Because yin and yang, yin deficiency may be caused by non-

    hidden, Yang does not observe care, virtual Yang is not grabbing, floating on the

    outside may appear in more cold outside the heat, water and a very Sihuo true winter heat syndrome. Later called "kidney yin fire" card, machines with this same disease and should takes such a case.

     To sum up, Yin Sheng Yang grid cards, can be divided into two kinds: one is

    yang, one yin and yang. Including the kidney yin and yang yang relative not virtual; kidney-yang does not warm Pitu, spleen and kidney yang deficiency and the order-

    based and spleen and kidney, spleen and kidney deficiency included. Kidney yin and

    yang, there are long illness and the yin-yang damage; or strength of the virtual. Lack of

    yin and yang; or do not know abstinence, yin and yang of the two different injuries. Such a distinction has clinical practical significance. "Su asked commentary fever

    theory," said: "The evil of the Minato, its gas must be empty," the formation of Yin Sheng Yang grid is simply included because, even though some evil invasion, but also the conditions of disease, not disease basis. As the slow Wu said: "typhoid fever

    transmission change in oral intake of cold medicine, attack hot too, its reputation for this Shenqi 2 Deficiency, gradually become cloudy card" that illustrates this point. Another example is Yang Zhao Kui, said: "Day of Peace can not be abstinence, deadly

    Huoshuai and kidney Yin Sheng, Dragon Fire no place to hide, so rather than go on tour in," while the "Jue Yin and the Yang grid" of the disease. According to the theory of ancient physicians, regardless of pass through, or exogenous evils straight in, or

    misuse of government evil trap and so on, but the fundamental reason is lack of vitality, Mingmen Huocui, Spleen and Kidney Deficiency. Therefore, various family cases is often the case of ferrite deficiency, excessive lust, older person and multi-yang

    happened to the pass. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Identification of two symptoms

     Following the more common symptoms: fever, Mianchi, irritability, thirst, sweating, pulse Hongda, floating large or the number of yellow or black moss,

    hematemesis, Nvxue and Yam spot. These symptoms, at first glance they seem to be heat syndrome, but although the body heat they want to cover clothing, limbs not warm, or even just see Jueleng, according to the attending chest and abdomen, the

    beginning felt like hot, but a long time by the then not feel the heat, or non-burning

    hands, and even anti-it feels cool, although the red face, but not flushed, but Mianchi micro-halo, wandering, or zygomatic red, such as makeup, with a delicate white.

    Although upset does not sleep, hand, foot and impatient interference disturbed, but Shen Juan, shortness of breath lazy words, and there is tongue-run is not red, pulse

    rate, etc., as Shen Wei; or play down such mad, cut-off of the ending. Although mouth

    thirst, but not a big thirsty Citation drink, but thirsty hi hot drinks, alcoholic drinks and not be large. Although Khan pointed out that while Table fever subsided, and anti-

    Lee Jueni see below, chills and so on. But according to the weak pulse Hong Dayong, or

    floating should be large according to the means, or a few, but according to the virtual bulk. Moss yellow or gray or black, but the moisture does not dry but not dry. Although blood loss is more than spit bleed at the nose, the whole body tired cold

    extremities, urine clear long, loose stools, while the tongue blue lips and white really cold of the sign; spot though, but found in the wrist, the shoulder, Xiong Xie, etc., in such a small pale, or faintly spotted. In short, although the external card such as

    sensible heat, but we must see the spirit of the apathetic, physical fatigue, chills, cold extremities, urine will be clear pond, moss tongue pale white, or slippery, or Run, pulse weak and other faction Yin Shen

     The signs of excessive cold. Just as Wang Hao-old said: "probably before and after

    the change to a different card to do the pulse, most are accurate, do not have to resort to outside the card also." Tao Tsang also said that the section: "... ... must be in

    possession pulse prescription to the cut when the do not ask the size of floating and sinking, but the inability to refer to the next, according to the bones and muscles no persons, there must be V overcast, not with the cold agent. veins though Hongda,

    according to the powerless, in re-no, that is yin card. "Yang Further take days, said:

    "No true and false by virtue of various veins, veins are true or false by virtue of various tongue." Therefore, these "hot like" is "false heat", its essence is really cold, that is,

    Yin Sheng Yang grid, true winter vacation heat, the so-called lattice Yang certificate,

    clinical, such as the above can grasp the outline, carefully distinguish the true winter vacation hot permit easy identification.

     In addition, the performance of special leave some heat illness, should be clear, identifying when extra attention. ;ù fake certificates of body heat a big heat, also

    means high fever. ;ú Daiyang see patients, in addition to surface infrared,

    hematemesis, Nvxue, overcast patches, should also be included. ;? Daiyang card,

    special circumstances can be met red red bleeding, or throats, such as pyrotechnic upside, rather then the throat, such as cracking, sore tongue, the tongue of Health prick, cleft lips coke. ;ü fake hot card Fanre, irritability of the Department, the

    special when it can be seen Fanre for thirsty, Yushi cold objects, even large thirst cited desire for cold medicine powder, Ginger, or thirsty, Yi Shen Fan Re forever, or for lying cold land and, after unpleasant; or irritability restlessness, Yang Shou kicking

    foot, irritability, and even try to cover, anxious to bare clothing; or irritability delirium, arrogantly scolded scold, do not avoid the closeness, mad running, naked Chi-Ben; Yu

    Qiang on housing, those who like a strong enthusiasm. And so on, it seems more than

    the card yang hot, but if carefully scrutinize, one must be filled with chill really bad yang basis, in particular, identified according to the clock, most are quasi-. Observed

    from each medical case, this time to see more of: Pulse micro-stricken; or while floating

    a few feet small and weak and the Commissioner Hong Dayong, or Shen taken suddenly, according to it like a wire; pulse suddenly empty bulk, six pulse has no roots, etc. pulse and thus go against the essence of Yang Han-sheng grid.

     3 Treatment

     Yang and Yin Sheng Yang grid of cards, Expelling Okara big hot Wenshen back to spleen and kidney yang, and two temperature, saving agents of yin and yang back. Yin

    and yang, kidney yin fire certificate, Expelling Wen Zi and used, mainly by Return Fire yuan, the selected prescription, it is mainly used in the Sini Sini soup soup, Tongmai Sini soup, ginger soup Fuzi, White Pass soup to warm through the rescue Yang; Sini Renshen Tonga, Tonga pig bile Tongmai Sini Sini Tang Tang and Fuling in order to save the yin yang solid. Also used in soups reasonable grounds for the soup, Zhen Wu Tang, and Aconite Decoction for Warming Piyang and solid yin yang. Yin and yang, kidney yin fire certificate. Owners to Shenqi pill Shiquandabu Tonga aconite and King Yue Li Yin fry, fry the town of Yang, Kun containing Ling-yu soup. After-conditioning,

    and many more blood pairs of fill, mainly of yin and yang balance. If used in recipe owned by Shao Liujunzi soup, ginseng Yang Rong Tang, SDT, the justifications for the soup, Ba Weiwan so.

     These are the lattice Yang licenses, that is really hot winter vacation pathogenesis, symptom identification and treatment of an initial study. Reposted elsewhere in the

    paper for free download http://

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