Committee Role descriptions

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Committee Role descriptions


    Committee Role descriptions

    President - Oversees and manages general running of the club

    - Represents the club (spokesperson)

    - Chairs committee meetings

    - Delegates tasks to members

    - Liaises with Monash Sport

    - Liaises with Jells regarding Jells teams

    - Liaises with Oakleigh Recreation Centre regarding Oakleigh teams

    - Organises O-week stall

    - Oversees trials and formation of teams/squads

    - Works with Treasurer to devise budget


    - Assists President

    - Public Officer filling out necessary paperwork for the committee changeover

    - Act as the contact person for „Clubs and Societies‟ and direct to the appropriate

    committee person to deal with

    - Organises O-week stall

    - Maintain and update the website:

    - Sponsorship

    - Organise club awards and trophies for presentation night


    - Regularly check the letterbox for correspondence regarding teams, bills etc, and forward

    on to the appropriate committee members - Regularly check the email (hotmail) account for correspondence from club members

    (email:, password: _______)

    - Assists the President and Coach with the organisation of teams

    - Registers teams at the start of each season

    - Responsible for receiving phone calls from Jells/Oakleigh regarding changes to games

    and finals

    - Responsible for receiving phone calls from potential players

    - Enter club members details into club database

    - Record minutes at all meeting and make them available to club members


    - Responsible for managing club funds

    - Issues invoices for payments received (fees, uniforms)

    - Pay invoices (court bookings, team fees, uniforms)

    - Responsible for collecting club fees and liaising with team captains regarding game


    - Devise a budget accounting the profit/loss details for the club for the past financial year

    (with the Presidents help)

    - Deposit any petty cash into the club bank account with the deposit book

    - Responsible for signing cheques for club payments (must have 2 committee members

    signatures on cheques)



    - Responsible for ensuring all membership fees and game fees are paid by members

    - Must keep a written record of all money given or received by the club, its members and


    - Responsible for the maintaining the financial security of the club

Past President

    - A role to be automatically taken on by the previous President (if for some reason the

    previous President is unable to fulfil their role, then the Vice President is responsible for

    this position. If the Vice President is unable to either, then the Secretary or Treasurer is to

    take on this role in their place)

    - Assist the new committee with the changeover

    - Offer assistance and advice on club matters when required

    - Acts as a general committee member

Publications Officer

    - Produce a regular newsletter during the year (preferably monthly)

    - Liaise with the committee members about the information to be included

    - Photocopy the newsletter at sports development office (in sports and rec building)

    - Responsible for the distribution of the newsletters to club members. This can be via email

    if appropriate. (correspondence with Jells team captains and Oakleigh Rec staff required)

    - Responsible for the promotion of club social events, such as emails to the whole club

    regarding upcoming club functions or news

    - Promote any sponsorship support in the newsletter

Social/ Fundraising Officer

    - Work with the committee to organise and coordinate social aspects of the club and major


    - Organise club barbeques when appropriate

    - Organise Presentation Night (including team captains to collect B&F votes and money for

    the night)

    - Organise the “Sports Ball” in conjunction with other sporting clubs, in particular Monash

    Football Club

    - Organise the club trivia night

    - Liaise with team captains about organising „team only‟ events such as tea, dinners to

    promote team unity in a social setting

    - Responsible for looking for club sponsorship by working with the Publications Officer

Uniforms and Equipment Officer

    - Responsible for organising court bookings for trainings - Responsible for ensuring that all equipment used for trainings is in good condition and

    replacing equipment if supplies are low

    - Responsible for organising uniforms (dresses) for new players and keeping a record of

    and reselling second-hand dresses from ex-players - Ensuring that all team captains have team balls and bibs - Responsible for selling club t-shirts and re-ordering as required

    - Responsible for ordering club hoodies for members - Responsible for ensuring the club room is clean and tidy throughout the year



Oakleigh/ Monash Representative

    - A liaison between the committee and Oakleigh and Monash associations/teams

    - Responsible for overseeing that all teams are running smoothly and helping out of any

    problems occur

    - Correspond directly with Oakleigh or Monash about any issues

    - Assists with formation of teams

    - Maintains Oakleigh notice board


    - Responsible for running training sessions throughout the year

    - Organise fitness sessions as a pre-season motivation

    - Organise „social matches‟ between teams as an alternative to training

General Committee Members

    - Attend regular committee meetings

    - Help committee undertake tasks as necessary eg, BBQs, Presentation Night, Grading,

    Social Events or as delegated by the President

Team Captains

    - Responsible for organising teams on game nights ensuring that there are enough players

    to take the court each week.

    - Liaise with the committee regarding players progress, development and, attendance

    - Responsible for the collection of games fees and paying the required money at the front

    desk on the night

    - Responsible for handing over money for dresses or club fees to the treasurer - Responsible for handing out the monthly newsletter

    - Responsible for organising „team‟ functions such as dinner or drinks after the game with

    the help of the social/fundraising reps to promote team unity and cohesion - Encourage attendance at training sessions

    - Attempt to make sure there is a scorer present for every game - Ensure a set of bibs and a ball is brought to every match


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