Differentiation and Treatment of Hyperthyroidism Experience_7098

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Differentiation and Treatment of Hyperthyroidism Experience_7098

Differentiation and Treatment of Hyperthyroidism Experience

     Key words hyperthyroidism; syndrome differentiation; traditional Chinese medicine therapy

     Hyperthyroidism (hereinafter referred to as hyperthyroidism), is a common disease

    of clinical endocrine system. There are several causes of thyroid functional status of high, causing the body nervous, circulatory, digestive systems such as hyper-excitability

    and metabolism increased. Clinical manifestations of goiter, fatigue, Heat intolerance,

    sweating, heart palpitations, irritability, more food, weight loss, tremor and insomnia. Currently, Western medicine treatment of hyperthyroidism most widely used, but the cure rate is only about 50%, and neutropenia may occur, drug eruption, liver damage

    and other adverse reactions [1]. I used Differential Treatment in Treating hyperthyroidism, not only can improve efficacy, reduce dosage and toxicity, but also in improving the symptoms, treatment complications, reduce the relapse rate has some


     1 Etiology and Pathogenesis of

     Hyperthyroidism is a Chinese medicine gall disease areas. "Tai Ping Sheng Hui Fang," that: "husband's gall persons born angry rage by worried also. Sand from drinking water, with the air entry in the veins, to succeed under the pump in the neck

    also." Explicitly pointed out the gall disease and areas, drinking water, emotion-

    related. Chinese medicine believes that more than hyperthyroidism due to a congenital kidney yin lack of acquired emotional stimulation walls have lesions organs mainly the

    liver, kidney, heart, spleen. Emotions are sluggish, liver qi stagnation is irritability; gas for blood Shuai, gas lines are the blood line, then the qi stagnation and blood stasis; Mu Yu g soil, the spleen lost Jian Wan, poly wet Sheng Tan, the knot in the anterior, then the neck before the enlargement; qi course of time, chemical heat Shangyin, Yu heat inside the nuisance and upset, then the heart palpitations, insomnia, Heat intolerance, sweating; Yu, within the fire disturbance in the stomach, then the consumption of good grain famine; heat Shangyin, tendons and loss of support, and then the finger tremor; Zhuang fire water air, Yu fire the course of time, gas consumption Shangyin, if not the

    system yin-yang, the more virtual floating yang, yin and yang, hyperthyroidism crisis arising from the decision, if Yin Sun, and Yang, spleen and kidney yang deficiency can develop hypothyroidism. Can be seen that hyperthyroidism cards are marked in this virtual real, the virtual to Yin-based, with the patient's condition development, Yin

    Sun, and Yang, Qi can occur, or even yang; marked primarily for real-Qi stagnation,

    Yu-fire, blood stasis and Phlegm . At the same time, due to age, body mass, duration and environmental differences, clinical manifestations, severity, actual situation mixed different, and also because more organs involved, the disease often reciprocal causation between cards, mutual transformation, dialectical bound to be many factors impact. Therefore, individualized treatment of hyperthyroidism syndrome differentiation becomes key.

     2 Differential Treatment

     2.1 liver Qi stagnation card, see: chest of good Tai Xi, emotional restless, Xie Lei fullness, belching, women's menstrual disorders, thin white tongue fur, pulse string.

    Search: mild thyroid enlargement. Expelling Shugan Qi. Party election Chaihushugan Decoction. Drugs: Bupleurum 10 g, dried tangerine peel 10 g, white peony 10 g, Citrus aurantium 10 g, Cyperus rotundus 10 g, turmeric 10 g, Chinese angelica 10 g,

    Zhigancao 6 g, Prunella vulgaris 15 g.

     2.2 hepatogastric Yu Heat-card See: irritability, Fan Re sweating, dry mouth, mouth pain, polydipsia polyphagia, then frequency, weight loss, mamillata, moss yellow, and pulse a few strings. Search: goiter. Expelling Qingwei Shugan. Fang Yu Nvjian All Sini Decoction election. Drugs: Gypsum 30 g, Zhimu 10 g, wheat Asp 10 g, Radix Rehmanniae 10 g, Achyranthes 10 g, Bupleurum 10 g, white peony 10 g, citrus aurantium 10 g, Health and licorice 6 g, Prunella vulgaris 15 g, Scutellaria 10 g.

     2.3 Yin Huo-wang-type card, see: body weight, five upset hot, evil, hot sweating, Kouzao throat, insomnia and more dreams, trembling of the hands trembled tongue, a short red urine, stool dry, mamillata little moss, pulse breakdown. Expelling nourishing yin and clearing heat. Fang Huang Decoction election Angelica 6. Drugs: baicalin 10 g, berberine 6 g, Treats 10 g, Radix Rehmanniae 15 g, Health Astragalus 30 g, Chinese angelica 10 g, white peony 10 g, Millettia 30 g, Scrophulariaceae 10 g, turtle shell 30 g.

     2.4 qi Phlegm-type card, see: drowsiness weakness, pharyngeal material in any block, sudden eyes, chest tightness Zhongwan swelling of the liver, good Tai Xi, Bai Ni tongue, pulse string slide. Search: goiter. Expelling phlegm qi. Party election Banxia Houpu Decoction. Drugs: Pinellia 10 g, Magnolia officinalis 10 g, Poria 15 g, ginger, 6 g, Su Ye 9 g, Bupleurum 10 g, turmeric 10 g, Zhejiang Fritillaria 12 g, Prunella vulgaris 10 g, Mustard Seed 6 g, raw oysters 30 g. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2.5 Qi Yin deficiency type certificate, see: Shenpi fatigue, Fan Re sweating, dry mouth Yanzao, palpitations shortness of breath, or part-torpid intake, or both refer to

    vibrate, mamillata, or a statement on behalf of the small veins. Expelling Prostisol. Party election co-Bu Zhong Yi Qi Decoction Shengmaisan. Drugs: Codonopsis 15 g, wheat Asp 12 g, Schisandra 6 g, Health Astragalus 30 g, Atractylodes macrocephala 10

    g, Chinese angelica 10 g, Cimicifuga 10 g, Bupleurum 10 g, white peony 10 g, Jujube Ren 30 g, yam 15 g, turtle version of 30 g.

     2.6 spleen deficiency type prevalent in the age-related hyperthyroidism (apathetic

    hyperthyroidism) patients. Permit See: aversion to cold, fatigue weakness, torpid intake will be pond, face apathy, forgetfulness, insomnia, weight loss, pale tongue, white moss, pulse Shen fine. Expelling Wenshen spleen. Party election Yougui Pill. Drugs: the system aconite 6 g, cinnamon 10 g, yam 15 g, Cornus officinalis 10 g, dodder seed 10 g, Eucommia 10 g, Rehmannia 10 g, Chinese angelica 10 g, Radix Codonopsis 10 g, nutmeg 10 g.

     3 Experience

     Graves Disease-based virtual machine standard real, the virtual to Yin-based, and

    the evil heat also Haoshang body fluid, it should pay attention to traditional Chinese medicine yin. The author of the clinical focus on nourishing the liver and kidney yin, while the liver yin and used body-yang, yin qi Shuxie Rougan can help to relieve liver

    depression; the other hand, Da "Zhuang water main, to the system sunshine" effect. Hyperthyroidism there is more air-poor, in order to prevent drug Zi Yin tired impede

    air-advised to use Qingrun of goods, such as Radix Rehmanniae, wheat Asp,

    Scrophulariaceae, white peony, Ligustrum lucidum and so on. For patients with goiter, and exophthalmos more from the phlegm and blood stasis theory of governance, in order to qi phlegm, promoting blood circulation Sanjie-based, and Zhuo Jia Qufeng of

    goods, common Banxia, Magnolia, Poria, Zhejiang Fritillaria, white mustard seeds, Prunella, raw oysters phlegm Sanjie; Zedoary Health Puhuang, pangolins, red peony medicine, red sage root, turmeric blood stasis; phlegm medicine in Canada a little Qufeng drugs, adjustable qi, strengthen expectorant's power, and may be cited drug uplink; also "liver opens into the eye," and therefore choose to go multi-Qufeng

    medicine Bupleurum Liver Meridian, chrysanthemum, Tribulus terrestris and so on. Seaweed, kelp and other iodine-containing medicines in the short term can inhibit

    thyroid hormone synthesis and release, but the long-term efficacy is not satisfactory [1],

    and also enable smaller thyroid glands become ductile [2], and therefore should use less of clinical or no.

     The treatment of hyperthyroidism bear fruit slowly, course length, in order to improve patient adherence to therapy, patients should carry out health education to encourage patients to improve the state of mind, adhere to treatment, symptoms and

    laboratory parameters to be improved and in stable condition, the choice of appropriate medicine, to facilitate long-term use in patients. The course of treatment

    should also pay attention to monitor indicators of thyroid function, blood and liver function in order to grasp the patient's condition and medication side effects, timely adjustments to treatment.


     [1] Chen Hao Zhu. Practical in Science [M] .10 version. Beijing: People's Medical Publishing House ,1997:1020-1021.

[2] Li Thai. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology [M] .2 version. Beijing: People's Health

Publishing House, 1998:1026. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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