Shake it

By Elizabeth Anderson,2014-11-13 17:03
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Shake it

Shake it! Shake it! Who’s in the Barnyard?

    Shake it. Shake it. Shake what you’ve got Who’s in the barnyard?

    Shake it. Shake it. Shake it a lot Who’s my barnyard friend?

    Shake your hands. 1, 2, 3. The first friend is pink and “Oink” says he

    Shake your hands. Shake them with me Can you name this friend for me? Pig Shake your head. Shake your body. Our next friend makes milk for you

     Tell me which friend says “Moo”. Cow

    You Gotta Laugh He walks with a waddle and “Quack” he’ll say

    You gotta laugh. Ha ha ha. You gotta laugh. Hee hee hee Who’s this animal that just came our way? Duck

    You gotta laugh. Ho Ho Ho Ho. You gotta laugh. This friend is gentle and “Baa’s” his sound

    Laughing feels good you know. Who is this friend we’ve just found? Goat

    Many things can make you laugh like This friend is different. On 2 legs he’ll stand

    When daddy tickles your belly He’s not an animal; he’s a man. The Farmer!

    Or when mommy bites you toes and says “These are smelly” All our barnyard friends are here with their song

     Pick your favorite and sing a long! Pee Pee in the Toilet

    When you get the feeling you have to go. Monkey, Monkey

    You need to let an adult know Monkey, Monkey #1.

    You say “I do pee pee in the toilet bowl. What can we do for some fun? Make a face. Because I am 2 years old.” Psss Psss Monkey, Monkey #2.

    Take you time; do not rush. Tell me something we can do? Try a silly sound. When you’re finished, you must flush. Monkey, Monkey #3.

    No more diapers; Big kid pants for me. What can you do with me? Bump sides together I use the toilet when I pee. Monkey, Monkey #4.

     Can you add something more? Stomp your feet. My Hands Monkey. Monkey #5.

    My hands have fingers. My feet have toes. If you had a car, how would you drive? My legs have knees. My face has a nose. Like this Vroom, vroom

    My fingers have nails. My head has hair. Now all 5 monkeys have had a chance, My mouth has a tongue. Want to see? PPP. There. Get together do the Monkey Dance

     Ooh ooh EE EE Ah Ah Ah

    What Would I See?

    If I stood on Earth and looked up high, My thumb

    What could I see in the sky? I love to chef pretzles, crackers or fruti The Sun. Its hot! Repeat question. They go in mouth; you understand A star. They’re bright. Repeat question. My mouth chews the things that I eat but A rocket ship. Zoom. Fast! The Moon. At night. My thumb is for my hand

     My thumb helps my hand hold a scissor Nothing Else My thumb helps my hand to hold a cup I’m riding in the car and I have to sit still. My thumb helps me put food in my mouth I can’t do anything. I have to sit still. And I use it to show “Thumbs up!”

    But I can tap my toe. But that’s it. Nothing else. When you use your mouth for talking, sep it empty Repeats and add “And slap my thigh” That will make you easy to understand Wiggle my butt. Nod my head. Do this with my tongue. Your tongue is for talking and for eating but Songs over. Are we there yet? Your thumb is for your hand.

Someone Else’s Turn Parachute Goes Up and Down

    It’s someone else’s turn; it’s not your turn. Parachute goes up and down (3x) I’m sure you can learn when it’s someone else’s turn. Shake it. Listen to the sound. Someone else was picked to do what I wanted to do Shake it. Shake it. Shake it. See the colors move. (2x)

    I was told “Next time, I might pick you.”

    My brother got gifts on his birthday Clean Up

    I was happy for him. I learned to say…. Clean up. Clean up. That’s what I say.

     Clean up. Clean up. Put staff away.

    Pick up. Pick up. Girls and boys.

Pick up pick up pick up your toys

    We’re cleaning up. (2x) We’re putting staff away.

    We’re cleaning up. (2x) We do it everyday.

Gentle Hands

    Gentle hands. Gentle hands.

    When I touch I will use gentle hands. Soft and slow (2x) Gentle hands are soft and slow. For a baby, gentle hands. For a friend, gentle hands.

    For a kitten, gentle hands.

    Gentle hands are always soft and slow.

Going Home

    You’re going home (2x)

    We’ve had fun but it’s time to go home.

    You’ve had time to play; it’s been a good day.

    Now, its time to go home!

I Kiss You; You Kiss Me

    I kiss you; you kiss me. (2x) Kissing is such fun you see.

    I hug you; you hug me. (2x) Hugging is such fun you see.

    Baby and I sit on the floor. We kiss. We hug. But wait, there’s more. More? More

    I tickle you; You tickle me. (2x) Tickling is such fun you see.

    I cuddle with you; You cuddle with me (2x) Cuddling sure is fun you see.

    Kiss. Hug. Tickle. Cuddle.

Are You Ready for Bed?

    You know it’s time for bed? Yes. I know. (2x)

    Come on. Let’s get ready. Here I come. (2x)

    Did you eat your dinner? Yes. I did (2x) Show me how you ate it. Chew chew

    Well did you brush your teeth? Yes. I did Show me how you brushed them. Up and down. Well did you take a bath? Yes. I did Show me how you washed. Soap and rinse. Did you say “Good night”? With a kiss.

    Show me how you did that. Um Wah

    Are you ready for bed? Yes. I am. Show me how you sleep. Snore sounds.

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