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By Oscar Hernandez,2014-09-14 12:08
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     OpenHAN Task Force Compliance Board Proposal


    The membership has determined there is a need to identify various HAN technologies as UtilityAMI 2008 HAN SRS-compliant in some form (e.g., UtilityAMI Good HAN Seal of Approval). The reasons for doing this include:

    1. Increased attention, interest, and product availability from that technology alliance’s membership

    to the SRS;

    2. Increased attention, interest, and motivation from other technology standards alliances to the

    SRS and the OpenHAN Task Force’s goals;

    3. Easier vetting of technologies for utilities looking to procure and implement HAN Devices and

    systems; and

    4. Easier certification of HAN Devices by motivating technology alliances to include HAN SRS

    compliance as part of their standard certification process.


    Subject to review, debate, modification, and final approval by the voting members of the OpenHAN TF, the following process for the Compliance Board shall be adopted:

    ; A technology alliance requests, in writing, to the OpenHAN TF Chair that its technology be

    identified as compliant with the latest version of the UtilityAMI HAN SRS. The technology

    alliance will submit documentation attesting to and validating this claim (e.g., sufficiently detailed

    technical explanations of how its technology meets HAN principles, architectures, and

    requirements as laid out in the SRS).

    ; The OpenHAN TF Chair will appoint a 5-member board of OpenHAN TF utility members to review

    the compliance claims. To begin with, the members should be drawn from the contributors listed

    in the UtilityAMI 2008 HAN SRS for their experience and knowledge. To prevent claims of bias,

    the members should be selected so as to prevent overrepresentation by utility members that

    belong to the technology alliance being considered for review.

    o A detailed scoresheet should be drawn up before any evaluations of a technology are

    performed to increase transparency and manage subjectivity. Considerations should

    include the ability to meet the spirit of the SRS (e.g., level of openness of the technology

    standard) as well as to support the exact system requirements.

    ; The 5-member board will establish its timeline and division of labor. It will carefully review the

    technology alliance documentation for accuracy and adherence to the spirit of the HAN SRS.

    The board will have the latitude to request further documentation, meetings, etc. in order to

    complete its work.

    ; The board will reach a recommendation by consensus and provide it to the OpenHAN TF Chair.

    All members of the board must agree on the recommendation for it to be valid.

    ; The OpenHAN TF Chair will submit the recommendation to the OpenHAN TF membership for


    ; Upon ratification, the OpenHAN TF Chair will provide written approval to the technology alliance

    that they are or are not UtilityAMI HAN SRS-compliant.

    o In the case of compliance, details regarding usage of UtilityAMI logos and other

    considerations will be negotiated by the OpenHAN TF Chair and the UtilityAMI/UCAug


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     Edison SmartConnect? DRAFT

     OpenHAN Task Force Compliance Board Proposal

    ; Upon ratification, the 5-member compliance board will have completed its work and thereby be

    disbanded. Each technology alliance submission will begin this process again. There are no

    restrictions on repeat membership on the compliance board.

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