Slap It

By Sara Torres,2014-11-13 17:03
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Slap It

    Slap It!

    1. Post 10 15 words from the text to read on the


    2. Divide the class into groups of 4.

    3. Make each group a copy of the Slap it Board. 4. Have students write the words on small post-it notes

    and place on post-it note in each box.

    5. The teacher reads a clue for each word. As soon as

    a student figures out what word the teacher is

    referring to, he or she slaps the post-it note that

    contains the word.

    6. The first student to slap the post-it note gets the

    word and removes the post-it note from the table. 7. The teacher continues until all the words are


    8. The student with the most post-it notes is the

    winner, if this is played as a competitive game.

    Mind Reader

1. Divide students into groups of 4 or 5.

    2. Give each group a set of the chosen vocabulary words. 3. The teacher uses clues from the “Slap it” game.

    4. The teacher reads the first clue and then stops. The

    students will hold up the word they think it might be. 5. Then the teacher reads the next clue. Students must

    now decide if the word they are holding is still correct,

    or if they need to choose another word.

    6. This process continues until the teacher reads the last

    clue. Then the teacher checks to see which groups

    chose the correct word.

Examples of word clues:

    1. The first letter in the word is in the first half of

    the alphabet.

    2. This word has more vowels than consonants. 3. This word can refer to baseball. 4. This word has one syllable.


1. This word has three syllables.

    2. This word has a root that ends in “y”.

    3. This word has a suffix that means “the most”.

    4. Synonyms for this word are “bright” and



Slap It Board

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