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I hope to live in AVRDC dormitory: Yes No:Tel (O): Fax (O): E-mail (O): Tel (H): Fax (H): E-mail (H): ...

     APPLICATION FOR UNDERGRADUATE TRAINING at AVRDCThe World Vegetable Center P.O. Box 42, Shanhua, Tainan, Taiwan 74199, Republic of China 声明:本文档Tel: (06) 583-7801 ext. 503 Fax: (06) 583-0009

    E-mail: 由山东电建(sddianjian)

     Home page: 上传到豆丁网 聯絡地址:74151台南縣善化鎮益民寮60 (),若有侵害 亞蔬世界蔬菜中心 全球技術拓展 您的权益,请发站内消

     Photograph (digital image acceptable) **Note: Please type or print all entries in English 息。 ===================================================================


    Field of Special Interest

    Write “1” for first choice, “2” for second choice, etc. ( ) Biotechnology ( ) Nutrition Science ( ) Crucifer Breeding ( ) Crop & Ecosystem Management ( ) Bacteriology ( ) Cucurbit Breeding ( ) Entomology ( ) Mycology ( ) Legume Breeding ( ) Genetic Resource Conservation ( ) Virology ( ) Bulb Allium / Pepper Breeding ( ) Global Technology Dissemination ( ) Socio-economics ( ) Tomato Breeding ==========================================================================================

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I am presently a JUNIOR SENIOR at the

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    I am majoring in

    (department/discipline) I expect to graduate on


    1 Feb 2009

2 Feb 2009

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    Attach English Version of University Transcript 請附上大學在校成績單(英文版) Study Plans

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    Describe briefly any disorders or physical defects which might interfere with your ability to complete the training program:

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    3 Feb 2009

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