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     Rpt Drf: 广 GUANGZHOU WORLDWIDE STANDARDS AND TESTING CO. LTD. No. 110, Dongguanzhuang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. Tel: (86) 20-87236520, Fax: (86) 20-87237226 IV#: 广州市天河区东莞庄路110 Website:


    申请号! Pick-up Service, Please call tel: (86) 20-87236019

    Received: Committed: 收板服务电话!(86) 20-87236019 接收日期! 完成日期! Please fill in English/X Mark box Customer No: Reviewed By: 请用英文填写/或在选择格内打“×” 顾客号! 复核者! Applicant: / 申请商! Supplier/Manufacturer: / 供应商 / 制造商:

    Address: / 址! Address: / 地址!

    Contact Person: / 人! Contact Person: / 人! Tel. No. Fax No. Tel. No. Fax No. 电话! 传真! 电话 传真! Sample Description / 样品名称描述:

     Style/Item No.: P.O./Ref. No.:

    类型/型号 定货编号/参考号:

    Country of Origin: Destination:

    制造国! 目的地国!

    Age Grading for Testing: Special Instructions:

    测试年龄要求: 特殊要求:.

     Tests Required / 测试要求:

Service Required (Sample pick-up time not included ) : 服务要求 (不包括取板时间)

     Regular 正常 Express(40% Surcharge) 加快 (加收费40%) Immediate(100% Surcharge) 特快 (加收费100%)

     Returned Test Samples / 返回测试样品! Yes No 报告是否附图片 Yes No *Service charge may be levied if samples are to be returned by mail/courier. Otherwise, samples submitted for testing will be scrapped at the discretion of

    GWSTC upon completion of the test. 测试样品在测试完后将被销毁, 如果选用邮寄/专递服务,按情况收取相关费用。

    We declare that the above information given by us is true and correct / 我们声明以上提供的资料全部属实

     We agree to abide by the condition printed on the back of this form / 我们同意遵守印于本表背面的条件。 Signature for and on behalf of the applicant and company chop/ 申请人公司盖章及代表签名

    Printed Name and Position / 名及职位 Date / 日期!

    General Conditions Of Testing 通用服务条件

GUANGZHOU WORLDWIDE STANDARDS TESTING CO. LTD. hereinafter called “the Company”, while reserving the right to

    decline, without giving any reason whatsoever, any request for the undertaking of a test or investigation, will carry out at the request of

    the Applicant the required test or investigation subject always to the following conditions:

1. All materials, equipment and other property to be tested or investigated shall be delivered at the cost of the Applicant and in

    accordance with the requirements of the Company. At the conclusion of the test or investigation, the Applicant shall, if requested

    by the Company, collect the materials or equipment. In any event, if materials or equipment are not collected by the Applicant

    within 60 days from the issuance date of the test report, the Company may at its entire discretion dispose of the some without any

    compensation to the Applicant.

    2. No liability shall be incurred by and no claim shall be made against, the Company or its servants, agents or other persons

    employed at the Company’s premises where such tests or investigation are to be carries out, in respect of any loss or damage to

    any such materials, equipment and property occurring whilst at the said premised, or in the course of transit to or from the said

    premises, and whether or not resulting form any acts, neglect or default on the part of any such servant or agent of the Company,

    or any other person as aforesaid.

    3. The Company will not be liable, or accept responsibility for any loss or damage howsoever arising from the use of information

    contained in any of its Reports or in any communication whatsoever about its said tests or investigations. 4. Applicants wishing to use the Company’s Reports in court proceedings or arbitration shall inform the Company to that effect

    prior to submitted the sample for testing.

    5. A Test Report be issued in confidence to the client and it will be strictly treated as such by the Company. It may not be

    reproduced either in its entirety or in part and it may not be used for advertising. The client to whom the Report is issued may,

    however, show or send it, or a certified copy there of prepared by the Company, to his customer, supplier or other persons

    directly concerned. The Company will not, without the consent of the client, enter into any discussion or correspondence with

    any third part concerning the contents of the Report.

    6. The Report will refer only to the sample tested and will not apply to the bulk, unless the sampling has been carried out by the

    Company, and it will be stated as such in the Report.

    7. In the event of improper use of the Report, the Company reserves the right to withdraw it, and to adopt any other measures which

    may be appropriate.

    8. Sample submitted for testing are accepted on the understanding that the Report issued cannot from the basis of, or be the

    instrument for, legal action against the Company.

    9. Sample are deposited with and accepted by the Company on the basis that either they are insured by the Applicant assumes entire

    responsibility for loss through fire, theft or burglary, or for damage arising directly or indirectly in the course of analysis or

    handling, without recourse whatsoever to the Company or any member of its staff.

    10. The Company reserves the right to include Special Condition in addition to the foregoing General Conditions if warranted by the

    particular circumstances of the required test or investigation.

    11. Test result may be transmitted by electronic means at the client’s request. However, it should be noted that electronic

    transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information can be lost, delayed or intercepted by third party. The

    Company is not liable for any disclosure, error or omission in the content of such messages, which arise as a result of electronic


    12. If necessary, the Company may subcontract part of or all tests to competent subcontractors. If no objection is raised at the time

    of submitting this application, we shall assume the client’s approval.

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