Club South Volleyball Commitment Agreement

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Club South Volleyball Commitment Agreement

    Club South Volleyball Player-Parent

    Contract Parents and Players must sign this agreement that they have read the rules below and agree to them.

    The agreement is primarily related to travel team issues, but we do require all sign. Agreement must

    be signed and signature page mailed with your registration form and deposit. Our goal is an incident free season. Our experience has told us that the best way for us to accomplish this is

    to put down in writing our exact expectations up front. The goal is to put down on paper the answers to

    potential situations that will come up, and make sure at the same time we answer your questions. It is

    imperative you read this contract and agree to all terms prior to joining this season.

    THIS CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENT (the “Contract”) is made and entered into , by and between

    CLUB SOUTH VOLLEYBALL CLUB, doing business in and around Upstate, South Carolina (“CS”) and

    below Named Parent and Player, as participant in a Club South Program.


     CLUB SOUTH is for the serious volleyball athlete! Our training & tournament phase is very intense,

    but it will make you better, increase game knowledge, and improve your skill level. If you’re looking

    for laid back practices, practices you can come every once in a while, then we suggest you look

    elsewhere. We don’t apologize for it, but we make it clear up front. CLUB SOUTH players are

    athletes who want to reach their potential from the beginner athlete, to the elite.

     It is the philosophy of the CLUB SOUTH program to develop respect, discipline, commitment, and a

    positive self-image in each of the athletes. It is important that each player understand the concept of

    being a part of a “team." Selfish acts will be grounds for dismissal from the team and club. Every

    athlete will be expected to conduct herself appropriately at all times. You will be representing the

    Club South program. Show respect at all times to coaches, teammates, officials at tournaments &

    parents. Be competitive, but not disrespectful toward other JO teams or clubs. Disrespect to anyone

    will not be tolerated!

     If it is in the best interest of the program, a player may be moved from one team to another based on

    one or more of the following; (1) position, (2) skill level (3) attitude (4) needed for tournament play

    (5) Loss of player from another team. The coaching committee will have the authority to move a

    player from one team to another based on above needs. Players may request to be moved to a lower

    team, if she feels that she is not getting sufficient playing time at tournaments.


     Our tryout process can be very stressful to many. We have been doing this for over a dozen years,

    the continue to improve the process.. but we have perfected this with a 90%+ accuracy. At the end of

    the day, you must TRUST our system and our coaches to make the correct decision. We are

    increasing the coaches who do evaluations, in addition to hiring non affiliated CS coaches to evaluate

    but shorten the tryout process.

     2008/09 Tryout CS process will change. Complete details will be provided to you on our website

    prior to tryouts. Club South will not offer Parent/Player discussions of team placement this season. .

    Teams will be announced after tryouts, parents/players will have 24 hrs to accept or decline team

    placement. Should you decline, we will refund all monies paid, less $35 tryout fee.


     Understand that practice and training is where you receive the most instruction and

    experience. Tournament play is only a supplement to participating in Club.

     PLAYING TIME: National teams have NO guarantee of playing time. This could mean a player may sit out for several matches during the day. Coaches will do their best to provide playing time, but

    you must be willing to accept this rule in order to participate at this level.

    Regional teams will offer fair (not equal) playing time to each team player. Fair could be defined as

    playing an average of 2 or 3 rotations (front or back row) per match. Fair is not based on time,

    playing a specific requested position, or being able to serve.

     If you must miss a practice, you must inform your coach AND team rep a minimum 24 hours in

    advance so that the coach may plan practice appropriately. There is no exception to this rule! Three

    weeks advance notice is required if you can’t attend a tournament. Players will be evaluated for

    participation if missing more than 8 unexcused practices during the season. Failure to inform us can

    result in CS withdrawing your membership without refund.

     Practice schedules will be available 15-30 days in advance, tournament schedules 30-60 days in

    advance. We request that CLUB SOUTH be a priority, after schoolwork and school sports. If you

    decide that your schedule has too many conflicts, then you should seriously consider whether you

    have the time to dedicate to our Travel Team program. We are looking for the player who is

    committed to reaching her potential and who is willing to work hard to achieve this. National team

    players will have the highest level of commitments; see additional commitment related to nationals

    teams below.

     Arrive at practice at least 15 minutes early in order to be warmed up prior to the beginning of practice.

     Wear Club South practice jerseys and bikers at all team practices. Bring ALL uniform items to ALL

    tournaments. For the purposes of showing CS support, Athletes are to wear CS attire from the time

    they arrive at a tournament until the time the Tournament is over. Some combination of CS Attire,

    including jersey, warm-up t-shirt, Training shirt, hoodies, and sweatpants is to be worn between

    matches. Parents are encouraged to wear CS apparel during tournaments.

     When your team has referee duties, the ENTIRE team must stay and work until the match is completed, this includes the last officiating duty.

     During any overnight travel, curfew will be 11pm on all nights prior to a match! It is our preference

    that all players stay with their parents or another team parent. It is the parent’s responsibility to

    arrange housing for their daughter, if they can’t attend. If we find out about any problems incurred at hotels by players, they will be asked to leave immediately and be removed from the team for

    remainder of the season!

     Club South assigns a minimum of one coach per team to hold practices and attend tournaments. Each

    coach is asked to make as many of these as possible. Understand that circumstances and schedules

    will require that some teams hold joint practices when a coach is unable to attend. We also have

    substitute coaches that fill in for practices and tournaments, when the head coach is unable to attend.

    It may be possible that a coach can’t attend a tournament. We are human, and there may be times that

    a practice is cancelled at the last minute and information can’t get out. Early in the season expect

    some of our college player coaches to be unable to hold practices or attend an early tournament until

    they return from the Christmas break holidays, CS will supply subs until they return. .

Parents Requirements:

    REQUIREMENT: All club information will be provided only by our weekly newsletter sent out on Sunday

    or Monday. In order to be kept informed, make sure you sign up for our newsletter. We recommend you

    sign up all the email addresses for members who need to get information ( Player, Mom and Dad).

     Parents are not to “Coach” their Athletes during Tournaments. The Athletes will be focused on what

    Coaches have to say and need to concentrate on such. Parents are not allowed near the team bench


     If an Athlete is removed by Parents for any reason from the Tournament site without previous

    permission from the Head Coach, CS will consider that Athlete to have resigned from the Program.

    All remaining monies will become due and payable at that time.

     Practice and tournament schedule is posted on the Club South website. Detailed region tournament

    info, location, format, gyms will be posted on the region website:

     Make your team representative aware if you are willing to provide transportation to and from

    tournaments for other players. Parents are responsible for getting your child to and from a tournament.

    Team reps can assist in planning car pools for ones that need it.

     Parents are to be supportive of the entire Team at all time, and all CS Teams while at Tournaments.

    Parents are not to engage in any behavior in cheering that would reflect negatively on CS. Guidelines

    for Parents are no different from Athletes in this regard.

     Only the Head Coach or the Team Captain, under the direction of the Head Coach, may question an

    official or gym supervisor. At no time should you address or yell at any official.

    Financial Contract (new for 2008-09)

    In case of suit or collection of program fee’s by or through an attorney, or litigation involving this Contract

    reasonably requiring employment of counsel to protect or enforce any right or remedy of any party to this

    Contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reimbursement from the losing party for its reasonable

    attorney’s fees, together with court costs and other out-of-pocket expenses incurred in any such action or


     All fees are based on a set cost based on the program chosen. We provide monthly installments as a

    courtesy for parents. If you pay in a lump sum, a discount is provided verses installments. If

    installments are chosen, your first installment will be due by Oct. 10th or at time of registration and stthe 1 of the month thereafter. If your daughter decides not to join and notify CS by the deadline, all

    monies paid will be refunded less a $35 tryout fee.

     Remember, we are passing along our expenses only; we don’t have the bank balance to pay expenses

    without income. Understand that our expenses must be paid on time and we expect the courtesy of

    payment from parents on time. Our budget is shown on our website.

     Fees paid to the club are non-refundable except due to a season ending injury, illness, or relocation

    out of the area. In this instance, refunds may be granted with a written request, to the Director,

    accompanied by a physician’s report where applicable. After January 1st, refunds will be pro-rated

    based on length of participation.

     Any club fee schedule related to your program must be adhered to. Should fees be late over 15 days,

    an Athlete will not be allowed to participate until fees are paid current as per agreement. Installment

    fees past due over 30 days may have a 5% late penalty added.

     The November payment for travel teams will be an estimated deposit toward your account since we

    will not know team assignments until teams are chosen.

     There is no credit for players who are unable to attend tournaments or practices, including post

    regionals for national teams.

     Fees include all cost, except uniforms, food, travel, and lodging for tournaments. If a player decides

    to leave the club prior to the end of the season, you must notify us in writing and will be responsible

    for the installment payment for the month you leave.

    Club South Grievance Procedure The following grievance procedure is designed to restore sanity to the sometimes-insane world of youth

    sports and allow our coaches to work with athletes while respecting the wishes of their parents. Families

    who are not comfortable with the below procedure should consider joining another J.O. volleyball program.

    The most painful conflicts in our history have occurred when a temperamental parent approached a coach

    immediately following the end of a tough volleyball match (typically a loss)...and absolutely nothing positive

    was accomplished. This is why CS will not allow ANY contact/discussion to a coach until 48 hours AFTER

    the final match.

    Parents who demonstrate a negative and argumentative type attitude toward the coach and/or club needs to

    realize that you could be tagged as a difficult family to deal with- and reality is; this can follow your

    daughter as future coaches/clubs AND COLLEGE will take this into consideration. There are better ways to deal with these issues without alienating the triple partnership among the athlete,

    parent & coach. . There is a good method and bad method to handle concerns; we highly suggest you follow

    the best method: Luke 6:31 Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE

    Specifically, the procedures to follow if you as a parent, or your athlete as a member of a

    Club South Program, have concerns about Club South policies or actions are, in this order:

    (1) The athlete should speak to or meet with the coach about the matter. If the matter remains unresolved,

    or if the athlete has reasonable concern that speaking to the coach will not resolve the matter.

    (2) The parent should first email the coach, and copy the national coaching committee. If it can’t be

    resolved, a meeting will be called with the coach, parent, director, and members of the coaching

    committee. If a parent during a tournament approaches a coach, we have instructed the coach to

    refuse to discuss any controversial matter, and to walk away from the parent. A player and/or

    parent should NEVER approach a coach or director during a tournament with concerns. This

    includes off time during multi day tournaments. We require a minimum of 48 hrs pass before contact.

    (3) If the parent prefers to not speak to the coach, they may request to speak to Club Director or Club

    Grievance coordinator, but NOT during a tournament. Request should be done so in writing no earlier

    than the 48 hrs AFTER the tournament is completed. In certain situations, we may ask the athlete to

    attend the meeting, also. Meetings will not be discussed or scheduled during or at a tournament.

    (4) What the club or coaches will not do is discuss "coaching decisions or coaches personalities."

    "Coaching decisions" include, among other things, specific match decisions (who played when, who

    was subbed out and when, rotation and lineup, etc.) The amount of time any given athlete is on the

    court is the result of a complex determination, in that coach’s opinion, of the athlete’s ability, the

    athlete’s potential, the athlete’s attitude, the athlete’s position, the team’s needs at the moment, and

    the team’s needs in the future. The coach will not be required to defend his /her thought process or

    conclusions in these determinations, and it is improper for a parent to request it. Coaches personality

    sometimes comes into question, “our coach was to quite, coach yelled to much, coach didn’t stand

    during play, didn’t instruct enough, etc. Note- God made us all different- because they didn’t do it

    the way YOU thought they should, doesn’t make it wrong. This concern will NOT be discussed.

     In addition, we instruct coaches not to discuss any athlete other than the parent’s own, the actions of any

    other Club South coach, or the comparison of one coach to another. If you, as a parent, have legitimate

    concerns about a coach other than your athlete’s coach, or with an athlete other than your own; you need to

    address the Club Director and/or national coaching committee.

     It is inappropriate for an athlete or a parent to approach other Club South members about a problem the

    athlete or parents having with a Club South coach or team, about objections to coaching decisions, or about

    disagreement with an administrative decision.

     Asking uninvolved persons to take sides in an issue is unfair to the third party and to the Club.

    Competitive team athletics, by its very nature, creates situations where everyone may not be happy all the

    time. For the psychological health of the teams and the Club as a whole, grievances need to be handled

    between the parties involved and the decision-makers in the situation, not other parents on the team.

     Any member who is approached and asked to listen to or express an opinion about matters between two

    other parties in the Club is strongly encouraged to refer the complaining party to take the matter up with

    either the coach in question, and/or the Club Director. Repetitive complaining by the athlete(s) or other third

    parties that interferes with the Club’s efforts to pursue its stated pledge and purpose may be cause, in the sole

    determination of the Club, to ask a member to resign.

    Club South Top Team and National Team Commitment

    Club South Top Team and National Team Commitment

    We are requiring that players who are chosen to play on one of our Top or National Teams must commit to

    the additional commitments.

     We expect you to clear ALL conflicts for our major tournaments. Informing us after tryouts about

    conflicts is NOT acceptable.

     We require attendance for the following tournaments. (1) National Qualifier Tournament, (see our

    tournament schedule), These are held on a Friday-Sunday (2) The Palmetto Regional Championships.

    Friday PM, - Sunday. (3) For top teams and other teams who attend plan to attend a national tournament,

    the national tournament and any planned post regional tournament has required attendance.

     A non-refundable $200 deposit will be due at time of team announcements for top teams. The

    deposit will be refunded at end of season provided you honor your commitment. Other tournaments

    “may” be excused if it is a school sport conflict. Other club sports will not be an acceptable excuse to

    miss these tournaments. It is the responsibility of the members to check the spring and summer schedule

    before scheduling family vacation or trips.

     If a player was on a national team last year, this doesn’t guarantee they will be on one this year. CS

    determines teams each year from the pool of current athletes trying out. Remember, talent from year to

    year changes, you must trust our tryout system.

     Players who miss more than 8 unexcused practices will be reviewed to move down to a regional team




    The above form must be read, agreed upon, and signed by both parents and player before placement on a

    travel team is allowed.

    In agreement to the commitments above, I certify that all parties have read all sections of above commitment

    agreement and agree to abide by the rules and commitments set forth above while participating in the

    volleyball season set forth by Club South.

    National Team Commitment: Players who are chosen to play on one of our National Travel Teams, we

    need to know if you are willing to make the additional commitment of time, money, and travel.

    __ Yes consider me ___ No, Consider at regional level only.

    Top Team Commitment: Are you willing to make the highest commitment should you be one of the few

    players who are chosen to participate on one of our Top Teams? (this season extends to June) nd__ Yes consider me ___ No, Consider at 2 national team. ___ No, consider me at regional level only

Players Name: ____________________________________________ USAV Age Group: ___

    ___________________________________ _____________________________ __________

    Father’s Printed Name Father’s Signature Date Signed

___________________________________ _____________________________ __________

    Mother’s Printed Name Mother’s signature Date Signed

___________________________________ _____________________________ __________

    Player’s Printed Name Player’s Signature Date Signed

    Office Only

    Received Date: ______________ Team: ___________________________

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