By Edwin Davis,2014-04-08 16:55
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    My dear Japanese friend:

    First, I’m sorry to hear that Japanese earthquake and

    seaquake. In this earthquake, Japan's nuclear power plants, give Japan people bring leaking seriously. China is very somber of this disaster , we all hope you can rebuild their homes as soon as possible. That being the case, you should cheer up soon, although we have not experienced such a thing.

    In the face of disaster, the most important was the faith and courage .We have always believed, we help each other, will be able to tide over the difficulties and rebuild their beautiful homeland. I hope we keep in touch .we will call our friends to actively participate in various forms of disaster relief activities of the Japanese people, to do whatever things that we work together through this disaster. Friends, perhaps you still immersed in pain in the distress in failed to awake; perhaps you were wondering why should be god, complaining about the disaster to your head; perhaps you have for the future in disappointed, be confused. Friend, you listen to me, experience rains and winds, can see rainbow, life not bon voyage, it is not a high-road. Life is tortuous, rain densely, full of thorns way. Greenhouse flowers end can not be eat without pains ah. I hope you can write to me soon, I'd hope and you become good friends. Friendship has no borders.

Best wishes!

Your Chinese friend


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