My college my life

By Pedro Andrews,2014-05-28 12:02
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My College My Life

     When I was a young fellow, my parents told me, you should study in college, so that in your

    life you will get omproved both in personalities and knowledges.

     And in middle school, from books, nets and something else, I got opinion of that college is a good place. It's full of freedom. So my college life in my dream is that we can choose any courses as we like, move freely to the classrooms to listen to various courses,we can late for school without punnishment, and we can bring computer to type down the notes teacher show and so on.

     But come to reality,my college life is different from that. And in fact,I like my college life more than my dream college life in some ways. My college life is my real life and I play the most important role in it.I enjoy it.

     I have my lovely roomates,we always laughed just for a little thing. It was so funny that once we got an note on our department door. It said"458's sisters,we are the 358's sisters,you were often laughed frenziedly. Could you keep quiet,please?"

     I also love my lovely classmates.We always take classes and paint together.And in our spare time,we went out for a big dinner.It was so funny.

     As to my study,I pay most attention to it. My dream is being a computer games' character designer.I seized the every chance to study software about my major.

     Someone said college is dull,but I think my college life is full of fun and surprise.I love my college life.

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