HAN Use Case - Fixed HAN Devices with Metering Capability

By Kathy Crawford,2014-09-14 11:17
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    Use Case Fixed HAN Devices with Metering Capability


    The FHDMC connects with the premise Home Area Network (HAN), identifies itself and the account it is properly associated with the utility, where premise owner’s charges are

    reconciled. This use case also describes the scenario documented in The Load and Energy

    Management Use Cases, in that the FHDMC may behave according to that use case. The following scenario is defined: bi-directional metering (i.e. distributed generation) and third-

    party (i.e. gas meter).

Use Case Business Rules and Assumptions:

    See “HAN Use Case - General Definitions, Assumption, Actors.doc

    FHDMC have a certification process for meter accuracy as required by the utility or jurisdiction.

    FHDMC may supply capabilities beyond basic metering (e.g. measurement, monitoring, and device state information).

AMI system may provide data to the FHDMC.


See “HAN Use Case - General Definitions, Assumption, Actors.doc

FHDMC stands for “Fixed HAN Devices with Metering Capability”.

Use Case Actors:

See “HAN Use Case - General Definitions, Assumption, Actors.doc

Actor Name Actor Type Actor Description

    FHDMC HAN device A fixed-location child-metering device, downstream

    from the meter (i.e. point of service meter), that is

    communicated to via the HAN

    Meter Utility/HAN The point of service meter permanently associated

    device with the unique premise applicable to this use case.

    Use Case Fixed HAN Devices with Metering Capability

    Premise Location The premise location where the meter is permanently

    located and where the FHDMC is located during the

    execution of this use case

Scenarios (sequenced):

Scenario The following scenario addresses FHDMC, where bi-directional electric and third-

    party metering takes place.

Triggering Primary Actor Pre-Condition Post-Condition Event

    FHDMC is FHDMC The Installation Use Device owner

    connected and Cases are meters the device

    enabled successfully and gets billed for

    completed. the appropriate

    amount on their electricity bill or The Registration Use other third-party Cases are bill. successfully completed.

Steps for this scenario

    Step # Actor Description of the Step

    Device indicates positive status of the 1 FHDMC communication link with the appropriate Utility AMI


    Device provides the customer (end user) with the 2 FHDMC appropriate information. (e.g. current rate of

    consumption, etc)

    Device accumulates usage (delivered or received) 3 FHDMC and returns the information to the utility AMI


    (optional) The device provides the utility AMI 4 FHDMC gateway with additional state information if

    applicable (e.g. state of charge of a storage device).

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